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How to get rid of the evil eye and damage yourself?


In modern times, a very frequent explanation of the problem that a person had without special reasons was the energy destruction of the biofield, namely evil eye. Such an action, although it can be attributed to a simple kind of magic, but in many situations it can cause huge troubles, for example, scandals in family life, at work, illness, etc.

For this reason, people who have been negatively often wonder how to get rid of the evil eye and damage on their own? For a start, be sure to make sure that the blame for the sharp and strange problems was truly magic interferenceand not a simple coincidence. If the diagnosis has confirmed such suspicions, then you should seek help as soon as possible, or try to get rid of the negative on your own.

Removing damage yourself

Removal of damage to the disease

  1. To do this, you need to ask a small change for a visually impaired, lame and deaf person (this should be three different people). Take the thing you need from hand to hand.
  2. After that all things should be carried to the cemetery. There you need to go to the farthest corner, where no one has been buried for a long time. After that you should find three graves. In this case, be sure to observe the following condition: the names indicated on the crosses must coincide with the names of those on whom the damage was induced.
  3. Putting 3 things (no matter what) on the graves, you need to go around them all in a counterclockwise direction. At the same time it is necessary to move on the heels.
  4. After it is necessary to stand at the head of the northernmost grave. You need to cross three times, and then read the words: "In the lower terem, in the fir house, the hand is on the hand, and the mouth is locked. Swing cross, soul get up, get up, go and punish the offender. "
  5. After three times, you must bow to each grave and leave without looking around. On the way home do not need to talk to anyone.

Removal of damage to loneliness

Easy way

Such a rite can be carried out both by the mother of a person who is spoiled and so is any other relative who is a little older. You should go to church for 3 days and put on 3 candles: Our Lady, Jesus, and Nicholas the Wonderworker. When leaving the church every time you need to make a small alms to three beggars. At the same time in thoughts should say these words:

"God, take all the trouble and rot into the swamp. Let it be so! Amen!"

Tricky way

It will be harder when taking damage to loneliness will come from a strong slander. This damage may lead to the formation of the Seal of Solitude. With her, a girl simply never succeeds in setting up a conversation with the opposite sex. The rite should be carried out as soon as the symptoms become noticeable:

  • there are no friends and friends of the opposite sex at an early age;
  • the girl is afraid of the young men and any talk about them;
  • there are no guys who like a little bit;
  • dark color of aura

Get rid of the damage and the evil eye at home can be both women and men. To this end, it is better to carry out the "golden" rite. It was so named because its implementation would require a thing of gold, which is the property of a person with damage. This thing can be a ring or earring, pendant or bracelet.

  1. At 12 o'clock at night it is necessary to place a candle on a saucer that is filled with salt, and set it on fire.
  2. Then you need to say these words three times: "As the candle sparkles clearly, so the life (the name of the person) glows. Let all sorrows go to salt and remain there. Amen!".
  3. After that, near the candle, closer to the flame, 3 times it is necessary to enclose a thing of gold, pronouncing three times: "Sorrow in salt, joy in gold, and it is to (name of man). Amen!".
  4. Salt after the rite must be dissolved in water and spilled at the intersection. A conspiracy thing made of gold should always be with its owner, closer to the body.

About the implementation of the ritual not to tell anyone. The less people know about him, the higher the chance that everything will come out.

Another way to get rid of the evil eye, see the video:

How to remove the curse

It also happens that people curse others. Sometimes it happens deliberately, but during quarrels it happens that words are shouted in the heat of the moment.

You can immediately carry out simple manipulations, as soon as the person heard the curse. It is necessary to concentrate attention on the nose of the person who cursed, and say to himself: "Reflect from my shield, return to the abuser." After that you can even weakly stomp your foot. So it is possible to “chill” the remnants of a curse from yourself.

Casting wax on curses and defacement

If the curse was true, with anger on the heart, you need to hold a ceremony on the ebb of wax.

  • It should be carried out at a decreasing month, at midnight. To carry out this ritual alone is not easy.
  • It is necessary to light 3 candles and seat the person in the center. Candles placed in saucers with salt. And in front of a person place a dish with water.
  • Using a candle, it is necessary to melt the wax and, saying the words, enclose a spoon with wax near the head of the damned person three times, in a clockwise direction: "Words of badness melt away, dissolve, roll off the servant of God (name). Amen!"
  • All this needs to be done quickly, before the wax has time to harden. The wax is poured into water.
  • After you need 3 eggs, which you need to break in three times a person. The run-in starts with the head, then the back, followed by the arms and legs, and then the stomach and chest. In this case, it is necessary to pronounce the prayer "Our Father" without stopping.
  • Eggs, salt and candles after the ceremony put in a bowl of water.
  • It is necessary before dawn to drain the contents of the pelvis as far as possible from the place of residence. At the same time speak quietly: "Pour black, but leave the bright". You can not pour into the sewer. This can harm other tenants.

The implementation of rituals to protect will help protect dear people from all sorts of misfortunes. But if the damage has all the same been imposed, you need to know how to get rid of the evil eye and damage yourself. Sometimes time is extremely expensive, and looking for an experienced person for that means losing the chance of salvation.