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How to remove the evil eye and damage yourself


Oddly enough, any person in his life can be the subject of the evil eye or its source a huge number of times. The reason for this is very simple. The fact is that in many situations the evil eye is carried out quite unconsciously. What to undertake to the person who was bewitched, and how to remove damage or an evil eye independently?

Of course, there are different grandmothers, sorceresses and healers, however, such people can often simply be “bred for money”. Because sometimes you can try to remove the evil eye with his own hand. Naturally, if a true witch bewitched a man, home methods would hardly help, but in many situations familiar people could catch a spell or even an ordinary evil eye. Therefore, a person is able to take the necessary measures to remove damage or the evil eye. For this there are many time-tested recommendations and methods.

What to find out if there is an evil eye or damage?

Consider three ways.

On the wedding ring

You need to take a wedding ring of gold and hold it on the cheek. If a white line is formed on the cheek, it means that the person is OK. The black strip is a bad sign. It means that a person wishes you evil and all the current troubles and sorrows appeared for a reason.

Also, a black stripe after a ring on the face can signal that a person is not doing well with his kidneys. And if suddenly the fingers began to turn green from the golden ring, you need to pay attention to the work of the heart. Because the black bar can not always mean just the evil eye.

Raw egg

If a native person suddenly became ill, and his relatives wish to find out if they have not jinxed him, you should take the most fresh egg in the house (and even the one that laid the chicken), then hold it three times on the face of the patient who sleeps, pronouncing the words:

  • “Scram, egg is cute, only recently demolished by a chicken, for a native person it is stored up. You scram and reveal to us whether you have done something bad to my native (name) person ”.

Such words should be repeated three times. Then you should see if the egg has become dim. If this happened, then dear person fell victim to the evil eye.

If the egg remains fresh, then everything is in order, but there is no need for such an egg, due to the fact that it has already absorbed important information about the native person of the fortuneteller, and therefore can harm if it is not thrown away.

On holy or spring water

There is another method. It is necessary to take the cleanest in the house, better holy or spring water.

  1. Dial it on the night before Christmas or the Epiphany in the cleanest jar and leave for 24 hours in the dark.
  2. As they pass the day, you need to wash with such water before bedtime, reading a prayer and placing the cup at your head.
  3. Water must prompt in the process of sleeping, whether the person has been jinxed. He will be able to realize this, if he sees a dream that someone is glad of his grief. It can be anyone - friends or completely strangers.

If at least one of the methods showed signs of damage or the evil eye, the next part of the article will tell you how to remove the evil eye or damage yourself.

The rituals of removing the evil eye and damage yourself

On clear water

You need to take an ordinary glass of clean water (you can also use a cup for this purpose) and matches. You should burn up to the end of 9 matches, carefully setting fire to each subsequent from the previous one. Each burnt match is thrown into a glass, saying: "Not the 9th ... not the 8th ... not the 7th ..." and further until all the matches are submerged.

You should wait a minute: if at least one of the burnt matches suddenly became vertical to a man - he was jinxed for sure, and the greater the number of matches, the longer the evil eye and the more damage it brought. If the matches were left to float on the surface and did not drown - no evil eye and no damage. At the end it should be said: "Good at the gate, evil goes away!" and draw a cross on the forehead, chest, and then the shoulders and elbows with such water, at the end - on the wrists and the solar plexus zone. You need to take 3 large sips from the cup, and just pour the rest of the water.

Remove egg damage

It is necessary to put a glass of water at the head of the bed at night. Knock back an egg with the words: “Take all the bad out of me”. In the morning you can see that there are “strings” left in the glass - this is the evil eye. You should see them, and then just stir and pour.

On the door handle

It should be poured into a mug of clean water, take it with a tablespoon, and then pour it through the door handle again into the mug. It is required to carry out it through 3 handles - on 3 times through everyone. And after such water it is required to wash or to water that person whom you could jinx.

The ritual of removing damage to the candle and knife

It is necessary to light a candle made of wax, from the new box get twelve matches and with a knife (the main thing with a wooden handle!) Cut off their heads. Fold such heads in a white saucer without patterns so that they form a pile. Ignite such sulfur then from a candle. In the process of ignition it is necessary to say:

“Burn, smoke black gas. From you ashes, and to me (your name), the world will become bright. Nothing else! ”

Then all 12 matches without heads should be laid out near the candle. Looking at this flame, you should say three times:

"Oh my God! Swipe me, 12 Tishin, 12 Kamchuzhishchev, 12 diseases of fat and bone, dray and vein! Keys and locks - in the water, and the fire itself - in the mountain! To the glory of God!

Then with your left hand you need to take a match and set fire to each new one from the candle. Ogarki should be dumped in a saucer, where sulfur has already remained. When all the matches are burned, it is necessary to carry the saucer with ash to the X-shaped intersection nearby, and then leave it there with the words:

“That is filmed, that is sworn. No return! Truly!"

Pouring water from spoilage and the evil eye

It is necessary to recite on a bucket or a usual basin with water a conspiracy, and after one movement pour water on yourself and read:

"Deliver me, the servant of God, from one-parent or two-mother woman, from one-eyed, two-eyed, three-eyed, from single-toothed and double-toothed, from single-haired and two-haired, from your eyes and thoughts, from oncoming and ghostly, from fleeting and transverse, from any bad person: from the young and the unmarried, from the crooked and blind, from the old, bareheaded, from his eyes and from the thought. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Sacred Spirit. Amen (three times). "

If you remove the damage happened, be sure to put the protection. How to do this, see this video: