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A conspiracy for good luck - we read at home


A conspiracy for luck is now one of the most sought-after spells. This magical effect captivates people with its sufficient ease of execution and the effect that occurs in the life of the performer after the application of the rite. A faithfully executed ceremony of good fortune guarantees the onset of positive change in literally all spheres of life.

Conspiracy principle

A conspiracy is a magical effect working on a subconscious level. Applying such a ritual, the performer receives a charge of self-confidence and begins to look at tomorrow more optimistically.

Man’s view of life is changing, and life itself is changing with it. Events around the artist begin to line up in the most positive way, and he acquires the ability to safely resolve any situation, and, naturally, he already feels more successful and successful.

Criteria for choosing a way to attract luck

There are a myriad of magical conspiracies working to attract fortune, and all of them are characterized by varying degrees of effectiveness. It’s one thing if the ritual is decided to take advantage of a person already with a rich magical practice; The latter may encounter certain difficulties when choosing a ritual suitable for his particular case.

It is possible to pick up the necessary rite from a huge variety of conspiracies in just 2 steps:

  1. Choosing a plot, a person must rely on his feelings, listen to his inner voice. If a spell was liked most, hooked and found an echo in the heart - great: it is on it and worth staying.
  2. If the performer has chosen for himself several conspiracies, he should carefully read the text of each of them, analyze and make sure that the spell does not contain negative energy, a negative program.

Having made the final choice, you can proceed to the immediate implementation of the ceremony.

Self attracting good luck through conspiracies

Short daily plot

This method is good because you can read it every day. It is better to say the words in the morning when the day is just beginning. The performer must put his left hand on the solar plexus area and say:

“Good luck - with me, all the troubles - behind my back. As I wish, so be it. ”

This short spell helps to enlist the support of higher powers.

At full moon

You can only use the plot on a certain day - on full moon on sunday (guided by the lunar calendar). Also in advance should buy church candlemake small cotton flap and make sure that in the room where the ritual will be held, hung on the wall large mirror.

When day X comes, at night from Saturday to Sunday, in the time interval from midnight to 3 o'clock, the performer must light a candle, go with her to the mirror. The candle should be kept in the chest and three times to speak:

“Deliver me, O Lord, from the wicked deception and antichrist of the cunning, save me from his nets in your wilderness. Give me, God, the courage and strength of a strong confession of your holy name, but I will not go away for fear and from you, the Redeemer, my Savior, I will not deny your temple of saint. But give me, Lord, day and night, tears and crying about my sins, and spare me, God, at the time of terrible retribution. Amen".

After reading the text, the candle must be blown out, and the candle must be wrapped with cotton cloth and put under storage for your mattress, carefully checking that it does not fall out from there.

Way for patient

The following prayer-plot is highly effective, but requires perseverance and patience from the performer. It should be read in accordance with all the rules. To perform will need icon of the Virgin, bought in the church. The text is read at dawn. The performer should be facing east, and the image of the Mother of God should be in front of him. Text to say 40 times:

“I will rise in the morning and immediately be blessed; I will pray to the Lord our God; I will appeal to Mother the Most Holy Theotokos. Mother of God The Most Holy, I pray you, I beg you to give me the whistle of happiness. In the whistle it is written by fire: “The power of God is in every word of mine. Whoever begins to read these words, 40 times 77 days to repeat, happiness will come to the person himself and will never leave him, never leave. For the whole century, will forever remain, will never part with it. He will be healthy and rich, the angels of happiness will never forget that. ” Let it be so. Amen".

Ritual necessarily need to perform 77 days in a row. If you miss at least one day, all efforts will go down the drain.

The old way at the reservoir

The ceremony is carried out at sunrise, near a reservoir with running water (stream, river). An indispensable condition is loneliness. At the place you need to say:

“I Will Stand Up, God's Slave (God's Servant) (own name), early in the morning, I will go to the blue ponds, from violent people, from envious glances I will leave. You, Father of my Father, I will ask: Give me every luck for all my affairs. Give me rain, if it will be dry, give me warmth, when it will be fierce, give me a clear light, if it is dark, give me food when it is hungry. Father of my Father, I beg you: do not leave me, be with me, bring luck and good luck. What is said, let it come true. Amen (3 times)!”

The ritual is performed every day, for 7 days, without skips.

Spell decorating

The plot is pronounced on any jewelery made of precious metal (gold Silver). It's okay if it will be with inserts of stones. The age of the decoration also does not matter: you can use the old one or buy a new one for this purpose. You should also prepare in advance a container with water taken from a well or spring. The rite should be carried out on a clear night, with a cloudless sky.

The ritual is conducted in 2 stages:

  1. Cleaning jewelry from the negative. For this, the thing should be held over the flame of a church candle, while uttering any Orthodox prayer (“Our Father” will work well).
  2. Performing the ritual On the chosen day, at midnight, a container with water should be brought into the house and put on the windowsill - so that the starry sky is reflected in the liquid. Then read the spell, holding a peeled decoration. Text:

“I will go forth, a servant of God (servant of God) (own name), at night, and not during the day, by the door, and not by the window, dear, and not by a footpath, into a wide field, and not into a swamp. I'll take the golden thing with me (silver - choose the appropriate option), I will spell it with magic words. Golden (silver) thing, midnight water, you take care of your master, call your life to luck, sadness you drive away, call on money. As said, so be it. Amen (3 times)!”

After the words are spoken, the decoration should be dipped into a vessel with water, the container should be taken outside and left overnight. When the sun begins to rise, the thing should be taken out of the water, cross it 3 times, and, holding it in your hands, turn around yourself 3 times over the left shoulder. Then the decoration should be put under the rays of the sun and left so for the whole day. In the evening, an amulet for good luck will be ready. The prerequisite is the thing must always be with its owner.

5 more powerful ways, see the video:

How to become a magnet for good luck?

Plotting for good luck in life is a powerful tool that can lure success and luck into the life of any person. However, it is not enough just to read a certain spell and wait for improvements for the better. Luck is a capricious lady, and she prefers to bypass the timid, insecure people. She likes personality assertive and decisive, with a passionate desire to achieve victory in all spheres of life. Therefore, self-confidence and self-reliance is the first thing that a person should begin to cultivate in himself after performing the rite.

So that luck will love you and become your constant companion, love yourself first thing. And then all your affairs will go smoothly, health will be strengthened, family problems will disappear, and life will become a full bowl.