Dream interpretation

What dreams that give flowers?


Flowers always evoke positive emotions if they are not intended for mourning events. If you gave a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, you need to remember the details - who gave them, what color they were and what emotions caused them? Consider everything in detail.

Popular interpretation

Flowers are always presented with one intention - to cause positive emotions, to bring joy. In a bouquet, they attract attention to themselves, make an attempt to endear a person to themselves, to inspire confidence. A bouquet is a very beautiful gesture, revealing the best character traits in a person.

If in a dream they gave flowers, in reality someone tries to attract the attention of the dreamer. If the bouquet was received with positive emotions, it means that in reality the bouquet will be presented by a good person. Feel indignation - a self-seeking person is seeking your favor.

Receive as a gift a bouquet from a man - to a romantic passion in real life. If the dreamer herself gives it to a man, it warns about her unreasonable behavior in real life. Also this plot can be seen by a woman if she lacks male attention.

If such a dream is seen by a person whose work is related to floristics, the dream has no interpretation. During the night rest there is an assessment of the impressions received the day before.

Dream characters

Remember who gave you flowers:

  • familiar man;
  • stranger;
  • Beloved husband;
  • former lover;
  • dead person;
  • colleagues;
  • friends / girlfriends;
  • detractors.

To receive a bouquet from a beloved man in a dream is an auspicious sign. Your relationship will develop harmoniously, ahead is waiting for a happy future with your loved one.

If a former lover gives a bouquet, there is a chance to renew the old relationship. However, this dream can be a dream for another reason: you are free from memories of the past and are ready for a new meeting with a man.

Giving a bouquet to a dead person is a subconscious desire to get rid of excess person in life. The same meaning has a dream with laying flowers on the grave. However, there may be a different interpretation: the dreamer seeks to part with past memories in order to rush into the future.

To receive as a gift a bouquet from colleagues or employees - for promotion. Your merits will be appreciated, authority will increase. Also, a dream can predict the beginning of a new successful project that will bring profit.

If the flowers are given by ill-wishers, the conflict will reach a new level and increase the momentum. Beware of enemies, control every word spoken. Development conflict can be avoided.

For a married woman to receive as a gift a bouquet from an outsider a man predicts the appearance of a new fan in her life. Sleep warns to be cautious and not to succumb to the persistent courtship of an outsider: this will put marriage at risk.

Receive a bouquet from a friend - to warming relations, especially after a quarrel. Also, this story foreshadows a new stage in the development of friendly relations with a friend, for example, the hobby of sharing a hobby.

Give flowers to strangers? Sleep carries positive information: you will achieve universal acceptance. Especially good this dream is considered for people of creative professions or public figures.

The value of flowers in the bouquet

  • To receive a gift of a plant of red or bright orange tone - to an unexpected declaration of love or seductive offer.
  • Tulips and poppies symbolize the admiration of a man, enthusiasm and passion.
  • Flowers of pastel shades indicate a calm flow of life, tenderness and care.
  • Yellow shades can foreshadow both loneliness and wealth.
  • It is bad when the dead gives the yellow flowers - it portends a protracted illness.

Wild flowers, lilies of the valley or lilac as a gift from a man symbolize his tenderness and timidity in front of you. But to receive as a gift tulips or daffodils from a young man is not a very good sign: they symbolize his arrogance and narcissism.

Red roses as a gift from a loved one symbolize the maturity of feelings, the seriousness of intentions. Inject spikes from these roses - to suffer from passion. Poppies and gerberas from a loved one - to empty promises. Jasmine or lilies - to the passion, but without drama. Orchids symbolize sublime ideals and feelings.

Bad omen

When does a bouquet of flowers carry negative information? If you have been given dried or wilted flowers in your dream, in reality you will have bad luck. Also, sleep can foreshadow a disorder in the financial sphere.

Artificial flowers in the bouquet gives a person who hides his dislike for the dreamer. Remember his face if he is unfamiliar to you. This is a dream warning.

Receive a gift of a bouquet of black tulips or roses foreshadows a serious illness of a loved one.

Interpretation of dream books

Dream Miller distinguishes interpretation, depending on the number of flowers presented: an even number portends separation. If the guy gives flowers to a stranger, in front of him waiting for parting with his girlfriend. If a deceased person dreams of giving flowers to a sick dreamer, this foreshadows a speedy recovery.

A dream in which the bouquet is presented by a same-sex person is not a good thing: he likes your partner / partner. The flower of a calla in a dream has a bad meaning: it foreshadows a disease, an end to feelings, and sometimes death. In general, white flowers, according to Miller, are heralds of separation.

Dream Vanga interprets a floral bouquet as a manifestation of the donor’s sincere feelings for the dreamer, if they were unpacked.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova sees in this dream, foreshadowing of a stormy romance, if the flowers were presented by a person of the opposite sex. If a girl dreams that flowers are given to her friend, in reality it will cause violent jealousy of her lover. The same meaning has a dream in which flowers are given to the girl: the guy will suffer from unmotivated jealousy.