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How to attract money to the house - national signs


There is a great variety of various articles and books on the subject of financial well-being. But, as you know, everything new is a well-forgotten old, so it would not be superfluous to turn your attention to popular beliefs that came to us from distant ancestors. How to attract money to the house according to national signs - we will highlight this topic in detail in this material.

If you want to lure good luck into your home, be sure to listen to the following folk signs:

  • be sure to give one tenth of your income to charity - donate to the poor, give alms, finances will be returned to you twice;
  • put one silver coin under the threshold and every time you enter the house, say the following phrase: "I go home, and the money comes after me";
  • if you want to attract finance do a manicure procedure and trim your nails on friday and tuesday;
  • perform a mini ritual: the night before christmas donate any amount of money to the church, while pronouncing the next conspiracy "to whom the church is not a mother, I am not a father." After this simple manipulation, finances will begin to actively flow to you from the most unexpected sources;
  • money actively attracts patchouli oil, for this you need to take a bill with the letters of your initials, put this tool on it and always keep it in your wallet as a talisman - this will ensure a constant flow of money to you;
  • another mini ritual: in the new moon you need to show the money (coin or bill) to the new month, while saying such words "as a new month is born, so my finances are added."

Now we figured out how to attract money to your home. Now we bring to your attention folk beliefs, to preserve the acquired good:

  • you need to buy a piggy bank and put small coins into it every day, while mentally desiring prosperity and success;
  • do not keep money in the light - they don't like it. Hide bills in a dark dark place;
  • do not take out the garbage from the house in the evening - it is fraught with possible robbery, loss of luck;
  • do not give or donate empty dishes - put there a minimum (candy, a slice of bread), then wealth will always be in your home;
  • do not throw bills around the house - store them in one place;
  • when the sun goes down, you can not lend anyone anything, even the closest people;
  • you can not whistle in your house - so you can whistle all the profits;
  • if you lend money, you need to say: "so that you always have and increase with me";
  • when giving alms to a beggar, in a whisper it is necessary to say: "Let the hand of the giver enrich"; with this manipulation, do not look into the eyes of the person you are lending;
  • you can not take change in the form of torn, crumpled or dirty bills - even without touching them, immediately ask to change;
  • can not stand on the thresholdso that prosperity and fortune are not "stagnated";
  • do not put money or a knife at night on the dinner table - it can provoke various troubles and losses.

Familiar to us all believe "money love the bill"is also not devoid of magical meaning. If you believe him, you need to recalculate finances three times a day, and on Fridays - money for large expenses. you in your wallet, they need to recount and leave to sleep in the house, and only after that it is permissible to spend.

It is impossible to leave dirty mirrors, windows and other glass surfaces in your home, as this blocks the flow of positive energy of prosperity and good luck to you.

Thanks to folk signs, you can learn how to attract finances on your physical level into your life, and with the help of metaprimet, you will know how money is raised on a metaphysical, more subtle plane. It is worth studying this topic carefully if you really want to display monetary energy in the material world.

We must not allow bad thoughts about money, as well as about people who have it. Throw away the thought that money is evil and that all wealthy people are greedy, deceitful, nasty. It is these negative attitudes in the subconscious that prevent you from achieving wealth.

Money represents the energy that must circulate, do not allow it to stagnate, do not accumulate large sums in your home. It would be more correct to start an account in a bank or to invest finances in some business.

Also, do not be superfluous to adhere to the following rules:

  1. When you spend money, always utter a mental gratitude for what you get in return.whatever it may be - food, clothing or utilities.
  2. Money energy is inextricably linked with the energy of happiness and joy, therefore, when you get finances, always sincerely rejoice in them.
  3. Spare no money for tips - believe, voluntarily given out funds will certainly return to you in a triple size.
  4. Show love of money, provide them with care, purchase a beautiful wallet for them, and also treat them with care. But at the same time do not serve them.
  5. Clean your living space in the houseto ensure the flow of material goods.
  6. Always sweep the house only from the threshold to the middle of the room.never clean the dwelling after sunset.
  7. Use only one broom in your home (different able to disperse in different directions, good luck and wealth).
  8. Put a broom at home pomelo up - it attracts wealth.
  9. When a guest or a family member leaves the house - do not sweep until it gets to its destination - otherwise, all the rubbish will fly after it.

Our ancestors carefully adhered to all these signs and beliefs, and also collected them and passed them on to the next generation — that is, to us. To believe them or not - of course, only your business, but that they act you can not even doubt.