Dream interpretation

What dreams of a plane crash?


What dreams of a plane crash? If you didn’t watch a film about a plane crash the day before and your experiences are not related to the planned flight, the dream may warn of impending danger. However, the details of interpretation will depend on many nuances. Consider in order.

Common interpretation in the people

Most of the dream books are unanimous in their opinion: a dream warns about the collapse of planned plans. If you didn’t plan large-scale cases, the crash of an airliner can warn you about the breakdown of a party or a solemn meeting.

If the dreamer during the plane crash was in the cabin with his beloved, to go through a turbulent showdown scene. Peace and harmony will be broken, perhaps strangers will interfere in the relationship.

Also a plane crash in a dream can warn about:

  • emergency severe illness;
  • high financial risk;
  • loss of position in society / at work;
  • misfortune of a close / dear person.

However if dream dream after worried or stress in reality, a story with a crash can be a continuation of what is experienced in a dream. Such a dream cannot be interpreted according to the dream book.

Sleep with the plane falling into the water shows upcoming excitement and emotional outbursts about negative events in the life of the dreamer. Water always symbolizes emotions and talks about the psychology of perception of an event by a particular person.

If you saw a dream before flying in an airplaneit is better to pass the ticket and not to tempt fate. Perhaps the air flight will end with a successful landing, but heavy thoughts of a crash will leave a mark on the psyche for a long time.

Different plots dreams

If you observe in a dream how an airliner crashes, it foreshadows the destruction of all hopes and aspirations for a change in life or a planned business. However, not everything is bad: perhaps your plans were not very feasible or brought a lot of trouble after implementation.

  • Fallen liner - a symbol of cruel disappointment in anything. It can be a disappointment in love, in people, in life itself, or in one’s own views on life. Plane crash is a catastrophe in your life. Does she always promise bad? Sometimes there is no happiness without misfortune. Take everything philosophically.
  • Parachute jump from a falling liner - you can adequately get out of the current catastrophic situation, and even learn from it a positive lesson for the future. To the dreamer, life will provide another chance for the realization of his dream, or a new dream in life, more real and feasible, will appear.
  • Fly a dead plane - to make a mistake by mistake. Possible reprimand from the authorities, the dissatisfaction of colleagues, the loss of reputation.

Interpretation of dream books

Dream Miller Considers this story an omen of the collapse in the personal, public and financial sphere. If the plane is being led by a businessman in a dream, it foreshadows the collapse of the business. First there will be an incredible takeoff and then a crash.

Dream Vanga interprets the vision of a liner wreck like this: troubles and misfortunes will bypass the dreamer side. A hurricane will sweep by without hitting a person. A bad omen is considered if the dreamer is aboard a falling plane - this foreshadows a dark streak in life, worries and troubles. However, the dreamer will be able to overcome the troubles and even with honor come out of difficult circumstances.

Dream loft believes that the dreamer low self-esteem. Confidently to lead the liner - to cope with various problems independently, to suffer a crash is an indicator of insecurity in one’s own abilities and capabilities. The dreamer must overcome the inferiority complexes, learn to be proud of themselves and their achievements.

Dreaming longo advises to postpone the flight if he is scheduled for the coming days. If the air travel is not expected, it is worth being careful in everyday life and on the street. The probability of injury is very high. The plane crashed into a mountain - in reality, the dreamer will commit an oversight due to carelessness. Breaking up on an airplane is the beginning of a new life phase. To fall out of the airliner - to dismissal from work.

Universal Dream Considers: a clear interpretation of the dream has not. This can be a warning about the transience of life and a hint to reconsider their life values. If you burn a life of carelessness or perpetual discontent, you should think about the meaning of life.

Also, the dream book warns of the onset of a difficult life period, full of trials and trouble. Cherish life, do not spray on trifles. Perhaps the experienced fear in a dream and a beneficial effect on real life. You will become bolder and more confident, you will be able to find in yourself dormant forces for overcoming obstacles.

Esoteric dream book He sees in this story the collapse of hope. If the plane exploded in the fall - financial problems are coming. For a young girl, this dream spells disorder of a wedding celebration. Breaking up while flying is a very bad omen. To make an emergency landing due to a malfunction - to monetary losses.

Dream Dream Meneghetti Regards this plot as a latent suicidal tendency. At an unfavorable moment in life, the dreamer can lay hands on himself. On the other hand, the crash of the aircraft can talk about the propensity to kill. Seeing a dream in which the dreamer is in the cabin of a wrecked liner is a subconscious desire to die out with the help of another person.

Modern dream book interprets the story of the collapse of the liner as a prediction of failures in important affairs or projects. Survive after a plane crash - to have a large supply of vitality to successfully overcome the negative events.

To see the collapse of the liner, on which they were supposed to fly, is to luck. A dream dreamer will avoid a serious catastrophe. The fall of the plane on the water - you are trying to save a deliberately disastrous project. The plane crashed into the house - take care of your property. Fly with the deceased - discard any planned trips.