Dream interpretation

Sign: to find a key


The key is a fairly small thing, which is very easy to lose, but to find it is very problematic. People who have lost the key are forced to use backup options or make duplicates. But what about the person who found the lost item? Return to its owner is not possible, yes, most likely, it will be irrelevant. Interpretation of signs to find the key, we will consider in this material.

Our ancestors gave us a huge number of different signs related to the lost or found things, different phenomena of the surrounding world. How to interpret the key found on the road? Should we fear trouble or prepare for unexpected joy? And also what to do with the key itself - take it with you or pass by?

It is noteworthy that the sign of the found key is treated differently. In some sources, it indicates a great joy, and secondly, it foreshadows misfortune. Which of the interpretations to believe and how to deal with the find is your own business. But, of course, all those who believe in messages from above will be curious to learn about the most common explanations of omens.

Folk interpretations of omens

To love luck

According to one version, to find the key is to strengthen your love feelings. This interpretation was followed by the gypsies. It was believed before taking the find in hand to pronounce the words of a special conspiracy. At the same time, it was necessary to present your soul mate and visualize how you live with her happily and harmoniously for the rest of your days.

Then for nine nights the key was put under the pillow, and in the daytime they were kept with them. When the specified time passed, the key should be hidden in a safe place and not tell anyone about it, as well as about the rite itself.

The above interpretation of omens remains popular today. Especially often resorted to him by the fair sex. The magical power of the conspiracy will increase if the key you found is ancient.

Problems found

If, however, turn to another interpretation of omens, finding the key indicates the appearance of various problems in life and is fraught with dangers. Perhaps ill-wishers will plot or intrigue against you. Therefore, do not take the key with you or in any way contact with the object - the only way you can protect yourself from harm.

But even the key left in place will foreshadow certain life difficulties that will occur in the near future.

If there are scratches or brows on the key - this especially indicates negative events.

Sign of the home

In another interpretation of the sign to find the key means that soon you will encounter the need to change the place of residence.

It may also be a message from above, that your home is protected from evil forces. The house saves you from trouble. And if a jealous or envious person tries to harm you, the key will securely close the door from negative radiation.

In your family, peace and harmony will reign. If the key is very old - this indicates even greater protection of the home.

But if this item is broken - you should be more vigilant, you should be wary of possible theft.

The riddle

If at the moment you are thinking over some difficult life task, and then suddenly find the key - this is definitely a sign from above. It is necessary to rinse the object under running water (to cleanse it from someone else's negative energy), and then read the plot. Then, throughout the day and evening, you need to remain silent, and at night hide the key under the pillow and go to sleep. Soon you will find the right solution.

Found a whole bunch of keys? This indicates the elimination of old and annoying family problems. Relations with distant relatives will improve, if one of the household members is in a quarrel - it will definitely reconcile.

Wait for the addition to the family

Seeing a vivid dream about how you find the key, according to you, is a very favorable interpretation. Most likely, in the near future in your family will have another member. This may not be a child, but a person who has come to the family - for example, a daughter-in-law or a son-in-law.

Single and single relatives will easily and harmoniously develop their personal lives.

There is also another interpretation of the key found in the dream - it also means moving to a new dwelling or repairing the dwelling in which you currently live.

Cash increment

Most people believe that the key found portends successful changes in life.

Finding a new and brilliant key foreshadows the transition to an interesting and highly paid job, as well as moving to spacious housing.

And the found rusted key will attract material benefits to your life. A sign promises early wealth - inheritance, gifts, expensive finds. And the more the key is in size, the more substantial the benefits will be.

The rusty key is a true talisman of fortune. Many superstitious people advise taking it with you and keeping it very carefully. Hide the find in a place where no one can find it. Good luck will certainly help you in all areas of activity that at first glance may seem completely unfulfilled.

Pass by a rusty key, lying on the road, or give it to another person - in this case, you risk offending "good luck" for such a scornful attitude and she will probably turn away from you for a long time.


It can be summed up that there are a huge number of interpretations of the signs about the found key. And each person will be able to establish his own, intuitively feeling which one is the most correct. But, of course, if you tune in to the positive, you will get it, because our Universe materializes exactly what we believe in and makes it our reality.