Dream interpretation

Folk signs: how to bring good luck to the house


Who among us does not dream of happiness, fulfillment of all desires and a peaceful and harmonious life? Of course, we are not able to deal with all the circumstances occurring in it, but still can definitely influence a lot. Often in the course are unconventional methods of action, which include magic. In this article we want to highlight in detail what are the signs of good luck that will allow you to radically improve your life.

The signs of good fortune that have come to us from hoary antiquity guarantee not only the expected result, but also accelerate its approach through certain actions. It should be noted that there are signs that work exclusively for someone. In this case, we are talking more about the power of faith in one or another superstition, which, clearly, is not the last place in this process.

Our ancestors came up with a huge number of signs, predicting quick success. We offer you a list of beliefs that will make you happier and contribute to your success.

  1. If you leave home you met a man carrying a full bucket - Soon you will get a significant profit. If you met woman - Wait for gratitude and improvement of financial position.
  2. Notice the stork nest on the roof Home foreshadows you luck and well-being.
  3. Notice the magpie that sits near the window or on the roof of the house - to obtain a large profit or a quick arrival of guests.
  4. Hear the cuckoo's voice on the left side promises that very soon you will find great happiness.
  5. A well-known sign that promises good luck in a new home: you will need walk through all the rooms of the house, holding a loaf of bread and a bowl of salt.
  6. If a white spider has cobwebs over your bed - You can prepare for big profits and happy events, the situation changes dramatically if the spider is black.
  7. Accidentally see the light in the windows of your own home also indicates happiness.
  8. You can expect to receive substantial profits and happiness, if you notice the appearance of ants in their home.
  9. Find a horseshoe on the street, promises that luck will always be with you.
  10. Meet the Humped Man on Your Way also indicates happy and successful events throughout life.
  11. Happiness promises and seen high in the sky soaring eagle.
  12. If a a man passes over you - it promises monetary gain, and if female - on the contrary, losses.
  13. Hear horse neighing foreshadows very good news.
  14. Randomly pour tea on the table or on the floor - expect tangible profits and good luck.
  15. If a tricolor cat crosses youyour life will be very happy.
  16. There is another very interesting belief: if on a muddy road you have your right leg bogged down before your left - get a large amount of money.
  17. Entering a new home, if you want happiness and harmony to be always in it, you need to first bring bread with salt and an icon.
  18. Notice flying bug - means good luck and great happiness.
  19. Since ancient times it was believed that break the dishes foreshadows wealth and happiness.
  20. If a bird suddenly flies into the church service, all those present will find happiness in the near future.
  21. Wish you all year pursued happiness and good luck? Drink the latest on New Year's Eve and luck will come true.
  22. So that the day should pass well put your right foot on the floor of the first, and then only the left.
  23. Silver gift brings its new owners great happiness and good luck.
  24. There is one ancient belief that helps to attract positive events to a new home. For this On the first day, you should run a black chicken or a rooster, and the next day - a black cat or a cat.
  25. Smashed your favorite cup on Saturday? Do not be sad, omen promises you happiness.
  26. If you met on the street three nuns, the most cherished desires will come true.
  27. Sneeze at the table before the meal also foreshadows happiness.
  28. If leaving home you will meet the first baby, the whole day will be as successful as possible.
  29. Going to work or somewhere, be sure wear all the clothes from the right sleeve.
  30. If it rings in the right ear - Get ready to receive good news. And just as well vice versa - ringing in the left ear indicates bad news.
  31. So that happiness and well-being should be "forever" registered in your home, give the first pancake, baked on Christmas Eve to be eaten by animals.
  32. If you left home and on the road you have your right foot cold - The day will bring good luck and positive events.
  33. So that happiness always resides in your home, not recommended to look out the window before the sun rises.
  34. Meet on your way pregnant a woman foreshadows a succession of successful events. If you only dreamed about it - life will be filled with success.
  35. If you want the trip to be successful for you, you should first wash your home well, pay special attention to the stairs. It is also a fairly common belief, foretelling good luck: before leaving the house a little sit "on the track".
  36. Meet the funeral procession on the way.Oddly enough, it foreshadows quick success.
  37. Fell under heavy rain? Do not be upset, this belief foreshadows you good luck in all new endeavors.
  38. If you are cooking and noticed that the meat in the pan is very swollen - you will be able to succeed in the activities that you are doing now.
  39. If a spider clings to your clothes - get ready for profit.

Perhaps some of these signs will seem rather naive to you, and you will attribute it to the prejudices of the past - well, this is certainly your full right. But still it would not be superfluous to listen to popular wisdom, collected for centuries by our distant ancestors and passed on to each subsequent generation. We wish you success and good luck in all your business and endeavors!