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Rituals and ceremonies for money


How can an ordinary person learn to attract various streams of money, as well as full wealth and wealth to himself? If a person believes that he has no luck with money because of karma, that money passes near him, but does not come to him for you, then he can try to use the magic of money.

The fact is, to gain wealth will help a variety of conspiracies and rituals for money. By opening a special money channel with the help of a conspiracy, a lot of people immediately become easier in the material sphere. There are a huge number of ceremonies in order to attract wealth, they also have an incredible number of names, however, the only task is to improve incomes.

In carrying out the sacrament of the rite should remember two main rules:

  1. all ceremonies regarding money must be performed for a growing month
  2. The ritual for money must be done with lighted candles, not using lighters, but only matches.

Excellent and very easy plot, but quite strong.

  1. In the church, two large candles should be purchased, and at the same time, order a forty-empty for yourself about health.
  2. After that, one candle should be transferred to the altar, and another one should be taken to your home.
  3. Over the next forty days, every morning, you need to light a candle that was brought from the church and at the same time speak a conspiracy.
  4. After that, the candle must be extinguished. The candle should go out completely, it can not be rushed, if it burned out, then you need to buy a new one in the church.
  5. If after 40 days there is a candle end, on the last day of reading the plot it is worthwhile to let the candle burn completely.

Text of ritual conspiracy:

On the eastern side there is the Sacred Mount Athos Mountain, and on it stands the church of the Lord,
In that church is the throne of Christ.
As the throne of the Lord is located in the middle of this altar, it does not move or move, it is always rich and holy,
So the slave’s (name )’s house was among the whole world, not swaying, becoming sacred and rich. Wealth let them come into the house, and trouble will leave the house. Amen.

  • To carry out this ceremony, it is necessary to light a candle at dawn, crossing it three times with a knife, and after the knife you need to stick it in and say the words of the conspiracy, while you can not take your eyes off the candle flame.
  • The wax that will drain during the burning process of the candle should be collected while still warm and making balls of it.
  • Next, you need to take a piece of red fabric and put these balls in there, neatly folding them, collecting them in a bag and tying them with a red rope.
  • Such a bag should be hidden somewhere in a secret place, wherever a person wants growth and income (home, work or business).


At Okijane Sea there is an iron mountain, and under it is an iron oak,
Under it sits a beautiful maiden.
In her hands, the fire is burning; whoever goes to him will gain wealth,
It will bring wealth to the house, feed the children, and feed the old people,
And he himself will not forget, the century will live. My words are an iron tyn, A key and a lock I throw into the water, I drive Satan away. Amen.

In the church, purchase five white candles and light them at home, then immediately cross them three times and say a secret text. When all the candles are burned, warm wax rolled into one ball, and when it becomes cold, put it in your wallet.


Jesus Christ, support and support, Priest of Mary,
Walking through the sky, carrying bags in coins carried, opened those bags, the money fell out.
I am a slave (servant) of God (name), I went downstairs, collected money, brought it home,
Lit candles, handed out to his loved ones. Candles, burn, money, come!
Forever and ever! Amen.

We need to take a candle of green color, and pour ordinary water in a shallow bowl, and throw a copper-colored coin into it. It is necessary to light a candle, and when it is already very hot, drip wax from this candle into the water, however, so that the wax falls straight onto the coin. In doing so, you need to speak the words below. After that, the water should be poured into the ground, and the coin should be saved as a kind of talisman in the wallet, so that no one can see it.

As hard into soft turns, so will my wealth multiply and strengthen.
From day to day, from every week, from year to year, from this minute to the end of all ages.

You should wait for the time when the month starts to grow, and on the even date of this month you need to take a bill, tell a certain conspiracy on it, and then put it in a room in the corner for a week, then spend it. The procedure must be repeated three times.

The words are as follows:
Just like a large amount of mud in a swamp, fish in the waters, so much money will come to me.
The moon grow - grow up, and give me a slave (slave) of God (name), give me money.
Amen. (3 times)

You need to pull out the wick from the candle, light it on both sides, and then say the words very soon:

The fire is infinite, and my spirit is marked with gold, silver and other good. Amen.

The rite is held during the full moon (you need a clear sky). For this you need: a couple of coins and bills of various denominations.

  • Put coins and banknotes on the window sill so that the light of the moon falls on them.
  • After this, you must immediately pronounce the words of the plot.
  • Then you should go to another place, and let the money remain at that place for another couple of hours. At this time they can not look.
  • The money is put in the wallet and spent after the month. The rite can be repeated.

These funds will attract profits to a person’s wallet in a consistent manner.

Money plot words:
The moon-queen, you are silver, gold, grow and continue to grow.
So flood my money with light, so that just like you would grow.
Moonlight money is drunk, it grows from hour to hour, strength is gained and the house returns.

Another ritual for money, see the video: