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A strong conspiracy to trade and its possible consequences


Trade is not only one of the oldest crafts, it is a whole art in which talent and luck are equally important. Most people, whose activities are directly related to the market of supply and demand, believe in the power of magic and often in their work use a strong conspiracy to trade, which most favorably affects their business.

A conspiracy to trade and the conditions of his work

Conspiracy successful trading- A magical rite aimed at increasing turnover, attracting customer base and increasing profits from sales. Properly performed ritual attracts commercial success, develops the work of the artist and contributes to its prosperity.

Correct work of trade magic is ensured by certain recommendations, which the performer must adhere to in the process of performing the rite. The keys to the effectiveness of the ritual of trade is to comply with the following conditions:

  • time of day - until sunset. Any conspiracy must be read before the sun disappears beyond the horizon, so it is preferable to do it at dawn, in the morning, at noon, or in the early evening;
  • the day of the week is Wednesday or Saturday. Trade is directly related to finance, and these days have a special monetary energy. Although here there is one nuance: Saturday and Wednesday are suitable for performing full rituals, including both a specific set of actions and a spell. In the event that the plot is not accompanied by any rite, it is not forbidden to pronounce it on any day of the week;
  • phase of the moon - depends on the specific direction of the ritual. If the goal is a quick sale of goods, then such ceremonies should be carried out in a decreasing month. If the rite is aimed at increasing profits from sales and attracting buyers - the ritual is best carried out on the growing moon;
  • faith in the power of witchcraft. If a person is skeptical of magic, no ritual in his performance will lead to the desired result.

Trading magic, with proper use of it, is an effective tool. However, turning to her, the performer must forget about the elementary good faith in his case.

First of all, it concerns the proper attitude towards their customers and the quality of the goods they sell. Of course, the conspiracy will help to sell even poor-quality goods, but at the same time the seller will certainly have to face significant losses in other places - the magic law of karma has not been canceled.

Strong and proven methods

On prosphora

Words are read on a prosphora, which must be purchased in the church on the holy feast. When he is going to trade, the executor should take a prosphora in the left hand, the right to cross, then say 12 times:

"Lord God help."

After that, you need to face the red corner, bow to him and say:

“King Herod had 12 daughters. And it’s true that there were twelve of them, not thirteen, and it’s true that I’m selling my goods ”.

Prosphora should be eaten and calmly followed to the working place.

With the help of prayer to Seraphim of Sarov

This is a very strong conspiracy, because it is read in conjunction with the Orthodox prayer to Seraphim of Sarov. First, the performer must contact Father Seraphim with the words:

After reading the prayer, the plot itself is pronounced:

“The works of the Lord, his clean mouth will pray for me. Lord my God, Lord God, help my soul with faith, multiply my all business in commerce — in purchase and exchange, in what the merchant lives. My bargaining is in the name of Your Holy Name. And there will be Your protection. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

On the salt in the growing month

A growing handful of salt, poured into a bag, sewn of red fabric (the bag must be prepared in advance) begins to speak in the growing month. Plot text:

“In the high mountains, in the green plains, along the blue seas, a merchant walked with a good commodity. All those who met on the way surprised him with a wealth of choice. He sold his goods kindly and without deception. That merchant on the road spent his whole life and had a rich profit. The Salt Wizard was his way of protection. Me, God's Slave (God's Slave) (own name)Inheritance left the merchant salt magic. The merchant has handed over his success and luckiness to my hands. I will scatter the magic salt in front of the counter and by this I will attract buyers, the goods will be sold off and I will get profit. Amen".

A pinch of conspiracy salt must be scattered daily at the workplace, the red bag must always be worn with you. When all the salt is consumed, the ritual should be repeated.

On the goods

It is necessary to baptize the goods offered for sale, accompanying their actions by pronouncing the following plot:

“The month is bright, the sun is red. Clear sky, trade is beautiful. Here I stand, the Slave of God (Slave of God) (own name) not intentionally. Who will approach me - with my product he will leave. Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

Since the plot involves the rapid sale of goods, it should be read in the period of decreasing night light.

Short weekly plots

The short spells listed below are allowed to be used every week. You can choose any of them and use it for the benefit of your business.

  1. On the salt. The plot is pronounced all alone, near the sales counter. You need to take a pinch of salt in your right hand, stand on the counter with your back and speak loudly: “On foot, drive, go here. Here you have a place, water and food. You - the goods, I - the money. " After that, salt should be thrown on the counter over his left shoulder.
  2. On the change. The change that the buyer left (it is better if it is a coin of 5 kopecks) starts to talk. Coin must be put to the box with another trifle with the words: “A penny is my treasure.” As my mother gave birth to me, in the first swaddle diaper, so are you a great treasure to me. Amen".
  3. On a handkerchief. Before you start trading, face the goods, wipe your face with a handkerchief, saying: “To the roads of trade I give tribute. How do you take my sweat, so send me luck. To trade went uphill, customers went in droves, bought everything, did not spare money, did not leave without purchases. Amen". This shawl must be carried all day with you.

Possible consequences of conspiracy to trade

A person who used at least once a magical ritual to trade, probably wondered about the possible consequences of the ritual. The negative results of the use of trade magic can only be said if the performer turns to black witchcraft. The above plots refer to the magic of white, therefore not capable of harm. The merchant who uses them only strengthens his own energy with the help of the light forces imprisoned in these rites. Nothing wrong with that.

However, we must remember that the forces of good help only to people who live according to conscience. If a person is obsessed with hatred, anger and envy of others, he will get used to profit at the expense of others - no magic will help him.

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