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Plot for money to read at home (white magic)


Money and wealth in the life of modern man occupy not the last place. To achieve financial well-being, someone works tirelessly (sometimes in several workplaces), someone opens his business, someone waits for a miracle and regularly tries his luck in various lotteries, the most shrewd ones turn to magic and make money conspiracy .

Plots of white magic for money today are more popular than ever - many people use them to improve their financial situation and attract financial success.

Secrets of the work of a money plot

Conspiracy on money and material well-being - This is a magical rite performed in order to obtain funds from various sources. These rituals are divided into black and white. Naturally, at home it is recommended to read a money plot from the category of white magic, since black magic is unpredictable and often dangerous, especially in the hands of an inexperienced person who is far from witchcraft.

The conditions for the proper operation of monetary magic

Rituals for money, there is a great variety. They can be radically different from each other, however, when they are executed, the performer must adhere to certain rules and recommendations:

  • day of week Wednesday. The strongest conspiracies for money are made precisely on Wednesday, since this day is characterized by a powerful monetary energy;
  • phase of the moon - growing. The growth of night lights will contribute to the arrival and growth of funds;
  • loneliness. The perpetrator should utter a money conspiracy in complete solitude. Financial magic is a very delicate substance, foreign energy can negatively affect it;
  • exact following ritual instructions. The instruction of the ceremony is the plan of its work, from which it is impossible to deviate, because all the details here, even the most minor, play an important role;
  • belief in the effectiveness of the rite. For the rite to work, the performer must believe in the power of magic.
  • the secret of the ritual. It is impossible to tell anyone about the conducted magical work, witchcraft does not tolerate publicity.

No matter what money conspiracy the artist has decided to read, it will work correctly and lead to the desired result only if these simple conditions are met.

How to strengthen the financial conspiracy?

At the core of the monetary rite is the word. In order for this word to acquire magical power, it is very important to invest all your desire in it. You can do this with the help of visualization, the essence of which lies in the mental drawing of pictures of future material prosperity. Remember that imagination is your main assistant in this matter. Visualization gives a strong energy boost to any chosen and spent money conspiracy.

The power of the conspiracy will increase if the performer speaks from memory. Experienced magicians advise learning the text by heart so that you do not have to read it from a piece of paper.

The efficacy of the performer also affects the effectiveness of the ceremony. Before reading any conspiracy for money, you should let go of all the insults, eliminate all negative thoughts and emotions, achieve inner harmony. And only then - with a pure heart and a light soul - can one start to perform a ritual.

The best rituals and conspiracies to attract wealth

Conspiracy of white magic to keep money in the family

If your family has faced financial difficulties, perform the below-described ritual that attracts wealth. Prepare for the rite 3 coins of average denomination and glass of water.

Wait until noon and lower the coins into the water, then read the plot:

“Voditsa-water, share your strength! Return my wealth to the family, help increase profits. Make it so that all the other coins go to me! ”

After 5-fold pronouncement of the text, remove the glass with water and coins in a secluded place. Every morning and day splash your wallet with this water. It is allowed to repeat the conspiracy when the water in the glass is all consumed.

Conspiracy to always have money

This powerful money plot should be read on the growing moon. Get up early in the morning, dawn. At dawn, hold in the palm of your hand a coinget out of the house go to young ate. Choose a beautiful looking tree. Knock the trunk of a tree with a coin and speak 12 times:

“As young needles grow, so does my money grow — not on sugar cake, not on lime tree, not on parev, not on a brew, but on silver-gold and copper.”

After the 12th time of pronouncing the coin, bury Christmas trees in the roots. Try not to be seen by anyone during the ritual, otherwise it will not work. As soon as the coin is hidden under the ground, leave, without looking back, from this place.

Conspiracy to wealth

The plot must be read on a handful of rowan berries. Conspirated berries should be stored in their home, placing them near the icons. Text:

“You, Queen, mountain ash, mother, from the evil slob, spare me. As the berries grow red with you, so also let it be with me, the slave (slave) of God (God) (own name) money is multiplying. Forever and ever. Amen".

Plot attracting monetary luck

This plot should be pronounced in the early morning, certainly on an empty stomach. A small piece of bread, which the performer must eat immediately after reading the text, starts talking. The plot is as follows:

“The Lord our God, Jesus Christ, you have fed the five hungry bread, so feed me and my family, make my life abundantly full, turn good luck to me, turn away my grief and unhappiness. Let my way of fullness and joy be opened in my house, let the money come to me. And I promise to wisely dispose of them, all for the benefit, but to multiply wealth with the mind, to the glory of our Lord. The key and the lock to all my words. Amen".

Actions of the performer after the ceremony

Even the most powerful money conspiracy does not guarantee the immediate arrival of wealth. An impressive result will be achieved only under the condition that the performer himself applies a lot of effort to it, works and catches every opportunity to improve his financial well-being and increase material well-being.

Nothing goes for free, and the magic is favorable only to hard-working people. Money magic is magic for the future; therefore, conspicuous results from the conspiracy usually manifest themselves only several months after the ceremony.