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Horoscope for Aquarius for September 2019 with recommendations


Horoscope for Aquarius in September 2019 recommends: behave calmly and do not be discouraged by trivia. Pay attention to the correct signs to build life harmoniously and happily. And the advice of astrologers, which I have selected for you in this article, will help.

General trends horoscope

Astrologers believe that Aquarius should “catch” the flow of creativity and inspiration in September. Then they can get anything they want easily and effortlessly. It is equally important not to overestimate your strength and to ensure that the “rear” remains strong.

Forecasts and recommendations:

  1. September is an energetically difficult month for Aquarius. But, if you behave correctly, it will become the starting point for dramatic changes in life. First of all, you need to monitor your health - not to allow exacerbation of chronic diseases, not to provoke psychosomatic diseases with stresses.
  2. It is desirable in this period not to set new goals and objectives. To achieve them it will turn out only at the cost of incredible efforts. The best behavior strategy is to relax and trust the Universe, to go with the flow of circumstances, without trying to deal with the surrounding reality.
  3. During this period, you can face all sorts of checks. Fate will send you the lessons that you will have to take while learning. Pay attention if there are situations that often recur in your life. If this happens again and again, you have not learned the lesson, be careful.
  4. Trust should be more intuition than reason. Even if common sense will protest against the decisions of the inner voice, do not pay attention to it.

Money, work and business

With money you need to behave very carefully. In September, there is a high risk of becoming a victim of fraud or fraud, theft. It is not recommended to decide on any risky adventures, even if the proposals, at first glance, seem very tempting.

Any wrong financial decision can end in disastrous, up to legal proceedings, so be guided by the motto "Measure seven times - cut once."

Be engaged in the decision of problems with tax, documents. This is especially true of managers and entrepreneurs. Make sure that your company's business is in perfect order, avoid actions that are against the law.

There is a chance to spoil relations with colleagues or business partners. This will happen because Aquarius will suddenly become in communication to show not their previous authority and cruelty. Try to control your emotions, words and actions, so as not to spoil your career and not lose the people on whom your well-being depends.

Astrologer's advice: strengthen relationships at work. Try to expand your social circle by filling it with successful and positive people. Look for patrons, sponsors, partners with whom you can build mutually beneficial cooperation in the future.


You may feel that the people around are extremely negatively opposed to you. And although this is not true, in dealing with them, you should try to control emotions. Do not listen to other people's opinions, trust only yourself.

Someone from the inner circle can greatly disappoint, betray or deceive. "Trust but verify" is the ideal motto for your behavior in September. It is during this period that you can lose close friends or acquire enemies, so you should be very careful about your surroundings.

The stars will line up in such a way that family life will be adversely affected. In order not to spoil the relationship with her spouse, will have to try pretty. Strive not to provoke conflicts, but resolve any differences through negotiation, peacefully and in an adult way.

Astrologer's advice: watch your speech, remove from it the imperative mood. Do not order, but convince. Do not argue, but show your partner why it is beneficial for him to agree with you.

Favorable period

The main advice for September is not to strain. Then the negative phenomena described above will pass you by. It is very important to catch the state of flow, inspiration and creativity, just go with the flow, not trying to resist it.

Otherwise, you expect a lot of trouble, with which you will not always be able to cope.

The negative influence of stars and planets will decline after the 23rd day of the month. At this time, it will be possible to breathe freely and simply live without thinking about the problems and concerns, about the influence of the moon. There will be more energy and ideas that you can later easily implement and implement.

But also continue to be attentive to financial matters - this area of ​​life will require your control and attention for a long time.

If you follow the advice of astrologers, your life in September will become bright, active and dynamic, and the negative influence of the planets will not play a special role. The main thing is not to risk, but not to analyze each of your actions, but just to succumb to the whirlpool of the circumstances surrounding you.