Dream interpretation

Prayer of St. Martha for the fulfillment of desire


Intimate dreams and desires in the life of any person should be a place. After all, a desire or a dream is always a goal, and a life without a goal is just a meaningless existence, a banal living foreseen by God and the fate of days.

But alas, not every desire to come true. However, it is not for nothing that they say that a person himself is a blacksmith of his own happiness, and he is able to fulfill his cherished dream even if he uses various techniques of fulfillment of desire and strong faith in their work. Many people, for example, use a prayer to fulfill a wish addressed to St. Martha.

Holy Martha - who is she?

Saint Martha is a righteous woman who lived at the same time as Jesus Christ and believed in God before His miraculous Resurrection. Martha was the sister of Lazarus — the very one who died of the disease and was resurrected by Jesus.

Martha is a Catholic name, in Orthodoxy it sounds like Martha. In Christianity, she is one of the myrrh-bearing women. St. Martha patronizes the household; she is considered the intercessor of the attendants (cooks, waiters, servants).

Prayer of St. Martha for the fulfillment of desire: the text

Unlike most Orthodox prayers, the text of the prayer to St. Martha is made up in modern and accessible Russian, therefore it is understandable and not difficult to pronounce for each person. The text of the prayer to Martha is as follows:

The prayer of St. Martha for the fulfillment of desire, indeed, is characterized by high efficiency. Proof of this - convincing examples of many people who had the opportunity to use this technique in practice. However, this prayer has one significant feature - it works not separately, but in combination with other Orthodox prayer texts. Read about the ritual of the petition to St. Martha, fulfilling desires, below.

Preparation for the ritual of fulfillment of desire

A magical ritual for fulfilling a dream with the use of a prayer to Saint Martha requires the performer to conduct special preparatory measures concerning:

  • ritual attributes;
  • the appearance and emotional state of the performer;
  • desires and wording;
  • conditions in the room where the rite will be held.

Ritual attributes

In order for the cycle of prayers for the fulfillment of desire to lead to the desired outcome, the performer must prepare in advance the items that may be needed in the process of conducting the ceremony. Necessary attributes are:

  • candles - It is good if they are purchased in the church, but the use of ordinary ones is also allowed;
  • image of Saint Martha - it can be an icon of the righteous, or a photograph (picture). In the extreme case, if you could not find either one or the other, you can do without a holy image - the prayer will still work;
  • prayer book - the need for it is due to the use of other Orthodox prayer texts in the ritual. If it does not work with the prayer book, it is allowed to find the texts of the necessary prayers on the Internet and rewrite them personally on a piece of paper (the use of computer printed text is not welcome). Ideally, these Orthodox prayers should be known by heart and recited from memory. Leaflets with prayers can not be passed on to strangers, even relatives.

A prayer to St. Martha for the fulfillment of a wish is good in that it is not necessary to attend a religious service for its utterance. You can appeal to the righteous in a comfortable home environment, where no one and nothing will distract from the process.

Requirements for the appearance and emotional state of the ritual performer

By the prayer rite to the implementation of the desire of the performer should proceed in good spirits and calm, peaceful state. His consciousness should be freed from anxious and negative thoughts, and thoughts should be pure, devoid of self-interest, selfishness, revenge, all evil.

Appeal to St. Martha with a prayer for the fulfillment of desire with a clean bodytherefore, it is necessary to take a shower or bath before the rite, or wash in the bath. The clothes of the performer should also be clean, and it is also very desirable that it should be new, never worn, light shades. Suitable clothing for women - nightgown, for men - pajamas.

Wishes and their wording

Requests that people turn to St. Martha are very different. The righteous are asked for pregnancy, marriage, healing from illness, enlightenment, the solution of a serious problem, etc.

The main requirement that a wish must meet is its safety and the absence of harm (even potential) for other people and for all living things.

The second rule: one ritual - one wish. Of course, a person may have several cherished desires and goals, but one prayer cycle addressed to St. Martha should cover only one desire. If you want to fulfill your other dreams, you can devote another rite to them and hold it after a while.

Your request should be carefully thought out, take into account all the details, exclude possible pitfallsto avoid unexpected surprises. The articulated desire to write down better on a piece of paper, so that each time you say a prayer to St. Martha, it sounds the same.

Indoor environment

Prayer ritual for the fulfillment of desire with an appeal to St. Martha can be carried out any time of the day (although more often it is recommended to do this in the morning or in the evening). In the room in which the ceremony will be carried out, should be quiet, and the performer - be all alone.

In addition, the room is recommended to put a vase with fresh and fresh flowers. It will bring benefits, create the right atmosphere and allow you to tune in to the desired mood. bergamot oil - they can smear a burning candle.

Description of the prayer ritual for the fulfillment of desire

The prayer rite to fulfill a wish takes 9 cycles and is held strictly on Tuesdays (9 consecutive weeks). It is not advisable to miss at least one of these Tuesdays. If it still happened for some reason, the ritual will need to start over and count again 9 Tuesdays.

Before reading the prayers, you need to put fresh flowers on the table, the image of Saint Martha and a lit candle (to your right). Then - focus on your desire and begin reading prayers (strictly in the order in which they are given below). Prayers used in ritual:

  1. Prayer of St. Martha - pronounce 1 time;
  2. Lord's Prayer (Our Father) - 1 time;
  3. Prayer to the Virgin - 1 time;
  4. “Glory to the Father and the Son ...” - 1 time;
  5. Request for the Intercession of St. Martha - 9 times.

The text of the prayer to St. Martha is given above. “Our Father” and the prayer to the Mother of God can be rewritten from the prayer book or simply follow the links provided. The fourth prayer is: "Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit! And now, and ever, and forever and ever! Amen!" Before reading it, the performer must cross on all 4 sides.

At the very end, you need to ask Saint Martha for intercession nine times using these words: "Holy Martha, ask Jesus for us!"

The candle that was used in the ritual should be allowed to burn to the end - if it is from the church. An ordinary candle can be extinguished (do not blow it out!) After reading all the prayers, allowing it to burn for 15-20 minutes.

Throughout the entire period of the ritual, it may happen that the performer’s wish comes true even before the end of the entire 9-week cycle. To stop the prayer ritual in this case is not worth it - it is important that it be carried out to the end.

It is advisable to learn all the texts by heart, and to keep the sheet on which the Holy Martha’s prayer is written on you, for all 9 weeks.

On the ritual can not tell anyone until the fulfillment of desire. And only if successful, the performer can share his joy with a loved one - with someone he trusts. A person to whom the performer has revealed his secret must have a good aura - so as not to jinx the success achieved during the rite process.