Dream interpretation

Sign: to stumble on the left foot


A sign to stumble on an ordinary and level place takes its origins from ancient antiquity, when any man had a horse that was incredibly revered. Such an animal reacts incredibly sharply to possible difficulties and dangers around.

Because people believed that if the horse stumbled on the spot, then the traveler was expected to face many obstacles and troubles. In the modern world, horses almost never ride, but the omen stumble on the left foot remained, only now it is attributed to the person.

Folk interpretations of omens

  • If a man stumbled right on the thresholdno matter what foot, he must immediately return home and look in the reflection in the mirror, otherwise in the other case he is expected by various failures.
  • There is a sign to stumble specifically on the road - to a strong quarrel with close people.
  • Superstitious people also pay a lot of attention to the fact which leg they stumbled upon. According to signs, stumble on the left foot promises good luck and joy, if a person was born an odd numberif the date of birth is an even number, it is not good.
  • An interesting fact is that in ancient times, the right foot was associated with various good news, because stumbling on it promised failure, while the left has long been associated with all sorts of negative events, which means that only the most warm events.

Scientific explanation

But there are more scientific versions and explanations of such signs.

  1. All people are well aware of the fact that a person has two different hemispheres of the brain, which are responsible for completely different skills, abilities and abilities: the right is responsible for the formation of fantasy, intuition and intuition, and is associated with the work of the left side of the body, while the left hemisphere is responsible for an analytical mind and logic, and is connected to the right side of the body. Because scientists believe that stumble on the left foot denotes what turned out to be the activity of the right hemisphere is slowed downIt means that it should be activated by all means.
  2. There is another opinion of researchers on this account. When a person is tired, he can stumble just like that, but on which of his hemispheres dominates, it depends on which particular foot he stumbles. So if this happens on the left - more developed right hemisphere.

A great number of various beliefs have reached the present and will accept which each human step could explain. Let them sometimes make life a little strange and scary, however, they are curious. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize yourself in more detail with different signs, and also by the fact that sometimes people often stumble incomprehensibly about what. By the way, stumble on the right foot denotes what it will bring big setback.

Why exactly the left leg?

Why same left leg? The fact is that this side of the body has long been associated with the devil, negative thoughts, negative and bad deeds. Therefore, stumbling on his left foot, a person attracts positive, happiness and good news. This kind of phenomenon is a warning to a person that he is eating something that protects him from all evil and negative things.

There are other options for explanation:

  • What is important is the fact on which day a person collided and on what day he was born. If a person was born on an even day, and stumbled, on the contrary, on an odd one, then the outcome of the incident will bring a rather negative outcome.

Let all this superstition, and the fact that a person suddenly stumbled, does not necessarily begin to denote anything negative. But based on scientific research, this kind of omen is the result of persistent brain activityand. If a person stumbles on his right leg, then his left hemisphere clearly indicates a particular failure in the logical sphere.

There are also variations of the “left” stumbling in the days of the week: Wednesday or Sunday. But regardless of whether it happened on the last day of the week or sometime else, the most important thing is to monitor which specific thoughts supported such an action.

The human subconscious mind often controls the actions performed and decisions made. Due to the fact that the subconscious of a person is hidden somewhere in the depths, and sometimes people just can’t be exactly sure of their right choice, the subconscious mind tries to signal a person about something defined by various methods. Dreams or various stumbling may turn out to be nothing more than signals from within.

The left side and the stumbling over this side is a signal that man does everything right. So, if he stumbles on this leg, the best news awaits him. Also, this means the fact that a person is doing the right thing or reasoning.

Days of the week

Stumbling interpret not only depending on which foot it happened, but also depending on the specific day of the week:

  • Such an event in Monday prophesies long tears.
  • If this happened during Tuesdaythen a man will meet his love.
  • If in Wednesday - then that person’s inner circle is threatened severe illness.
  • A person can stumble into Thursday to kind wordsm in your address.
  • Friday the event symbolizes an ambulance important meeting.
  • If the event occurred on Saturday, the person is waiting treason.
  • Sunday will bring trouble letter.

Regardless of what day a person suddenly stumbled, he should be very attentive. And when this happens, he should think about what he had thought in advance about what exactly could have served as a signal to such an incident. So a person will be able to realize what the error of such actions is hiding. Left leg or right, everything is hidden in human brain and mindset. Right means that actions are wrong, but if the leg is left, then the decision made is completely true, or at least the thoughts go in the right direction. Whatever day it happens, it is human thoughts that become the ending in this signal.