Dream interpretation

Sign: a butterfly flew into the house


Signs - this is the old wisdom of the peoples and some "statistics" of what happened, which was able to reach the present. Sometimes signs are not always true, sometimes contradict each other, but inside them you can always find the truth. Especially if it is about positive "predictions." Well, signs, when a butterfly flew into the house - it is almost always very good news, the designation of profit, success and many joys that fill human life with good energy, and sometimes true happiness.


In the most ancient times, in a variety of beliefs and cultures, people called the butterfly a true symbol of rebirth, modern life, and well-being and warm feelings. The Japanese tied the butterfly with everything brightthat can come to a man. The Greeks and Christians believed that this insect symbolizes pure human soul. But for those who worshiped the Buddha, the butterfly is a creature to be honoredsince it was Buddha who addressed the butterfly himself.


So, undoubtedly, when a beautiful butterfly enters a house or even an apartment, it is very auspicious and kind sign. Regardless of its size, color and behavior inside. Below is a brief, but rather detailed and illustrative list of various interpretations of the ancients and the newer ones that will be taken about the butterfly that has entered the house.

For what?

  • Fortunately for success or good news a butterfly flies through the window. It is also surprising that most often this kind of visit can symbolize quick addition to the family, quick and easy childbirth, as well as a quick marriage or marriage (depending on the specific case). Moreover, if an insect that got into a bachelor’s house has a very bright color, then the future wife of this person will be incredibly jealous, which, meanwhile, will not prevent her from being very kind, caring and loving at the same time. The same applies to an unmarried girl who notices a flying butterfly in her home.
  • To the fulfillment of desires. Strange as it may seem, any butterfly can get into the house with this kind of task. But in order to fulfill the inner desire, it is necessary to carefully catch the flown butterfly (without damaging its wings) and gently whisper it to her gently. After this, the guest is required to be released into the wild so that she can deliver her innermost desire to heaven.
  • Beautiful butterfly dance in the apartment - to the imminent marriage! And there is nothing special to add. Although you can clarify the fact that even if the butterfly turns out to be completely black without any patterns or colors, this will not change the meaning of this sign. The wedding will be very soon.
  • The butterfly flew inside and landed? A person expects harmony, balance, relaxation, enjoymentme and pleasant acquaintances or communication with relatives. The most likely in such a situation will be a sudden meeting with old friends, whom the landlord has not seen for a long time, and with whom he will be incredibly easy and calm. Although acquaintances may be new, but communication with them will develop perfectly.
  • Did the butterfly fly through the door? We must prepare for the reception of guests! And do not worry - this meeting will take place in the best way. Because the guests will be good old friends who will surely be able to quickly cheer and even gain a share of past nostalgia and happiness. Therefore, we expect a warm and happy meeting for all.

Signs about butterflies of different colors

Despite the fact that absolutely all the butterflies that fly into an apartment or house, are the most positive events, this does not mean that there are no differences between them. The designation will take on butterflies differ significantly depending on what color such an amazing guest.

  • Gold or yellow orange butterfly symbolizes wealth, profit, lottery winnings or just a nice salary increase.
  • I hit the house bright red or pale pink butterfly? She carries with her Changes on the love front. They can be felt in life in various ways: from a pleasant surprise and a nice dinner to a marriage proposal. And at the same time a person can be sure - this time he cannot avoid a burning "fire of passion".
  • I would also like to emphasize that the brighter the butterfly coloring, the greater the amount of warmth, happiness and the positive will bring the event, which means its arrival. And this can affect not only the love area, but even good luck or money issues. If the wings of an insect that got into the house are completely discolored, this indicates that in a short time the person will be very lucky, but this will have to try.
  • Black, dark blue or gray butterfly, based on long-standing signs, can symbolize danger or trouble. But this does not mean that you should expect something terrible. After all, there is a reliable method to get rid of the misfortunes that insects predict. In order to get rid of the misfortune that can be brought into the house by a gloomy butterfly, it is necessary to voice such words: "With what has arrived, with that fly." After that, a person can be sure - failures, sorrows and troubles will move away from him.

Other signs about butterflies

  • If a butterfly circling over a man's headsuch a sign symbolizes good news. If the insect at the same time sits on his headthen the omen marks also successful journey or at least a long-awaited meeting.
  • Right away 3 butterflies sat nearby? Good! Just greatfor any area of ​​life.
  • Butterfly sits on right shoulder - you must meet guests. If a butterfly sits on left, then the sign predicts a date with the enemy. True, it is unclear on what occasion and with what particular consequences. If a person is not sure that he wants this kind of meeting, he should simply say the above words for the lapel: "With what has arrived, so fly."
  • When a butterfly not only slowly flutters over the head of an unmarried girl, but does true beautiful dance, omen symbolizes quick engagement according to the most sincere feelings.
  • A butterfly that flew into the officepredicts the success of business and big cash growth.