Dream interpretation

Folk omens about the weather


Nothing is more disturbing in a news release than a weather forecast at the end. Meteorologists will report what the day will be, the maximum is the next week. Since ancient times, it was vital for people to look far into the future, they depended on the weather more than ours. Created in those days, national signs about the weather are useful now.

Nothing will spoil the day like a sudden rain on the uncovered (the umbrella stayed at home - it was sunny in the morning!). How to determine whether to fear the precipitation? And when will they finally stop and the long-awaited sun look out?

Plants, animals and celestial bodies feel the rain best of all. Some living creatures react sensitively to changes in light and humidity, and as for the moon and the sun, they visually vary greatly from cloudiness. So u will even have some scientific justification!

Signs on the rain

  • The moon during the full moon is not as bright as usual, muddy - to the rain.
  • A sign for the larks: if it is stuffy at sunrise, not to breathe is to the rain.
  • And again: the sun rose from the crimson clouds - it will rain in the afternoon.
  • Get accustomed to the river, lake or pond. Fog rises from the water high up - promises rain.
  • After sunset, the sky in the west is purple and crimson - at night it will be heavy rain.
  • Dandelions closed inflorescences day - feel the rain.
  • Hiding flies - feel approaching shower and hide.
  • In the summer, crows shout loudly, anticipating the rain.
  • Gulls gather a few on the shore, behaving noisily - will heavy rain.
  • Cats before the rain curl up, shake their heads. Dogs - prowling and looking for something, digging the ground.
  • In the daytime frogs croak loudly - to the rain.
  • It is raining in large drops will be short.
  • And if it rains without wind - he will go for a long time.
  • The water on the river foams - to soon rain.

Signs for clear weather

  • If the spiders weave a web in the form of a wheel, not a curve, but a smooth and round one towards the sun.
  • Rainbow in the evening hints at good weather the next day.
  • The blue and green rainbow is also in front sunny days.
  • The sky at sunset is clear, clear, and the sun is big - tomorrow will be a good day.
  • Abundant dew in the morning foreshadows a clear sky.
  • Thunderstorm at night, moreover with a short, abrupt thunder - to great weather in the afternoon.
  • If in winter the juniper branches straighten up - it will be good, dry weather.
  • Sparrows fly and build their nests actively - they feel clear weather.
  • The clouds in the sky are high, and the sky itself seemed to have risen - to an excellent bright day.

How to dress? To warm up or throw off all unnecessary? When will warming finally come? Truly burning questions.

Signs of the cold

  • In the summer at sunset, the sky turns red in the north - you can expect frost.
  • Sparrows burrow into the straw or fall down the foliage - they feel the cold.
  • Poultry hides its head under the wing - the cold will come.
  • In winter, a strong wind blows - it will become even colder than it is now. Perhaps the point is the temperature of heat sensation - when the wind is lower.
  • In the afternoon it was overcast, and in the evening the weather cleared up - to frost.
  • Cries of owls in the forest - to the cold.
  • Spiders weave an asymmetrical web, stretched to the north - close to cold snap.
  • In the autumn the clouds are rare, the weather clears up - it will be cold. Our ancestors did not know what an anticyclone is, but rather accurately observed its effects.
  • In late autumn, birds fly close to the ground - to fast and very cold winter.

Signs of heat

  • A red rainbow in the sky foreshadows heat and wind.
  • The bright shine of the stars in the summer - to hot weather.
  • Bees gather outside the hive, on the walls - to extreme heat.
  • Abundant evening dew hints at the warm next day.
  • In the spring, many cobwebs fly in the air - to hot summer.
  • Flies from the very early morning are buzzing loudly - to warm weather.
  • The clouds in the sky are blue - to warm, wet days.
  • Roosters sing earlier than usual - to warming. A sign is relevant for the winter.
  • Ringing in the ears - to the heat. The main thing that it was not a heatstroke.
  • Dogs stretch on the ground - to hot weather.
  • East wind at the first spring thunder promises hot spring.
  • In spring and summer, the month is slightly reddish - expect warmth.

Plowing and sowing is now a much smaller percentage of the population than before, but spending the summer "on the ground" is still a lot: from gardeners to fans to roll two hundred cans of pickles. For them, the weather and its prediction is important for the well-being of crops.

There is no other such misfortune for a gardener as drought.

Signs of drought

  • Rainbow stands high and steeply curved. - to very dry weather.
  • Itching left heel - to extreme heat and drought.
  • Pay attention to the weather on February 18 (Agafya Korovnitsa). If there is no snow, the summer is expected to be dry.
  • Generally, if February is worth a goodsunny and pleasant, summer promises drought.
  • A lot of dragonflies are flying - to dry weather.
  • Spider's web is dense, cobwebs close to each other - to the drought.
  • Bees suddenly become aggressive to humans - to heat and dry days.
  • The moon in the sky is greenish - dry weather is expected.
  • In summer, the weather is good, but you can see badlyas if in a fog - to a close drought.
  • False suns (parghelia) in summer - to severe drought and forest and steppe fires. Be careful!
  • There are many wasps - the coming days will be dry.

Signs for a good harvest

  • The first spring thunderstorm took place earlywhen the ice on the rivers has not broken yet - by the fruitful summer.
  • The louder the thunder in the first thunderstormthe better the landing will be.
  • In winter, icicles grow intact.without void inside - the year will be fruitful.
  • June nights are dark, impenetrable - the fruits in the garden will be excellent.
  • Abundant dew - to good shoots of everything that they planted themselves, and fogs - to the harvest of mushrooms.
  • At the end of summer when frost on the grass frost hardens - to successful for farmers next year.
  • In winter, the first snow is dry. - summer will be fruitful.
  • New Year's Eve pleased the starry sky - promises abundant and healthy shoots in the summer season.
  • At the end of winter big icicles grew - to a favorable summer for farming.
  • The yield of mushrooms and nuts is inversely proportional: a lot of ones - few will be others.
  • A lot of mosquitoes - in the forest there will be an abundance of berries. Any consolation!
  • Few field mice - will be a fruitful year.