Dream interpretation

By what days and numbers dreams come true?


What days do dreams come true? Many dreamers ask this question. What dreams are considered prophetic, and which empty? What dreams carry important information, and which are the echo of daytime experiences? Can you trust the lunar calendar in interpreting dreams? We will deal with these issues in detail.

Interpretation by days of the week

Depending on what day of the week the dream began, it carries a predictive load. It should be borne in mind that all dreams man sees in the morning. That is, if you went to bed on Friday night, you will have a dream on Saturday.

  • on Tuesday night - dreams are empty, they should not be given meaning;
  • on Wednesday night - dreams have a direct interpretation: get exactly what you saw;
  • on the night of Thursday - empty dreams, reflect daytime experiences;
  • on Friday night - prophetic dreams, but can come true in a few years;
  • on Saturday night - empty dreams, empty information;
  • on Sunday night - quick dreams, come true in the morning;
  • on Monday night - the dreams of the subconscious, reflect our emotional state.

Interpretation by the hour

If a I had a dream in the afternoon, the information in it is not meaningful. During the day, the information field of the earth is overloaded with information, and images of the fine plan cannot be obtained. Daytime dreams usually reflect the psychological state of the dreamer or the subconscious mind processes the impressions received.

Evening dreams can come true. In the evening, the subconscious can receive information from a thin plan. However, the most accurate in terms of the reliability of the information received are morning (predawn) dreams.

Dreaming on holy days

According to popular belief, prophetic dreams dream on the night of the second to the third day of each month. It is believed that on the eve of church holidays, things are also dreaming. During this period, the dreamer can receive a hint from higher powers through the images of the dream. These days are:

  • Christmas night;
  • Christmas holidays;
  • Epiphany night;
  • The first night of Lent;
  • Night on the Ascension;
  • The night before the Trinity;
  • The night before Ilya (2 August);
  • The night before the Assumption of the Virgin (August 28);
  • Night before Archangel Michael (September 19).

Interpretation on the days of the lunar calendar

Lunar month contains 30 days, however, the duration of one lunar day can last from several minutes to several hours. The shortest is the thirtieth lunar day, and the 29th lunar day lasts more than twenty-four hours.

Important! To understand the moon's laziness, it is necessary to relate the approximate dream time to the lunar calendar.

  • 3 lunar day - dreams come true in a short period;
  • 6 lunar day - the dream will come true if you keep your mental balance and will not worry;
  • 7 lunar day - dreams carry a prophetic prediction, they can not be told about others;
  • 8 lunar day - dreams fulfill secret desires;
  • 9 lunar day - nightmares can dream;
  • 10 lunar day - all bad things come true, seen in a dream;
  • 12 lunar day - dreams carry important information-tip;
  • 22 lunar day - prophetic dreams about the future;
  • 23 lunar day - a bad omen comes true;
  • 27 lunar day - dreams reveal the secrets of loved ones;
  • 28 lunar day - dreams of obstacles, which can be bought off from only by the loss of a sum of money;
  • 30 lunar day - dreams come true.

It is worth emphasizing separately meaning of dreams on the 9th lunar daywhich in esoteric teachings is considered satanic. A dream on this day reveals the inner feelings and fears of a person, obsessions and fears. therefore pay attention to the nightmarish visions do not need. All that has to be experienced in a dream is not realized in life.

Council How to get rid of bad omens? Immediately after waking up, look out the window and say: “Where the night is, there is a dream”.

Moon Phase Interpretation

If you do not have the lunar calendar on hand by day, use the value of the moon phase.

Dreams on a waning moon predict deliverance from unpleasant moments in life. At this time there is a purification from all unnecessary in life. The decreasing disk carries with it all the problems and obstacles. To consolidate this value, after waking up, say: "The moon in the sky decreases, all the bad takes." However, a good dream will not come true on a waning moon either: the good will disappear.

What mean dreams on a growing moon? This is the time of the birth of a new, building a model of the future. Dreams may suggest that you need to change in your life, make adjustments. If you saw an undesirable plot in a dream, in reality you can fix it all - the growing moon (the thinnest sickle in the sky) allows you to do this.

Full moon dreams show an excess of emotion. If you saw some story these days, then you attach too much importance to this event. This causes an energy overrun, but does not contribute to the cause. Sleep prompts: calm down, relax, disconnect from experiences.

Interpretation of the solar calendar

If it is not possible to accurately determine the time according to the lunar calendar, use the interpretation of dreams according to the ordinary everyday calendar:

  • The first number - dreams foreshadow troubles in the personal sphere.
  • The second number - everything seen in a dream will come true;
  • The third number does not always come true.
  • The fifth number - a dream can come true on the same day.
  • The tenth number - dreams foreshadow problems, come true quickly.
  • The thirteenth number - come true in 14 days.
  • Fourteenth number - everything seen during the month comes true.
  • The sixteenth number - dreams are quickly fulfilled.
  • The seventeenth is the year.
  • The nineteenth is to be fulfilled in 3 years.
  • Twenty-third number - everything will come true in accuracy.
  • Twenty-fourth number - all good things come true.
  • Twenty-fifth number - quick execution of what he saw.

Dreams on other days do not carry important information and are considered empty.. Either they reflect the inner feelings of the dreamer, or they are an echo of the daily events. For example, if you bought fish in a store, then a dream about fish means nothing.