Dream interpretation

Wedding omens by month - the best time to get married in 2019


One of the most important, dear and main days in the life of every person is the day of the wedding celebration. Every bride wants to be the most beautiful and happy, and for this reason, she is sometimes very worried because of different signs and superstitious moments that are still present in everyday life. Therefore, often poor newly-made brides bring themselves to fainting, for fear of doing something wrong.

After all, only you will make a mistake, and you will have to pay for it for a long time in family life. According to signs, the month of the wedding and the day of the week greatly affects the future life of young people.

But oddly enough, many newlyweds simply forget that the most important is precisely the right month and date for the celebration. Often it depends on them how much a couple will be happy next to each other, whether they have a rich life is expected or full of anxieties and experiences.

Regarding the people will take to the celebration for months, everything is very accurate. Prediction is the same for any couple, regardless of when the boy and the girl were born. Each couple can decide for itself how to choose the date of the upcoming celebration: focusing on the climatic conditions and weather, signs or personal tastes.

  • The first month of winter - January - occasionally enjoys love newlyweds. Constant holidays and significant frosts make January the most unloved month for a wedding in the whole year. Yes, and in the popular belief it is believed that the couple who arranged the marriage in the first winter month will have a hard time, and the spouse can quickly become widowed.
  • If you believe the people's views on the wedding time, in the winter it is recommended to marry in february, as he promises a long and strong life together.
  • But the newlyweds who signed in March, destined to live life in a foreign land.
  • Weddings in a young april promise a couple of diversity, joy and sorrow.
  • If you celebrate the wedding in May, they say that all life will have a couple to suffer.
  • June - a very happy month for creating a marriage, it will give the marriage sweetness and passion.
  • July not so successful. If you believe the signs, the family, conceived in this month, will not be happy.
  • To remain loyal friends, not just lovers, you should get married in august.
  • Calm and harmonious family life will give September.
  • October promises a couple of problems and inconsistencies on the way.
  • Wealth, wealth and profits will give new families november triumph.
  • And for those who are very sensitive to their feelings, and not to money, it is better to play a celebration in December.

By the day of the week

It must be remembered that there were earlier some days in which the celebration was simply not accepted to be celebrated.

On the thirteenth of any month, the wedding was not celebrated categorically. In ancient times, they generally did not want to celebrate anything on such dates, since they believed that the devil could come to witnesses.

  • Monday signified wealth.
  • Tuesday - good health.
  • Wednesday promised good luck in all your endeavors.
  • Thursday promised great losses.
  • Friday - frequent deaths in the environment.
  • Saturday - not the best day.

Based on the opinions of professional astrologers, in order for a marriage to be strong and durable, and the passion between spouses has only inflamed over the years, you must marry a fourth, fifth, seventh, tenth or eleventh month from the date of your own birth. So, if a person was born in January, he better marry in May or August.

If the couple believes in astrological moments for the wedding, by months they can simply calculate the best date for the celebration, using their own dates of birth.

For example, for the groom, who was born in February, and the bride, who was born in early autumn, the best months will be June or December.

In addition, with the astrological calendar, you can easily identify the months when Venus is strong. This planet is the patroness of those who love, that is why it will help the newlyweds to find happiness.

Old omens

  • in January - grief and death;
  • February - harmony and harmony;
  • March - living in another country or in a new place;
  • April - unstable happiness, success and troubles together;
  • May - all life can be toiled, as well as to see the betrayal in his house (before the triumph, parents should kiss the groom three times so that the omen is not realized);
  • June - honeymoon with passion will be life long and love will be just as strong;
  • in July - often marked disappointment and even regret about the deed;
  • in August - the husband will be loved and friend;
  • in September - will give peace and quiet;
  • October is full of life, but happiness will be a rare glimpse;
  • November promises a very luxurious life;
  • December - every year love will become stronger and brighter;
  • spring wedding - carefree fate;
  • summer - care and tenderness in the family;
  • autumn - reliability and stability;
  • leap year - failure option;
  • triumph during Shrovetide - the life of young people will go like clockwork;
  • a wedding during the Red Hill (the first day after Easter week) - the family will be happy, well fed, and will get rich offspring;
  • a wedding for the holiday of Ivan Kupala - great wealth;
  • the wedding on the day of Thekla Zaryvnitsy is a good triumph and strong feelings; perfect wedding day
  • Wedding on Pokrova - true happiness.