Dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation: swim in the pool in a dream


Every night we see a subtle, still unknown world of dreams. Visions come for a reason. It would seem that a simple pool, seen in a dream, does not carry any information load, but in fact is completely different. What does it mean by dream books to swim in a pool in a dream?


Of course, pay attention to the nuances of sleep, little things. Remember what you saw? What were your actions? Was anyone nearby or not? What should be remembered and it is useful in decoding sleep?

  • Just see the pool.
  • The water was clean, the pool was new, but there was nobody around.
  • Dolphins swim in the pool.
  • The pool is filled with crystal clear water.
  • The water smelled bad or was muddy and dirty.
  • There was no water in the pool at all.
  • Swam in the pool? Remember what the water was: clean or dirty.
  • Perhaps you learned to swim or skillfully swam it? Drowned?
  • Where was the pool? In the building or on the street? Pay attention to the weather.
  • Was someone with you by the pool? Swam alone, with people or dolphins?
  • Jumped from the tower or dive?

You can dream anything. The main thing is not to forget the dream. Fate is trying to say something or indirectly hint. We are also interested in: swimming in the pool.

Turn to the dream books

Combined dream book

If you swam in the pool, and the water was clear and transparent, then wait for luck. Success is to be expected in a team and in communication with friends. You will be supported and not betrayed. Young girls dream promises the acquisition of a true friend. Dirty water in the pool to trouble.

Modern dream book

Good and clean water while swimming to a good sign. Society recognizes you and your qualities, and friends will never betray. Girls of young years should expect the appearance of a true comrade. Dirty water to problems.

Dreaming longo

Swam? Ahead, fate is preparing an important crucial meeting or acquaintance. For such an event is to prepare. Perhaps it will be an old friend, feelings for which have not yet cooled.

Swim perfectly in a dream in the pool, as if it were live, to a favorable offer. It will bring you joy. Be attentive, evaluate your capabilities and strengths, the person who makes the offer to rule out failure or deception.

Have you seen one of your relatives splashing in the pool? Wait for a change in life. They will change you drastically, and you will feel like a completely different person. Changes permeate everything.

Swam with joy? Daily worries drag you down, forces are running out. It should leave everything and relax. If you did not like swimming in the pool, then wait for parting with your dear friend. It is not necessary that the separation will be long or forever, you may just go on vacation or out of town, but think about your friend with anguish.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

If a young girl saw herself in the pool, then fate says that she will soon meet a man. He will be able to become her support and companion, his qualities will meet her needs. At work, strengthening the position among colleagues.

Swim naked in the pool to love joy, passion. You should not indulge in the temptations, you may soon get sick and lose their beauty because of their promiscuity in sexual relationships. To see men in the pool who are naked, to the many fans.

The dream of a modern woman

The dream interpretation says that swimming in a dream predicts a strong love of love. Be careful, you will forget about duties and important matters. Disappointment from love relationships is around the corner.

Sonic Fedorovskoy

Swimming foreshadows a meeting with new good friends, and life success is about to overtake you. If someone sailed, expect help from a successful relative.

Freund's Dream

Coming new strong feeling of love, if swam in the pool. You have never experienced such emotions. Remember that soon the drunkenness of love will pass, and the disappointment will not keep you waiting, as soon as the intimate relationship with the chosen one.

Dream astromeridiana

Swim in the pool, filled to the brim with water, to a meeting with a very rich and powerful person who is able to improve your financial situation.

Summer dream

Clear water in the pool and swimming in it promise a holiday or joyful event that you have been waiting for.

Spring dream book

Dream promises financial prosperity. Catch the lucky money bird by the tail, do not miss the chance.

Autumn dream

Swim to the pool for a meeting that does not meet your expectations.