Dream interpretation

What dreams of a live chicken?


What can live chicken dream about? It is necessary to take into account all sorts of circumstances in which the dream occurred: how the animal behaved, what the environment was like, whether people were present in the kingdom of Morpheus. Remember the smallest details of the plot - everything is absolutely important.

Interpretations of different dream books may differ drastically, but we tried to collect the most popular ones. So woke up? Remember, but rather write down the dream in the smallest details and proceed to the interpretation.

Popular interpretation of dream books

If you dreamed of a live chicken that lays eggs, one of the women in the family is waiting for replenishment. The egg is a symbol of the birth of a new life. But the value may be indirect - eggs may portend the imminent emergence of almost brilliant ideas. If you manage to realize them, your life will change drastically for the better.

If there are many chickens in a dream, and a brood of chickens surrounds them, this is a sign - in real life you are too concerned about your children. You try to control them tightly, constantly come to the rescue, stay close. Loosen the grip of maternal love - with your excessive attention you make children only worse. Do not stop pushing them with your love - they will grow up as dependent, infantile, unsuitable personalities.

Was the chicken with the rooster? Their behavior symbolizes your relationship with your family or couple. If chickens run near the birds - a reflection of relationships with children. The more favorable the climate, the brighter the sun shines, the more greenery is around, the better is the situation in matters of the heart.

It matters the day of the week in which a live chicken dreams:

  • Sleep on thursday foreshadows misfortune - some scam artists will try to deceive you, which will decrease your family’s material well-being.
  • Sleep on monday also unfavorable - everything will fall out of my hands, and not a single case can be completed.

If the chicken you caught and then fried and eaten, a lot of domestic chores await you. Also it is necessary to refrain from any, even the smallest transactions - they will end in failure. Important: even buying bread at the grocery store is a purchase and sale transaction.

Private interpretation

In different dream books, such are the meanings of sleep in which the hen dreamed of you:

  • The bird was well-fed, with brilliant feathers, contented and kind? A wonderful sign - everything will be all right in your family. If you haven't got one yet, wait for a fateful meeting with your future chosen one or chosen one
  • In a dream, saw a live chicken, which then someone cooked, and you tasted the food? This is a sign that you will soon come under someone's negative influence. A certain personality will be extremely authoritative for you and impose your beliefs.
  • If in a dream the chicken was surrounded by roosterswait for happiness in your personal life. The girl promises such a dream a lot of new fans (how many roosters, so many boyfriends will appear), guys a tremendous success with the opposite sex and wildly popular
  • Single rooster chicken - a sign of quick profits. An unexpected bonus, salary increase or lottery prize shines, an expensive gift
  • If the rooster in a dream runs after the chicken, the value is neutral. Nothing bad will happen, just in the near future you will be bursting with emotions that you have to share with someone. You can not keep a secret in secret, so try to tell about it only trusted, honest and sincere people

A rooster and a chicken in a dream are an image of family life or personal relationships in your subconscious that interprets real-life pictures into dreams in such a bizarre way. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess the meaning - observe how the birds behaved among themselves, what surrounded them:

  • if around a lot of grainyour family will be well off;
  • if chickens run around - you will have many children;
  • if the cock gets away from the chicken - Wait for the betrayal of a husband or a quarrel with him because of your fault. And so on.

If the chicken is one in a dream, it is desirable that it remain unharmed. A killed and eaten animal in a dream is a bad sign. Such a dream spells large financial losses, personal failures, illnesses and problems.

But in general, do not try to give dreams too much importance. Sleep is the rest of the brain, unloading of consciousness from experienced emotions, events, meetings and affairs. In the dream, the subconscious mind can throw up completely absurd, meaningless pictures that should not be interpreted. Therefore, dreams are not always prophetic, and do not always mean something. Do not focus on interpretations of dream books - believe in good predictions and forget the bad ones!