Dream interpretation

Why dream of apples on a tree?


Why dream of apples on a tree? To start, remember, you just watched the fruit or collected them. Were there any people nearby. What time of year did the weather surround you? What emotions did you experience in a dream? Remember, but rather write down the plot of the dream in the smallest detail as soon as you wake up. This will help to explain the dream as accurately as possible.

Do not forget that in a dream your subconscious often “loads” pictures of events that occurred in real life. Perhaps you have recently eaten or collected apples, which is why they dreamed of you. It is not necessary to interpret such a dream - it means nothing.

Interpretation of dream books about apples

Dreamed apples - allegorically image of seduction, pleasure, love longing. All popular interpretations are based on this fact. Even without knowing the values, you can figure it out yourself, what could mean such a dream. For example, if you picked juicy, ripe fruitand then tasted them with pleasure - a bright and pleasant love affair awaits you. If fruits unripe, bitter, pitted tracks - your partner will disappoint you sexually. But these are not the only values.

Brief interpretation of dreams:

  • Tearing fruit in a dream - wait for colossal success with the opposite sex, soon you will be surrounded by attention, there will be many fans / admirers
  • There are a lot of apples, they are heavy, fall to the ground - you are unable to control your emotions and desires, slow down
  • Catch fruit falling from a treeand then greedily eat them up - wait for success in all your endeavors, any business will be done easily and effortlessly
  • Collect from the tree immature, still green and unsuitable for eating apples - wait for the failures of a sexual nature. If you are a man - blunder with a new partner. If a woman - stop wanting your chosen one. It is necessary to understand what causes problems with libido.
  • Fruit eaten by insects or rotten - soon your partner will decide on treason. Be vigilant and do not miss the appearance of an opponent / rival

These are generalized values, knowing that you can independently explain almost any apple dream.

Values ​​from Miller's Dream Book

The author of the Miller dream book considers: apples in a dream - a symbol of harmonious sex life with your partner. You are full of love and sexually satisfied, you have an unusually beautiful union, which is not afraid of life woes.

And if the apples in a dream, you also tear off and then eat - it's a sign. It's time to get involved in the work and begin to implement the goals. If there are no plans yet, it is time to formulate and label them.

If the fruit very small, the size of a large berry, you have an overstated self-esteem. You tend to exalt yourself over other people.

Fruit color

The interpretation of sleep may be different, depending on the color of the fruit that you dreamed:

  • Red apples foreshadow a happy family life filled with passion and love. If the apples are small (ranethes, Antonovka) - you have excellent health, according to the authors of the dream book Aesop
  • Yellow apples promise a spiritual rise and a surge of physical strength. There is no room for fatigue in your life.
  • Golden the fruits are predicting public acceptance. You will become an authority for many people, they will listen to your opinion, and will worship before talents.
  • Greens immature apples dreamed of - start thinking through your actions, stop acting spontaneously, make rash decisions

The brighter the color of the apples, the more favorable the meaning of the dream.


If you collect fruit in your own gardeny, it guarantees you good luck in matters of the heart. Your lover will sincerely love you, and the relationship will be filled with passion, positive emotions. The larger the fruit, the more happiness will be in your pair. But if the fruits are overripe, it's time to think - you spend too much time on your partner, you are in danger of satiety. Sometimes relax from each other, giving time to yearn.

If apples it is impossible to collect from the tree, you start to shake the barrel or climb up the ladder, which means your partner is bored with sex life. We'll have to show the wonders of ingenuity to return the passion in the relationship. The more you seek to collect the fruits, the more effort you will need to make.

Take the fact that apples are a symbol of love relationships, a reflection of sex life, an allegorical image of relationships with your current or future partner. Keep this in mind, and interpret the dream will be easy!