Dream interpretation

What can mean the sign of a broken plate


In general, the interpretation of the dish is definitely positive. Psychologists agree that in the human subconscious it symbolizes well-being, as well as a source of income and material wealth. The sign to break a plate means, as a rule, a symbolic farewell to former problems and concerns. When the bridegroom at the wedding beats the plate "for happiness" - this is a kind of end of his former bachelor life. It is clear that immediately after this, all the fragments must be collected and thrown away - in order not to return to celibate being.

When there were signs about the fight dishes

The sign of broken plates originated in antiquity. After the invention of porcelain, it was used exclusively by wealthy families, and if such dishes broke, it was believed that with the ejected fragments, negative energy leaves the house.

In this case, there are many nuances that interpret the broken plate, both in a positive way and frankly negative. Let's look at all the shades of a bat plate.

Dishes fights - catch luck by the tail

There are so many nuances that directly affect the interpretation of the incident, that it is not so simple to list them all: the person himself beats the bowl or is it just a scene with his participation as a witness, what do the dishes look like - old or new, whole, cracked or chipped at the edges, full or empty ...

  • Since ancient times, at Russian weddings they have beaten a plate "for luck", this was the key to a strong and long married life;
  • accidentally crashed at the ritual of marrying a bowl, and even the fault of the bride or groom - to the fragility of such a union;
  • according to the signs that came from antiquity, breaking the dishes, our ancestors frightened off diseases, it was believed that this is the real medicine in the fight against fever and convulsions;
  • the fact of scattering into shards of the bowl, which happened just before the New Year, meant the coming misfortunes;
  • from our ancestors, a belief has come to us that, say, such incidents are the tricks of the brownie, who are not enthusiastic about their masters, and urgently need to be appeased;
  • another nuance was that the fragments predicted the old age of a person, and if there are a lot of them, then the upcoming future will be happy.

Returning to the wedding beliefs, we should recall the tradition, respecting which, the duties of the young wife was to break the plate on the threshold - such a sign protected the couple from scandals. However, in parallel, there is another interpretation: they say cracks will appear from a wedding bowl broken at the wedding.

From love to misfortune - one broken plate

Do not forget that at the rite of marriage or other event there are numerous invited persons. Between them can start a new relationship. Here is what they say about this:

  • if a person broke a plate - soon fate will give him a love affair at the most serious level, and it will last for the whole life, and if a person of the opposite sex turns out to be next to it, then perhaps this is the object of future relations;
  • it is very important that a person feels at the sound of broken dishes, if panic engulfs him - this is not good, because with their thoughts (they believe that these are material phenomena), their owner can attract what they are filled with;
  • Many interpreters agree that the shattered fragments should be collected and, securely packed, so as not to fall out and do not harm others, to be thrown away.

At the same time, eating from dishes that have a crack means to crack cracks in the future life. And if the hostess keeps plate fragments in the kitchen, then it is considered that she attracts misfortunes to the dwelling.

When frugality is not for good, but for misfortune

On the whole, dishes in a man’s house can tell a lot about its owner. For example, mottled with cracks and dotted with shcherbinki, it indicates isolation and thrift. However, is this a benefit? The interpreters will take it for granted that far from always:

  • to eat and drink from cracked and “chipped” dishes means to call trouble not only on oneself, but on the whole family, which from well-being enters into poverty and poor health, and this sign is “tested” by time;
  • It is believed that the violation of the integrity of the dishes automatically entails a negative impact on the so-called "thin bodies", as a result, tasty and healthy food eaten from cracked dishes will not bring pleasure and will not be healthy.

In itself, the phenomenon of the crashed saucer is found in everyday life often. However, it happens that someone does not literally hold the dishes in their hands. It is believed that the head of such a person is filled with many nasty thoughts.

Consequently, it is preferable to treat him or communicate delicately or to limit such communication altogether - so as not to take away the negative energy that comes from him. On the whole, after becoming a witness of such a phenomenon, it is worthwhile to be on the alert and be ready to withstand the troubles that can be brought into the house.

Cleanliness and accuracy will not bring trouble into the house

In the minds of people, the plate is a symbol of homelyness, strong marital relations in a large friendly family with a hearth welcoming guests. In this house there is no dirty dishes - a symbol of future troubles. But if the plate was broken, it does not mean that you should definitely wait for happiness in the house:

  • the fact of a broken transparent dish is not good, because a transparent plate personifies purity, and if it has shattered into fragments, wait for quarrels or warn them beforehand;
  • if a quarrel is still happening at the time of the crashed plate, you should know that in this way a person attracts negative energy.

The sound of broken dishes in our subconscious is the symbolic sound of a marital quarrel. Psychologists are sure that by breaking “bowls” in the “hearts”, a person releases the negative energy accumulated in him and is discharged emotionally. Negativity is replaced by calm. Smile at the sound of a bowl scattered on the floor - adversity will pass you by!