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What does the right and left wrist itch


A sudden, unreasonable itching on any part of the body from an esoteric point of view indicates that an important event will soon happen to a person. Therefore, instead of ignoring such signs, it is worth thinking about what this could mean.

Sometimes I get an itch around my wrist, and for no apparent reason. It became interesting to me to know what such a sign portends, and to my surprise, the prediction came true. In this article, I will tell you why the left wrist or the right one itches, and how to protect yourself from negative events.

Right wrist

The right hand is associated with positive changes in life and favorable events. Consequently, if your right wrist was itching, it means that fate has prepared something good for you, for example:

  • Profit, gain or cash reward for a job previously done.
  • Gratitude from others or bosses, or moral satisfaction from the successful completion of a business.
  • If a person has been nurturing an idea for a long time, and at the time of its deliberation, it was itching to the wrist, it’s time to start implementing it.
  • For a young girl preparing for a date, itching on her right wrist indicates that the evening will end with passionate kisses.
  • Sometimes for a girl, this sign promises a long-awaited pregnancy.

In the old days it was believed that the right wrist itches from the back to a successful and happy marriage, and from the inside to success at work and in financial matters.

To more accurately interpret what itches to the right wrist, you should pay attention to what day of the week it happened:

  • Monday - to new beginnings, projects, assignments and acquaintances.
  • Tuesday is a business trip that will make a good profit.
  • Wednesday - gossip and squabbles in the team at work.
  • Thursday - beware of fraudsters, do not trust unfamiliar people.
  • Friday - to professional success, salary increase or obtaining a new position.
  • Saturday - current affairs will be crowned with success.
  • Sunday - to the troubles at work, which can be avoided, if not lazy and do not neglect their official duties.

Left wrist

Negative events are predominantly associated with the left hand. When the left wrist itches, it is usually associated with some restrictions of a person, both physically and morally. Severe itching that does not stop for a long time can even indicate deprivation or restriction of freedom, for example, imprisonment, conscription, a serious illness, due to which a person will be bedridden. There are other interpretations of this signs:

  • long, exhausting business trip;
  • a long trip, involving a stay in any transport;
  • financial constraints - fine, theft, loss of money, delayed or lower wages, loss of bonuses;
  • parting for a long period of time or a protracted quarrel with a loved one;
  • scandals, disputes, quarrels and misunderstandings with relatives, friends, colleagues or the second half;
  • in rare cases, the omen symbolizes adultery.

According to old beliefs, it was believed that a person who scratches his left wrist is filled with negative. If he does not get rid of such a heavy load, he will be attracted to his troubles, and his behavior will become aggressive. Due to the suppression of emotions, most often, the wrist is scratched from the inside. When discontent and negativity overwhelms a person, the back of the wrist usually begins to itch.

An interpreter can help you learn more about upcoming events by day:

  • Monday - troubles at work, including fines and removal from office.
  • Tuesday - someone will put you in a rigid framework, because of which there will be a storm of indignation.
  • Wednesday - you will regret the choice made earlier and lost opportunities.
  • Thursday - family differences, clarification of relationships with relatives.
  • Friday - to conflicts and misunderstandings at work.
  • Saturday - to financial losses, large expenses or losses.
  • Sunday - the planned rest will pass restlessly, and instead of a due relaxation will cause only uneasiness and excitement.

Why are both wrists scratched?

When scabies appear on both wrists at once, this usually indicates the presence of strong inner experiences. Perhaps a person for a long time does not dare to realize long-standing plans, or to make some important step in life. It is necessary to stop being afraid, and at last to start the fulfillment of desires.

If a person plans to move, but doubts this decision, then the itching on the wrists of both hands indicates that you need to act boldly. So much important change will have a positive impact on the future life of a person.

Sometimes the wrists can itch if fate itself gives a person a chance to change his life for the better, but for some reason he is afraid to use it or simply ignores it. This may be due to professional activities, personal life, health, etc. At such moments, you need to stop and think about whether you have not missed something important.

In some cases, wrists itch to large financial expenses. This can be associated with travel, large purchases, starting a business, treatment and other things. In order not to go bankrupt overnight, it is necessary to cut back on your expenses, manage funds more rationally, and save some amount for a rainy day.

How to avoid negative consequences?

If a sign portends something bad, it does not mean at all that nothing can be done about it. On the contrary, with signs like scabies on the wrist, fate gives a chance to correct the situation and prevent adverse events. First of all, you need to get rid of the accumulated negative, and this can be done in several ways:

  1. Express all your experiences out loud, and not necessarily the presence of the interlocutor. Having spoken out your problems and anxieties, it will become easier on the soul, and there may also be unexpected solutions to even the most seemingly difficult problems.
  2. Throw out emotions, resentment, anger and understatement on paper. Describe all your experiences, express disturbing thoughts and heavy feelings. At the end of such a simple ritual, a sheet of paper must be burned.
  3. To get rid of the accumulated negative will help exercise on boxing, smashing dishes, the destruction of old things, which are associated with bad events and memories. And some even help loud cry, but to do it better in a deserted place, for example, in the forest.

After the ritual of purification from the negative, the person will feel relief and emotional lift. In such a state it will be easier for him to think about the urgent problems and find rational solutions for them. In place of oppression, a positive attitude will come that even the worst signs will not break.