Dream interpretation

What dreams of car theft?


What dreams of car theft? In different dream books the meaning of such a dream is interpreted differently. A dream can foreshadow both favorable and not so much events, depending on its details. Try to write down the dreams immediately after waking up in all details - then you will manage to interpret them as faithfully as possible. We share options predictions.

You hijacked the car

In the popular dream books are the following values ​​of this dream:

  • Car theft - a symbol of close changes related to financial well-being. They will be unfavorable - perhaps you lose your wallet, work, or you have to seriously spend on unforeseen expenses.
  • If your car is stolenit means that subconsciously you are worried about your well-being. You may have an unstable income, a heavy burden of loans, or there are dependents for whom you have to be responsible.
  • Sometimes carjacking in a dream - the projection of real experiences on the theme of unrequited love. The object of your desires does not reciprocate, and you think about it all the time. Unrealized plans and hopes do not give peace to live. It's time to relax and enjoy life!
  • In the near future, you will need to quickly make a decision.. Some circumstances will change the usual course of life - you have to concentrate and solve problems immediately.
  • Perhaps fate will give you a chance to change your life. for the better. But they will have to use it quickly, otherwise the bird of fortune will fly away and will not appear in the near future. Your timely initiative is important!
  • Often, car hijacking dreams of people engaged in the implementation of a grand plan. You are completely absorbed by some idea, until the realization of which there is still a lot of effort and time to make. Sleep is a sign: stop dreaming, act!

Slightly different interpretations of sleep, if you act as a hijacker.

You steal a car in a dream

Interpretations of a dream in which you hijack someone else's car are as follows:

  • Soon an opportunity to take revenge on the enemy and detractors - a situation arises from which you will emerge victorious, and they will suffer losses
  • Soon there will be a chance to make amends for old grievances - there will be a frank conversation, during which old problems in relationships will be solved
  • Maybe, Soon you have to become a "solver" - people will be asked to sort out their difficult situation, restore justice
  • The meaning of sleep can be quite simple.: stealing a car - means not to profit at the expense of others. You are a skillful manipulator who uses people to get maximum personal gain.
  • If a a woman dreams that she hijacks a car, soon she will be disappointed in her partner. Likely betrayal, quarrels because of the inconstancy of the beloved, scandals because of his flirting with other women.
  • If a you steal a car in front of othersSoon you will become an intermediary in financial affairs. There is a big deal ahead for which you will receive a reward. It is also possible to win in a dispute or a successful resolution (with your help) of someone else's family conflict.

Psychotherapists interpret dreams a little differently. They are based on the fact that a dream is a reflection of a person’s real life, his emotions and experiences.

Psychological interpretation

A car in a dream is a symbol of financial well-being. The class of the car is of great importance. For example, if you hijack a luxury executive class car, it means that in real life you are afraid of major financial losses. Maybe you are in the process of a divorce and are worried that the former passion will sue a fair amount of property (as an example).

If the expensive car you stealso you secretly want to enrich yourself without effort. You are from the category of people who are waiting for manna from heaven, complaining that others live better, but do nothing to get rich on their own.

A little different look interpretation of dreams with cheap cars. In this case, the car - the personification of valuable for you, but intangible things. For everyone, this is his or her own - feelings of a loved one, children's health, career growth. If you steal a car from you, you are unconsciously afraid of losing what you have achieved. If you are the hijacker - strive to get what you want at any cost, but it still does not work.

The world of dreams is full of mysteries. There are no unambiguous interpretations of dreams. It's like a rebus - remember the details and try to decipher them by analogy with the above interpretations.