Dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation: see yourself in a wedding dress


Sometimes even the most ordinary events in a dream and things can be presented through dreams in absolutely different ways. Girls and women, trying, like the opposite sex, often see themselves in a wedding dress. Beautiful decorations on the head, a wedding wreath with a veil, white shoes and other attributes associated with this event. Why dream, according to dream books, to see yourself in a wedding dress and how can this be explained?

In order for the explanation to be the most truthful, you need to remember all the subtleties of your sleep. What was your dress or outfit, what features and what happened to you in a dream. Decoding also depends on it.

What are the dreams

  1. Wedding attire may be on a mannequin;
  2. Preparing for the wedding, you put on a dress;
  3. The dress on you is torn or soiled;
  4. You sew or sew up defects on the dress;
  5. Destroy the dress or just get rid of it.

Pay attention to the color of the dress. It may not necessarily be white, but blue, green and even black. The color scheme also says a lot.

View from the outside

If you see and consider the wedding outfit from the side, then try to remember who was wearing the dress and how you saw it in a dream. From this decoding can vary:

  1. In general, such sleep can predict significant changes in your life. And admiration and admiration for such a beautiful spectacle from the outside, when you have positive emotions, gives you a sign of the soon positive changes in your life.
  2. See the sloppy and dirty bride from the side - Trouble in the affairs and events that arise around you.
  3. But the outfit on a mannequin or in a shop window promises significant changes in social circles and at work, and to ask the price and choose the perfect accessories for a wedding dress at the same time is a great opportunity to find an interesting and promising job.
  4. To girls see yourself in a wedding dress on the eve of the betrothal or painting speaks rather of great spiritual experiences. The girl is too emotional and can wind herself extra problems. Dream interpretation advises to calm down, and so you get married and your life will go well, if you do not spoil your excessive fictions.
  5. If a woman or the girl is not engaged yet, but he sees himself in a wedding dress, he does not have to hope for such a reality. Rather, it will be pleasant communication and improving their social status.
  6. See your beautiful daughtergetting married - wait for great news that will soon visit your home.
  7. Take part in the preparation for the wedding of a girlfriend and wear a wedding dress on her foreshadows you soon rapid fun.
  8. A stranger can bring awkward joy in reality.
  9. But you can dream and unpleasant dream, where you suddenly saw a dead bride or dress was smeared with mud. Such a dream carries with it great losses, anguish, the collapse of all hopes for the future. In such a situation, the most important thing is not to lose heart and this black band will soon sink into the summer.

Try on, sew or buy a wedding dress

There are dreams when you do not just watch events from the outside, but you yourself take an active part in them. You can sew it yourself, decorate, dress up, or you can simply throw it away as something not needed.

Therefore, when deciphering such a dream, remember what happened to you and what thoughts and emotions you experienced. And so the details:

  • measure wedding dress - good sign. Change suddenly breaks into your life. Acquaintance with a pleasant person, perhaps, you will show yourself in a completely new, maybe even unfamiliar, quality. If you are not married, then a new acquaintance can bring you big changes in destiny, but a married woman will reach a new level in relations with a real husband.
  • admire yourself outfit and spin in front of the mirror, while experiencing admiration for his image, heralds profound changes in business life, promotion and, as a result, increased material well-being.
  • but torn or dirty dress you promise trouble in everyday life. Perhaps you will break with people close to you, there will be quarrels in your personal life, after which separation may occur.
  • get married in beautiful outfit for a smart man he says that you will soon have serious steps in life that will lead to major changes for the better.

Always remember that a wedding, the image of a beautiful bride and the beautiful setting of such a wonderful holiday promise you, regardless of whether the dreamer is married or not, great changes for the better, success in business and in society. Enjoy life, meet and live always in the world, no matter what.