Dream interpretation

Why dream of potted flowers according to dream books?


Flowers at all times were the personification of joy and beauty. It is not surprising that most interpreters of dreams interpret dreamed flowers as a successful sign. For example, a dream where potted flowers appeared, many dream books are associated with the sphere of interpersonal relations. Attention to the details of a dream allows you to get a more detailed and accurate prediction.

Why dream of potted flowers: a general interpretation

Most of the dream books agree that the flowers in the pots are a good sign, a symbol of future well-being and success, clean and sincere relationships, joyful changes.

Flowers in pots in a dream and the material side of life

If the plants you dreamed were fresh and beautifulit promises soon positive changes directly related to the material sphere - Perhaps, you will finally have a chance to buy a new home or a car, which you dreamed about in your dreams for so long. This large acquisition will surely give you pleasure.

Dried Potted Flowers warn of the possibility mistakes, making wrong decisions in any case, which will ultimately lead to unexpected failure. Sometimes such a dream can foreshadow about financial crash or car crashin which the dreamer will suffer.

Flowers in pots: what does dream book promise in private life?

Concerning personal life, a dream with fresh and beautiful flowers suggests that you will soon get rid of loneliness and meet a soul mate, and this meeting promises to be memorable and romantic. It is considered a good sign if you were in a dream in a room completely filled with beautiful flowers. Such a vision is a sign that in real life a man (woman) is in love with you (in love), but because of his shyness, he (she) is afraid to admit his tender feelings. If you are not alone, the dream where you were present lush and bright potted flowers, points to love and loyalty to a partner, pure, sincere and harmonious relations, as well as reconciliation after a quarrel. For young girls such a dream can symbolize and early marriage.

However beware if seen in a dream potted plants were ugly, faded, or completely dried. Such a dream signifies nothing but grief and loss. Maybe soon you will be forced to face deterioration of family relations or adultery on the part of a partner.

Artificial potted flowers warn about coming from close people of hypocrisy. Having dreamed of a young man, such a dream indicates that it is necessary to postpone a marriage proposal if he was going to make it to his girlfriend. Artificial potted plants in a dream - a symbol of superficial relationships and insincerity of feelings.

Potted flowers in a dream and dreamer actions

The actions that you made in your sleep with potted plants also matter. The following results are obtained on the basis of interpretations given by various dream-books (universal, Miller, Vanga, Grishina, Gypsy, family, female):

  • plant flowers in pots - the desire for solitude and peace. Sometimes such a dream speaks of changes that can turn out to be both positive and negative, but ultimately joy will replace negative;
  • plant the plant in a pot and observe its speedy death - to money problems. If the flower you planted wilted instantly - get ready for difficulties in your personal life;
  • repot houseplant - a good sign for a married woman. Such a dream promises the onset of pregnancy (and it will be easy) and the subsequent birth of the baby;
  • water the potted flower - to favorable changes in career: getting a bonus, promotion. Some may have a dream like this before winning the lottery;
  • feed a potted plant - receiving an expensive gift or making an expensive purchase;
  • get a potted flower as a gift - to the news associated with a man whom you have not seen for a long time. The dream book of Vanga gives a not particularly favorable interpretation to such a dream: sleep promises health problems for your loved one, but promises a quick correction (especially if you had a dream about a young potted plant);
  • give someone a houseplant - help this person in real life;
  • drop the flower and break the pot - promises major trouble, the elimination of which will require a lot of strength and financial investments from the dreamer;
  • break down the plant while leaving the whole pot- Warns of the presence of secret foes for the dreamer who are aware of important information.

The appearance and color of plants in a dream

The dream books listed above pay attention to the color of the flowers that appeared in the dream.

  • Red flowers, according to the universal dream book, predict success in your personal life and career;
  • flowers with multi-colored buds (universal dream book) foreshadow the numerous joys prepared for the dreamer in his real life;
  • White flowers promise a meeting with a man who radically changes the life of the dreamer (for the better);
  • pink flowers - a symbol of tenderness experienced by the dreamer to his partner;
  • yellow flowers warn of a possible betrayal (treason) by the beloved;
  • blue flowers - patronage provided by an influential person;
  • green plant, according to the gypsy dream-book, is a symbol of numerous worries and troubles, however, they will lead to a feeling of deep satisfaction;
  • fantastic plantwhich is not in real life speaks of some talent with which the dreamer is endowed. With the development and realization of this gift of man, triumph and well-being await.

It happens that sometimes a person can only dream empty flower potwithout any indoor plant in it. This dream foreshadows long and difficult journeybut at the end his dreamer will be able to fulfill all that he has in mind.

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