Dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation: what it means to run away from persecution


Remember, because each of us had a dream where we run away from persecution. It would seem that just a dream, but you need to contact the interpreter. What does it mean to run away from the pursuit of dream books?

Experiences and feelings sometimes go from reality to sleep. Understanding why the subconscious gives us situations and plots in visions can be difficult. The solution is somewhere nearby, and help to see the unknown, capable dream.

We notice the little things from sleep

Take as a basis to remember and remember all the nuances and small details of sleep. They play a very important role in solving a dream. What was the dream like?

  • A man was chasing you. We need to remember his face, how he behaved, whether you know him.
  • Unmarried lady to see a loved one who is chasing her, a dream foreshadows quarrels and great disappointments.
  • If the married woman was pursued by her husbandthen such a dream reveals the inner feelings of the ladies. She owes something to her husband or to blame for him. Perhaps you owe something.
  • Single woman It is necessary to reconsider their views on the opposite sex.
  • Run away from a stranger to difficulties.
  • Run away from a friend to the dangers of the person seen.
  • Tried to run away from a woman? Expect financial gain.
  • Run away from the police It means that you are afraid of losing your opinion, the ability to decide and make choices.
  • Maybe the tiger was chasing you? Wait for misunderstandings and problems with others.
  • If sleep recurs, then think about what you're trying to run away from in real life.

There are so many nuances, and everyone contributes to the interpretation of sleep. It is important not to miss anything and not to forget.

Dream interpretation

Idiomatic dream book

The pursuit of the dream book means that you are soon prepared for the fate of failure. An incomprehensible combination of feelings: fear and passion, await you in the near future. You may be obsessed with obsession.

Psychoanalytic dream book

Running away from the pursuer means that fate gives you the opportunity to escape danger. Help is already laid in a dream in hidden and unobtrusive, but important details. Such a dream also stands for an obsession with which you cannot cope.

Are you being chased by a man of the opposite sex? You are in love, and love plays an important primary role in your life.

Are you running away from a man of the same sex? Dream interpretation assumes that your consciousness is trying to overcome hostility towards others and animal instincts.

The faceless pursuer personifies himself. You are trying to run away from your problems and yourself. Parental or spouse control may be projected into sleep.

Modern dream book

Sleep interprets persecution as a perfect insult to life. You slandered or framed unfairly. Perhaps the annoyed person is looking for an opportunity to make peace with you.

If you are after someone, then you are aware of your guilt or mistake, but you cannot correct the situation. Sleep makes it clear that you should not hope for correction.

Dream interpretation 2012

A dream says that you cannot escape from yourself. We'll have to stop and fix or solve problems. The image of persecution makes it clear that the goal cannot be achieved by the means that are being taken.

Dream interpretation Hasse

Medium Miss Hasse promises many unpleasant moments in life if you are pursued by evil people. Look around, solving problems in detail.

Chinese dream book

If you are pursuing a criminal, wait for happiness.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Running away from the policemen who are catching up with you for the offense means the approach of a number of failures in business. Relations with your surroundings deteriorate.

Was the donkey chasing you? There is a plot and gossip around you. Enemies want you to knock down the table and substitute all means in front of the authorities to demotion.

Persecutors bees to the envy and hatred of other rivals or rivals in love affairs.

Chase the game and catch it? Wait for good news, fulfillment of desires and overcoming problems.

If you have stolen a bag with money, and you are chasing the criminal? You want to change and improve relationships with business partners. The dream says that the conceived plan is not being implemented.

Dream Dream

Chasing someone? In the future, a lot of hindrances and failures. Chasing you? Something disturbs you, a lot of worries in the near future. Obsessive thoughts do not give rest.

Universal Dream

The runaway person symbolizes unwillingness to deal with something or someone. Watch the little things, you may need to accept yourself or the situation as it is.

Online dream book

Harassment foreshadows a meeting with the abuser. He will try to make amends.

Do not ignore signals in dreams. Perhaps they will tell you the way out or show problems in reality.