Dream interpretation

What dreams of bear with cubs?


Why dream of a bear with cubs? The meaning of this dream can be interpreted in different ways: various interpretations are given in the dream books. Let's try to figure it out.

Folk interpretations

Depending on the circumstances and the surroundings in the dream, the values ​​may be different.

  1. If the bear does not show aggression, and you see the picture from the side, such a dream can bode great profit. Perhaps you expect an unexpected bonus at work, a large gift or win.
  2. If the dream is a dream for an unmarried girl, it is believed that she will soon receive a marriage proposal. Or get acquainted with the man who becomes her husband. Such a dream can speak of the imminent fulfillment of a cherished desire. If that day you are expecting something pleasant, it will happen.
  3. If sleep is negative: bear growls, trying to pounce on you, beware! In the near future, you will find a major altercation: a showdown with your loved one or an unpleasant conversation with your superiors.
  4. If a bear with bears dreams of a married woman, whose family is doing well, you should expect a quick replenishment in the family. Perhaps you will get pregnant soon. Bear cubs are a symbol of a new life.
  5. If the beast is actively attackingtrying to protect the cub, in real life there will soon be a strong conflict, perhaps even a fight.
  6. If a bear cub in a dream someone attacksit promises a disease or the need to protect your children. Perhaps someone offends them in school, kindergarten.

In many ways, the value depends on the environment. If the animals are in their natural habitat - in the forestthen you should expect guests from home. For example, if you live far away from your parents now, they will soon visit you.

If in a dream a bear and a bear are going away, and you follow themwait for a quick change of place of work. Remember how your path goes. If the surroundings are bright and clear, the paths are clean, a new job will bring pleasure and good career prospects. If you have to wade through weeds, and around it is dark and scary, the place of service will become a difficult ordeal.

The value of sleep in different dream books

The authors of dream books interpret the meaning of sleep with bears in different ways:

  • AT Dream Flowers it is said that a bear with cubs promises the birth of new friendships, and if a girl dreamed a dream, she would soon get married.
  • This night vision is considered differently. Miller's Dream Book: the author predicts close failures in an important matter or (if a bear dreams of a girl in a relationship) the appearance of a rival.
  • Freud in his writings, he states: bears in a dream are a sign that your sexual partner suits you and you are not looking for a replacement for him. But, if the bear is with a bear, your sexual relationship will soon fail.
  • Esoteric treat bearish sleep more positively. It means that you are waiting for prosperity in the family, quick financial luck.

Psychological interpretation

To interpret a dream from the point of view of psychology is simple. The bear - the personification of the mother, a symbol of comprehensive maternal love, security and home. Bear cubs - the personification of children, innocence, the birth of something new. From this point of view, a dream with similar characters can be interpreted as follows.

  1. If the bear is calm, around there is a warm atmosphere and a lot of light, and the cubs play peacefully, then in real life everything is fine in your family. The husband is faithful, the children are obedient, you are happy and do not see problems.
  2. If such a dream had a young girl, it speaks of her subconscious desire to start a family and be realized as a woman, mother. Or (regarding careerists) to create a successful business, their own “brainchild”, which will work as a harmonious mechanism and benefit people.
  3. Does a bear look ominous in a dream? Is she scary, angry, suspiciously examines everything around and protects cubs? Perhaps you feel the same in life. Your family is in danger: a rival appeared, your children are attacked at school or your husband has lost his job. Such a dream reflects the subconscious desire to protect your family from scrapes.

Of course, you should not treat the interpretation of dreams too seriously. Yes, night visions are a reflection of real fears, desires, impressions and emotions. But they can transform into completely unpredictable pictures, which even an experienced psychotherapist is unable to interpret. Therefore, do not attach too much importance to dreams, live a real life!