Dream interpretation

Why dream of seeing the church inside?


The holy temple causes fear of fear in people. At all times, the temple was considered the refuge of the oppressed, the hope of salvation and eternal life. What is the dream of the church inside - for good or for ill? What to expect from this story? Turn to the interpreters.

Total value

The church recalls cleansing from sins and spiritual self-improvement. For atheists, the vision of the interior of the temple is a call to repentance: think about your soul, about the inevitable hour of death. The vision of the temple foreshadows changes in the life of the dreamer, and not always positive.

The exact interpretation of what he saw will depend on various nuances:

  • which denomination belonged to the church;
  • in what condition was the room;
  • what was happening in the room;
  • inner experiences of the dreamer.

Church with a catholic priest foreshadows hard times in the life of the dreamer: you have to make a difficult choice. A church with an orthodox priest speaks of a serious inner disappointment of the dreamer: a turning point has come in your life.

Attend liturgy - you are gnawed by internal doubts, the voice of conscience does not give rest. Perhaps you offended a person and suffer torments of conscience? The dream suggests: you need to fix everything, make amends. Immediately it will be easier.

Be present at the funeral service in the church - to an unsuccessful marriage. Postpone the marriage, family life will inevitably collapse. Also, the dead man in the temple dreams of sadness, longing for a deceased or deceased person. The funeral of a living person - to a long separation from him.

See the rite of christening - to joyful events in the life of the dreamer. To see the christening of your own child - to the well-being and health of the baby. Seeing the christening of someone else's child for a childless - a long-awaited pregnancy will soon come.

Be present at the temple at the wedding ceremony - to harmonious and warm relations between spouses. Seeing yourself as a priest performing a wedding ceremony is life shock. However, it will not be possible to change events; you need to prepare yourself morally for the inevitable. All in the hands of God.

If the dream sees a pregnant womansoon she will safely give birth to a strong baby. However, you must take care of your spiritual growth and cleansing.

Pray in the temple - good sign. A peaceful prosperous future awaits you, all troubles will be bypassed, reconciliation will come with the enemies. You patronize over.

  • Pandemonium in the temple - to a conflict situation.
  • See the icons in the riza - auspicious sign, remove the icons from the wall - to stray from the right path.
  • Make repairs in the temple - build a happy future.
  • See your enemies in the temple - to reconciliation with them.

Negative value has confession in church. If the dreamer confessed, he will face difficult life circumstances due to his own mistakes. To see the confession of a stranger in the temple - to the obstacles on the path of life.

Candles in the temple

A candle has a certain symbolism - it is a sign of purification, repentance and forgiveness. To light candles in the temple is a sign of heaven’s blessing, purification and renewal. It is also a symbol of inner illumination - you will understand many of the causes of the events. If the dreamer was experiencing some kind of event, relief would come soon.

Candle women can dream of a pleasant acquaintance with a reliable man who will become a life partner. Or it will be a good friend that you can rely on in difficult times. Buying candles in the church is a pleasant surprise.

However, not every candle carries a positive image. Seeing black candles in a church or a smoked candle is for disappointment, separation and trouble. See how servants extinguish candles in the temple - to the death of a loved one.


If the temple in the dream was richly decorated, and the sleeper felt pacification, such a dream foretells a peaceful, blessed life in the future. The vision of the temple in the twilight predicts difficult times - get ready to experience the disturbing events in your life. To stand in difficulties will help faith in God. The same meaning has the vision of an abandoned old temple. Get ready for the test.

The temple is a symbol of the soul of man. How you saw the interior of the church, so is the state of your soul. An abandoned uncomfortable church without icons and candles symbolizes the emptiness of your own soul. Think about the eternal, determine the true purpose in your life.