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Itchy belly: a detailed interpretation of omens


From the point of view of esotericism, the belly is the energy center in which the vital forces are concentrated. It is believed that various sensations in the abdomen occur for certain reasons, especially itching. In this article, we will look at what the girls and guys stomach is scratching for and what events should be prepared for.

What is the stomach scratching for?

Itching in the abdomen primarily indicates its energy content. Most often, this feeling arises if a person is upset about something, is under stress, worries about the lack of fulfillment of desires or suppresses emotions in himself. In terms of energy, all the negative is concentrated in the stomach - anxiety, fear, insecurity, and so on. It is believed that the amount and massiveness of the accumulated negative also depends on the size of the abdomen.

If your stomach suddenly started itching, this may indicate important events in life that are about to happen, or that the time has come to overcome the existing problems. To understand what the girl’s stomach is itching for, you need to take into account some of the nuances:

  1. If a young girl's stomach was itching, then she should prepare for a difficult life period. In the near future she will have to endure disappointment or longing. For those who have a couple, fate foreshadows a long separation or separation. But it should be noted that in rare cases, this omen promises to young girls an early pregnancy or marriage.
  2. For married ladies, scabies in the abdomen is a negative sign. He points to a deterioration in the relationship with the spouse, and if not to take steps to strengthen them, then the case could reach a divorce.
  3. Elderly woman itching on the stomach foreshadows loneliness. She will have to face difficulties that she will have to cope on her own.
  4. In pregnant girls, scabies in the abdomen area is associated with physiological causes, namely, skin stretching. But if there is a strong itch that does not stop for a long time, she may have to face trouble. Also, according to old beliefs, this omen indicates the bad character of the child, he will be capricious and naughty.

When the stomach is scratched by a man, it usually foreshadows the following events:

  • quarrel or misunderstanding with the beloved;
  • severe itching - to financial losses or deterioration of financial position;
  • scabies in the navel - to profit, moving up the career ladder and other successes.

If a severe itching occurred in a man of old age, then this usually indicates that he feels lonely or intentionally buries himself from society. The situation can only be corrected by communication with people close to you or friends.

Localization of itching

For a more detailed interpretation of the signs, it is necessary to pay attention to exactly where itching is located.

  • In the navel area. For women, this sign indicates a high chance of becoming pregnant in the near future. This sign promises a young girl a long separation from her beloved and longing. For men, scabies around the navel usually marks success in careers and affairs.
  • Underbelly. This sign signals the approach of trouble, which is often associated with relatives or close people. You need to be vigilant, because someone will try to fool you.
  • Upper abdomen. The itch in this zone heralds the arrival of guests or a gorgeous feast. You also need to pay attention to your diet, to avoid overeating, and to minimize the consumption of alcoholic beverages, because Health problems may occur.
  • News belly If the entire stomach is scratched, this may indicate that a person is soon expected to have trouble and unpleasant events. Possible deception or betrayal by loved ones. If itching occurred at night, then you will have to face an unpleasant surprise or hear bad news.

Most often, the stomach itches in those people who take everything close to the heart, and worry for any reason.

Interpretation by days of the week

To find out what changes in life are waiting for you in the near future, and what they will lead to, you should pay attention to what day of the week your stomach was combed.

  1. Monday - for an important meeting or a long trip.
  2. Tuesday - to bad news, trouble or misunderstanding with loved ones.
  3. Wednesday - to an interesting acquaintance or the beginning of a new romantic relationship.
  4. Thursday - to a fun pastime in the company of friends.
  5. Friday - to success in business and implementation of plans.
  6. Saturday - you will have to face difficulties that can be quickly overcome if you make every effort.
  7. Sunday - to a pleasant surprise, gift or cash profit.


  • The stomach is an energy center, so any sensations in this area can indicate important events and the state of the person as a whole.
  • In most cases, a sign indicates problems and troubles, which will soon have to face.
  • Sometimes itching of the abdomen foreshadows a girl’s early pregnancy.
  • An itchy sensation near the navel usually indicates success or profit.