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Mantra of purification from the negative of the biofield, space and home


The high tempo of modern life sometimes exhausts and forces people to work in order to satisfy their primary needs, and there is simply no money or time left for rest and pleasure. However, to discard the accumulated negativity from everyday problems and worries, to clear the mind of oppressive thoughts or attitudes and to streamline the course of the mind in a useful direction are necessary actions for physical and spiritual health. The mantra of purification from the negative of your space is ideal for such purposes.

Sacred Mantra Texts of Purification

Universal mantra of biofield purification


The mantra has, already mentioned above, an effect on the human body, without an increased inclination to a certain sphere. Reading these texts gives a state of peace and tranquility.

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Mantra of Karma Purification


Reading this text is a powerful tool in promoting health and getting rid of problems. Regular speaking and listening to the mantra is the key to success.

Mantra of Aura and Chakra Purification


The ritual protects against evil eyes and defacement and cleans the biofield.

Great mantra for cleansing home and space

  • SAR-VA-Kar-MA-Su-TsA-ME

These sacred texts will help to balance the energy of your residential or any other premises, to fill it with positive. The condition of the house is an important component of the overall energy. On his purity and harmony depends on the well-being and mood of the tenants.

Mantra of spiritual and material cleansing of space


This mantra harmonizes relationships and brings good luck materially.

Mantras of the purification of space from the negative



These sacred prayers effectively help get rid of all unnecessary things: bad thoughts, negative emotions, the harmful effects of environmental factors, psychological problems.

The essence of reading mantras

All mantras are designed to help a person, improving his life, clean up his biofield, making him healthier and happier.

Mantras have miraculous power, but they require trust in themselves, they must be trusted.

The beneficial effect on the human body of a certain combination of sounds is a scientifically confirmed fact.

Cleansing mantras are a useful tool in achieving harmony with oneself, the “renewal” of one’s own consciousness.

The effect of the mantra of purification of the negative

The main purpose of these mantras - getting rid of all sorts of negatives. But, if more, then through them you can achieve the following effect:

  • Ordering thoughts
  • Screening out unnecessary
  • Getting rid of negative energy
  • Emotional harmony
  • Peace of mind
  • Improved concentration

Varieties of Cleansing Mantras

Reading sacred prayers for cleansing can be used with reference to:

  • Carme
  • Space
  • Consciousness
  • Houses

There are also universal mantras.

What else is good mantra

In addition to the undoubted benefits that the mantra of purification brings, it is also different:

  • Convenience - you can read it anywhere and at any time that is comfortable for you.
  • Accessibility - does not require special skills
  • Cheap - the cost of the mantra simply does not exist, the texts of prayers are freely available

Success Secrets of Reading Mantras of Purification

Although the rules for reading are not mandatory, but they will help to achieve the desired result faster and increase its effectiveness. Preparation for reading may look like this:

  • Find privacy in a peaceful and quiet place.
  • Atmosphere will add a few candles
  • Concentrate on the desired, you can close your eyes and do visualization
  • Breathe deeply
  • Say your intention
  • Begin to read the mantra, and it is better to do it out loud, so that you can simultaneously hear the consonance of the spoken text.

These simple rules will add pleasure from the process and will please the positive results of the practices.

Mantras of purification from various negatives - a safe option in the qualitative improvement of life. It is enough to believe in the result and devote some time and the fulfillment of your desire will be around the corner.

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