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2013 year of the animal - the pros and cons of the sign


2013 of what animal in Eastern astrology? What positive and negative qualities does this sign give people? I propose to find answers to the questions posed in the following material.

2013 who in the Chinese horoscope?

If someone from your inner circle was born between February 10, 2013 and January 30, 2014 inclusive, then the sign of his Eastern horoscope is the Snake.

Each animal in Eastern astrology belongs to one of the 5 elements:

  • metal;
  • water;
  • wood;
  • fire;
  • land.

In this case, the Snake was Watery, and in color - Black.

Snake people, what kind of character are they?

Having figured out what year 2013 is the animal of a horoscope, let's find out more about the representatives of this sign.

Such personalities are distinguished by deep wisdom, insight and insight. They show perseverance, endurance, patience, as well as demandingness, what about themselves, what about other people. Although they are very much to the economy, are selfish, vain, but always express sympathy for those who are worse off than they.

From the very birth of the Serpent it is piously convinced that she came into the world in order to fulfill some great mission. And, having clarified its purpose, immediately begins to move in the right direction. At the same time, it acts very cleverly: it does not split into many small matters, and all of its energy is invested only in one occupation, one person or one religion. It provides a great result.

The sixth sign of the Eastern horoscope has a well-developed intuition. Often such personalities foreshadow the future, both close and distant. They also show a high degree of empathy, as they are able to put themselves in the place of other people and foresee their desires and behavior.

In addition, the Snake is very cautious, prudent, used to achieve its goals slowly but surely, because it believes in itself and its strength. It is rarely located in a prominent place, often kept inconspicuous, aside. But it is here that it shows its strength, because people tend to underestimate its true capabilities.

Snake People show confidence in others, but at the same time fully rely on their sixth sense and mind. Their thinking is very deep, in life they tend to think for a long time before they do something. The representative of the sign is a true intellectual, philosopher, looking far into the distance.

The weak side of such a person - he does not know how to cope with their own defeats. He is very upset about this, may even get depressed.

Snake is well developed ability to adapt to the people and circumstances surrounding them. If necessary, they will find workarounds, will become inconspicuous, so that no one could prevent them in their ideas. They are not inclined to rush or force someone, preferring to act more gently, delicately, distributing their energy wisely, restoring it in time, and not wasting it on various trifles.

For Snakes, it is important that they are not jealous and not treated them badly. And if suddenly it comes to someone to take a dangerous interest in them, then they will invent a careful plan to eliminate a potential enemy and neutralize his actions. At the worst - they do not disdain the development of a plan for the destruction of the enemy.

Representatives of this sign prefer to learn from their own perceptions and impressions about the world. And if you strongly offend such a baby, he will hold anger, from which he will not be able to free himself for a long time. Small serpents are in dire need of approval, moral support from parents and making them as they are, without a desire to change.

From the early years of life, Snakes strive to achieve well-being, as well as to become leaders. Plus, just love the various adventures. In his youth, the representative of the sign of a reptile is endowed with a special attraction, charm, which it is almost impossible to resist in front of the opposite sex. But over the years they begin to be guided more by a sober, cold mind than by hot feelings. No wonder that the Snake is a cold-blooded creature in nature.

Speaking of love relationships, you need to mention the great jealousy of the Snake. As a rule, a long time is in search of his soulmate. And finding - seeks to take over her full control. This is due to the fact that the family is one of the most painful places of each reptile. She can give birth to many children or enjoy each other’s company with a partner, but in any case she clings tenaciously to her chosen one in her arms.

As we already know, each sign of the Eastern horoscope can be either sociable or closed.

  • Sociable Snake - really likes to communicate, has a certain charm and high sexuality. She manages to keep surrounding people in her power.
  • Enclosed reptile - different shyness, shyness. She is much more comfortable in her home mink, where she feels completely safe. Maintaining a close sincere relationship of such a person is very difficult. But if such a friend was found, she would be faithful to him until his death.

Both categories of representatives of the sign tend to demand a lot from their friends, although they are strongly attached to them. Snakes manage to become wonderful organizers who are not afraid to take the burden of responsibility in a difficult moment of time. Their keen vision allows you to see far ahead, however, the veil of pride risks overshadowing the true state of things.

These individuals do not know how to recognize and acknowledge their own failures.

Characteristic of the Metal Snake

Now we already know, 2013 is the year of whom the animal is in the Eastern calendar, got acquainted with its advantages and disadvantages. Let us separately dwell on the water element of this sign.

It is safe to call the Water Snake the smartest of all its kindred. He has very broad interests, has a truly encyclopedic knowledge, but never stops working on himself, studies all the new items in his field of activity.

Of the most suitable areas of life can be called:

  • scientific activities;
  • astronomy;
  • the economy.

People entering the Water Element, by their nature, are introverts. Often, the present fear and fear of taking responsibility can prevent them from creating a brilliant career.

Like Water, penetrating through any obstacles, representatives of this sign have a strong impact on others. This helps them deep insight, as well as strong charisma and curiosity.

In addition, they are economical, business-like, prone to materialism, very intelligent and possessing an excellent ability to concentrate on something. It is not difficult for them to protect themselves from everything superfluous, insignificant, having made a successful plan of what is essential. Never lose sight of their goals and always keep in touch with the real world.

Water reptiles exhibit artistry, erudition and sound practicality. They are well versed in people who are managed as well as in material goods. They create an illusory impression of calm and detachment, although in reality "they are evil and have a good memory." Prone to the accumulation of life insults.

Serpent's patience is truly limitless, but one should not forget that her rare bites are deadly.

Love compatibility

We have already found out, 2013, what animal is according to the Eastern calendar and got acquainted with its main characteristics. Finally, it remains only to consider compatibility in love - with what signs will be the highest?

  • With rat - a variant of a rather complicated union, although the partners have a lot in common. But the problem is that the Rat is often very much attached to the Snake, than to some extent at risk. In addition, lack of constant contradictions, which, however, smoothed out the excellent harmony in sex.
  • With bull. A couple can be quite promising, especially if their life and family interests coincide. The main thing that the Snake was able to give all the power in the relationship in the hands of the Bull. And she herself can safely do her job and pursue her hobbies, which, in principle, suits both.
  • With tiger. Eastern astrologers do not recommend creating alliances between these signs. The reason for this - a total misunderstanding of each other. Tiger does not accept the wisdom of the Snake. And in general, that the first, that the second participants in the relationship poorly understand each other.
  • With a rabbit. Variant of a successful marriage. Very often in this case, we can talk about crazy passion, surging unexpectedly from the very first meetings. However, there is a possibility that such a spontaneous attraction will become a total antipathy, if the partners do not follow their feelings and emotions.
  • With dragon. You can not talk about good love compatibility. The dragon is strongly in the arms of the Snake, as he does not like to obey. The Dragon Man is highly susceptible to flattery, wooing that the reptile is unable to provide him due to constant employment. The only thing between them can be quite successful is friendship.
  • With snake. Although it would seem that in such a pair everything should be fine, but in fact the circumstances are completely different. Two Snakes are constantly experiencing extremes - from intoxicatingly strong feelings, to ardent hatred, which increases exponentially. In addition, the Snake by its nature, even being in a relationship, is not against flirting on the side, which, of course, does not affect their union in a positive way. Two representatives of the same sign can get along well with each other only in friendly relations.
  • With a horse. Option very dubious love union. The reason for this - the partner-Horse remains faithful, only as long as she is in love. And if the feelings are gone, then the Horse itself disappears. As for the Snake, it is no different from the horse. Such people are recommended to connect themselves not with amorous, but with friendly ties.
  • With goat. There is a rather mercantile marriage. It develops only under the condition that the Snake is financially secure, has finances above the average. Although even in this scenario, various unpleasant stories are not excluded.
  • With Monkey. Another not very good tandem. It can be saved only by manifestations of prudence from both partners, as well as joint life goals. Friendships often arise only within the framework of social life, as people lack spiritual warmth, sincerity and affection for each other.
  • With rooster. Unlike previous couples, the Rooster and Snake relationships develop much more successfully. Often they unite themselves in a very happy marriage. Both one and the other understand each other perfectly, plus they have common life goals. They are able to open a mutual palette of feelings and really want to be together.
  • With a dog. These signs of the Eastern horoscope is difficult to live together, in which the Dog is more to blame. There is no hope even for harmonious friendships. Partners are insincere with each other, the only connections that they manage to maintain are superficial, secular.
  • With pig. Another version of a completely unpromising tandem. Although in the initial stages of dating often come to the delight of each other. But later they realize that the differences between them are greater than the points of contact, which provokes the inevitable gap.

In any case, I do not advise you to rely only on this version of compatibility, since it can not be called the most accurate. If you already want to find out exactly how you approach each other, it is better to sign up for a consultation with an astrologer.

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