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Trinity Rites for Wealth

The Holy Trinity is God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. These eternal advocates and trustees of humanity always come to the rescue in difficult everyday situations. Of course, in order to get support and find the desired, you need to contact the higher forces directly. This is done through rites and rituals, and in the case of the Trinity, through certain prayers.

Appeal has a maximum effect on certain days. It was then that all the biological aura of the earth is saturated with magical power, giving people well-being. In the case of the Holy Trinity, this day is a holiday, celebrated every year on the fiftieth day after Easter.

Enrichment Rites on the Feast of the Holy Trinity

Once the day is magical, then it is best suited for ceremonies. It is worth noting that most of these rites are directly related to the church and Orthodoxy. You do not need to turn up your nose from the Christian religion, it has such a beneficial effect on the human energy and its biofield that to get the benefit you don’t even need to conduct ceremonies, sometimes it is enough just to visit the temple.

Rites aimed at enrichment are not as many as we would like, but all of them proved to be excellent both among professional sorcerers and among simple believers.

  • Conspiracy on milk. To perform the ceremony requires a large mug of fresh and fat cow's milk. Whether it is possible to use milk of other pets is difficult to say. One magician openly declared that the goat is best suited, but in practice this was never confirmed. The performance of the ceremony begins with a visit to the church in order to consecrate a simple coin. This will give it magical properties, so necessary for us. For consecration you need to sprinkle it with holy water. At home, it is better not to perform, since there will be almost no positive effect. Then the coin rushes into a mug of milk and, after praying to the Holy Trinity asking for money, is drunk. The coin should be kept for life.
  • Home rite of passage for money. For its execution will require a few coins of yellow. Fit 10 and 50 penny, as well as ten-ruble. They need to be put in the corners of the room in which the person conducting the ritual sleeps. It is better not to do any conspiracies, it is enough to pray to the Trinity and ask her about wealth. Coins must lie in their places until the night of Ivan Kupala. As soon as it comes, coins should be thrown into running water, for example, into a stream or river.
  • Trinity Day is famous for the fact that all herbs are endowed with magical properties. It is associated with them another enrichment ceremony. For its execution, three plantain leaves are needed, which need to be strung on a thread and hung on the neck next to the cross, but not on the same chain, this is important. After that we go to the morning service in the church and fully defend it, praying to the Holy Trinity for wealth. Plantain sheets should be dried and stored in a secluded place at home. Sometimes, instead of the plantain, the branches of the centaury are used, with which it is necessary, just as with the plantain, to defend the service.

All these rites are time tested and lead to enrichment. They aim to appeal to the Orthodox Church. If such rituals can be called magic, it is exclusively white. This means that the negative effects that can occur in the event of an error are not as severe as if the treatment was directed towards an evil force. However, some rules should be followed, it will help to avoid problems, and at the same time will increase the effectiveness of the rituals.

Precautionary measures when performing rites for enrichment

Although the Trinity and the holy feast, and the rituals are carried out with an appeal to the forces of light, certain dangers still exist. They can be easily avoided by following simple rules.

  • You need to temper greed. No need to ask the Trinity for more money than is required for any particular purpose. For example, you want to buy a new phone worth 25 thousand rubles. It means that one should not ask for more, greed is punishable by higher powers.
  • All the rites on the Trinity should be carried out in a sober state. Such rituals imply an appeal to God, and drunkenness is a terrible sin, the Almighty punishes him.
  • Rites are held in good spirits. Since you are asking the light forces you want, then you need to be like them in everything. Evil and anger are alien to them, which means that before the rite to be performed it is necessary to calm down and forget about everyday problems. But do not take soothing preparations for this, everything must be sincere and from the heart.
  • Women should not perform ceremonies, including trips to church, during menstruation. Entrance to the temple at this time is highly undesirable for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

The main thing is to believe in the success of the ceremony, then wealth and well-being will surely find the one who asks!