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Signs of love spells in men and women, possible consequences for the victim


Love spell is always a forced suggestion of love feelings. The impact of this ritual in most cases is not noticeable for the bewitched person. However, the relatives and friends of a person who has become a victim of the ceremony can determine its signs without difficulty. Symptoms and signs of love spells manifest themselves in men and women equally.

Key features

The effect of the love prior rites always exacerbates the original defects and shortcomings of the victim. Direct symptoms are:

  1. irritation and aggressiveness. Manifest first. The bewitched becomes very irritable, literally from nothing finds a reason for scandal, breaks down to relatives and friends. Any comment about his behavior, hints that he is under the influence of a magical effect, a person perceives inadequate, asks not to interfere in his life and leave him alone;
  2. weakening of health. Love spell severely undermines the body's energy defenses, causing the immune system to suffer. The victim exacerbates chronic diseases, new diseases develop. Appealing to doctors is often useless, since specialists cannot make a correct diagnosis;
  3. unnatural behavior. He spells his usual hobbies, he is no longer interested in his relatives and friends, he becomes cold and indifferent to everything and everyone;
  4. high level of suggestibility from the bewitched person. The rite performer becomes an ideal for the bewitched. The victim of the love spell takes all the words of the artist as a given, does not notice her (his) shortcomings, defends her (his) interests, despite the arguments of others;
  5. constant desire to bewitch. The victim is literally overwhelmed by the desire to be close to the object of his lust and an obsessive sexual burden to her (to him). Everything changes after intimate contact: it covers a great sense of guilt, emptiness, hatred of the customer, the desire to leave her (him) forever. However, after a while, the legs themselves again sacrifice to the performer of the ceremony. This is an endless circle that lasts throughout the duration of the love spell;
  6. the object of groaning becomes the center of the whole universe and takes all the thoughts and conversations of the victim;
  7. lack of will, inability to make independent decisions;
  8. loss of self-esteem. The person affected by the ceremony is ready for anything, so as not to lose the object of his groaning. For this he can go on humiliation and pleading, ready to completely change the way of his life;
  9. lack of sexual attraction to other partners of the opposite sex. Charmed interests only the performer of the ceremony, other representatives of the opposite sex cease to attract him. If the victim of the ritual is married, then an intimate relationship with the spouse or spouse is avoided under any pretext or even becomes impossible (especially if it is made - sexual binding);
  10. difficulties in the financial and labor sphere. Charmed becomes very absent-minded, often ceases to cope with their direct responsibilities at work, becomes inactive. All this leads to a deterioration of his position, often ends in dismissal;
  11. trouble sleeping: insomnia, nightmares, erotic dreams with the participation of the customer of the ceremony.

Having your family member or loved one of the above symptoms is direct evidence that he has a love spell. Do not leave this problem without attention. Remember that your dear person is in trouble, and he must be helped before it is too late.

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Secondary symptoms

A love spell made on a person often manifests itself through indirect signs of a love spell. These include:

  1. black stripe in life and chronic bad luck - the blows of fate against the bewitched follow one after the other, as if someone arranges for him a test of strength;
  2. missing expensive items due to loss or theft;
  3. in couples - health problems of the spouse (spouse) bewitched, changes in her (his) character and behavior (anger, irritability);
  4. detection under the door, in the dwelling, in the pockets of the bewitched strange objects - the lining (needles, earth, salt, etc.).

Consequences of love spell

Strong love spell in its effects resembles damage. Men may often have problems with potency, women may complain of problems on the gynecological part. Such a phenomenon especially occurs if the victim subconsciously does not wish to be with the customer or the performer of the ritual, but the magical effect compels him or her to do so.

As a result, there is an internal resistance to the influence of a love spell, which takes a lot of strength and energy. Often bewitched people, unable to withstand this, begin to use alcohol or take drugs, acquire suicidal tendencies, do not die of their own death, as the self-destruction program operates within them.

Almost any love act can be removed. The timely detection of the love spell symptoms greatly simplifies this task. Removing a love spell should deal with a practicing magician. Independently, it is not very desirable to do this - in the absence of magical experience, you can do much harm.