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How to read a voodoo spell by yourself


Among the various magical trends, Voodoo magic is considered one of the most mysterious. Not without the help of Hollywood films, many people attribute to her the glory of something terrible, associated with the dead and bloody sacrifices. In fact, this opinion is erroneously and greatly exaggerated.

Voodoo is not so much magic as a religion that originated on the island of Haiti, among black slaves, immigrants from Africa. This is one of the oldest religious traditions. At the heart of her work is an appeal to the spirits, who are called Loa. These spirits are distinguished by hardness, unprincipledness, cruelty and justice. The main attribute of many voodoo rituals is the doll-volt, personifying the person to whom the magical effect is directed.

By its effectiveness, Voodoo magic is comparable to black, but it is less destructive and dangerous for the victim and the performer himself. However, beginners are not recommended to use it for their own purposes. The magical practice of voodoo requires extreme caution, the presence of sorcery knowledge and experience.

The spell of voodoo: features and recommendations

One of the most sought after voodoo magical rituals are love spells. Their advantage lies in almost one hundred percent efficiency and long term of action (for example, some love spells with a doll-volt can keep their result throughout the life of the bewitched).

The voodoo love spell doll is used to create an energetic connection with the bewitched. This connection will be very strong if particles of the body of the victim of a magical ritual are used in the manufacture of volts:

  • hair,
  • nails
  • biological fluids (blood, saliva, semen, sweat).

Success increases the use of particles of clothing or shoes bewitched. Clothes can also be used for sewing the doll itself. In addition to clothing, volts can be made of wax or clay. Doing the doll should be done in such a way as to give it the greatest resemblance to the bewitched one. Well, if it highlights any distinctive features of the sacrifice rite. In addition to the doll, other auxiliary objects can be used in the love spell of Voodoo - their choice depends on the spirit to which the master turns for help.

A correctly executed voodoo love spell contributes to the appearance of bewitched thoughts about the performer or the customer of the rite. Gradually, a craving for the bewitching person is born, the desire to be with him and sexual attraction. Voodoo rites have a wonderful effect at a distance.

To bring a spell with the help of Voodoo magic, you must meet several conditions:

  • the right time is a growing month;
  • Usually, the Voodoo ritual is done after dusk, but some rituals are performed in the middle of the night when the bewitched one sleeps;
  • Be sure to make an offering to the spirits of the Loa. For this, a saucer with some sweetness must be brought to the crossroads after sunset and left there. If you do not, the perfume will take away something more serious and valuable from you.

In general, deciding on a voodoo love spell one must remember that the spirits of Loa are hostile and strange creatures. Your intention to make a spell they can interpret in their own way, which will lead to unpredictable consequences. Voodoo magic for people who are ignorant is always a huge risk. Therefore, rites of this kind must be addressed only in exceptional cases, when no other spell has led to the desired result. For your own safety, it is best to ask for help from a practitioner.

How to make a love spell voodoo?

Love spell on a doll

The described ritual is done after midnight when the bewitched person is sleeping. To conduct you need to take care of the manufacture in advance dollsso that by the time of the execution of the actions, she was ready. Also required to pre-purchase 2 black candlesto prepare sterile needle.

When the right time comes, put the candles on the table and light them. Put a volt doll between them. Turn on the imagination, visualize, presenting your chosen one in the doll. Once this has been fully accomplished, place the volt on your lap, pierce your finger with a needle so that blood will flow. Place the injection site against the doll, on the “heart” area, and cast the spell 3 times:

“Livefde Vir Ma Vir Evig. Ago, Ago, Ago! ”

It is important that the spell is read from the head, and not by a piece of paper. Memorize it in advance. After you speak these words, the ritual is considered to be over. Blow out the candles and go to bed. The doll must be hidden in a safe place. Take care of it, do not show it to anyone and do not give it to you.

Simple voodoo love spell

Prepare for the rite blank paper, honey, violet root powder (you can pre-assemble, dry and grind with a coffee grinder), fine green thread and an amulet.

On a piece of paper write 2 names - yours and your chosen one. Smear the paper with a thin layer of honey - so that the surface is completely covered with it. Sprinkle with honey on a sheet of violet root powder, roll into a thin tube and tie with green thread. Mark the paper tube in a bottle (in the very Voodoo magic, a grizzly-like bag is used). Hang a bottle with a package around your neck and always carry with you. In the next few days after performing the love spell, try to appear to your chosen one.

Powerful and instant voodoo love spell, see the video: