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The plot to cool - when you need to read and how to avoid consequences for yourself


Plots on the ostudu are part of the lapel love magic. Ostuda is a magical effect aimed at cooling the senses and getting rid of love dependence. Such rites are used in several cases:

  • to eliminate a rival (rival) and return a loved one;
  • to get rid of the annoying fan (s);
  • to cool your own feelings towards man.

More specifically about Ostud on yourself. You can read such a plot on yourself if:

  • your love for man is more like obsession and madness;
  • love is long over, and you are bound only by habit with your partner;
  • The beloved person turned out to be a villain, and communication with him can be dangerous for you;
  • you broke up with your loved one, but feelings for him did not pass;
  • you are the victim of a magical effect (for example, a love spell);

Ostada in this case will help get rid of the magical influence.

The principle of action and the consequences of the cold

Any conspiracy to ostudu implies the rupture of love relationships as a result of the cooling of feelings. A strong ostuda can lead to hatred towards the person who once seemed most loved.

The action of the conspiracy on ostudu begins almost instantly. The first sign is a small discomfort to the person, from which it is necessary to cool. Discomfort with time passes into indifference and hostility.

In order for the plot to work correctly, it is necessary to know the basic requirements for its implementation:

  • the ritual takes place in the descending phase of the moon;
  • the best day for the ceremony is Tuesday; not suitable for a cool conspiracy days - Friday and Sunday;
  • strict adherence to ritual instructions;
  • it is also desirable to make something that is specified in the instructions for the rite. If this item is not in it, just go to church and put a candle in front of any icon that you will like.

If you do cool yourself, consider men's and women's days. The girl (woman) should read the plot in women's days, the man - in the men's. I want to draw your attention to another condition: read the plot to cool only when absolutely necessary.

This ritual cannot be classified as harmless: by abusing it, you can cool down not only to a specific person, but to everyone around you. You do not want to become callous and indifferent to all living things?

Home conspiracy - rituals for self-fulfillment

Ostuda on nails and water - for yourself

This rite will help you to remove the longing and cool your feelings towards the person with whom relations have come to naught. A ritual is held deep in the night by the light two church candles, using nail and glasses of cold water. Order of action:

  1. Sit at the table and light a match with candles.
  2. Start meditating: imagine yourself and a loved one happy and joyful, but separately. Devote to visualize at least 10 minutes.
  3. Take a nail and start to heat its sharp tip on the flame of a candle - until it turns red hot.
  4. Drop the nail into the glass and read the plot 3 times:“Voditsa-water, cool my passion and longing for God's servant (beloved name). How fast the iron cools, so let me free myself from the crunch. ”
  5. After uttering the plot, throw the nails in a deserted place, pour the water away from your home and go to sleep in silence. Do not bother with thoughts about the ritual.

Do not tell anyone about the ritual. The results should appear very soon.

A strong cool conspiracy into the wind for the expulsion of love longing

The ritual is very ancient. It was used by wives whose husbands went to war and found their death there. The rite helps to recover from love longing, tighten spiritual wounds, gives strength and a sense of renewal after unhappy love.

The plot is read in windy weather, in a deserted place. It would be best if you go out of town, on nature. If you do the ritual in the summer, you can take off your shoes and stand with your bare feet on the ground, feel its warmth and energy. To face the wind stand face up, conspire to chill out loudly and clearly, 3 times:

“Serpent hearted, izdydi and izvytes! May your will be blown away by the wind. The heart will stop toil, and the soul - by man (beloved name) grieve and burn with fire. Green snake, in your crawl lair, only you have to be there, only you live there. To me (own name)man (beloved name) to never love, not to know, not to desire, not to wait — neither in thoughts, nor in the heart, nor in the hearing, nor in the spirit. The snake is a serpent (own name) - own side. Amen!"

After uttering a conspiracy, leave the place, without looking back.

Poppy plot from the rival

Ostuda on a rival is designed to help wives, whose husbands on the side got mistresses. The wife should buy poppy seeds and speak them in the evening, on Tuesday, with her eyes fixed on the moon. The husband should know nothing about the ritual. If he is not at home this evening, the plot will act much more effectively. Plot text:

“33 crows fly, 33 stones are carried. Poppy on my doorstep will peck, my rival (name of mistress) they will curse their beaks. Never sprout this Maca: it will watch over me and my house, protect it from rivals and preserve family happiness. The crows threw 33 stones on my threshold. Whoever wishes to destroy my happiness, will take all the stones. So be it! Amen - 3 times”.

Poppy need to scatter beyond the threshold of their homes. The rite should be held every Tuesday (the phase of the Moon does not play a significant role here, but perform the very first ritual during the descent of the night star). The spouse must leave a mistress and return to the family within a month.

Another ostudu ritual to stop loving forever, see the video: