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How to remove a love spell from your husband


To figure out how to remove the spell from a husband or a loved one, you first need to figure out what this kind of magic is. Indeed, without an understanding of the essence of the problem and the mechanism of work, it is unlikely that it can be effectively eliminated. Most often, a love spell is resorted to by people who have lost love or when heart feelings remain unanswered, unnecessary, and offended.

In such cases, a person experiences severe depression, every day is an infinitely long dark nightmare, life loses its old colors and meaning. Every minute is filled with a painful sensation, love acquires the image of cruel evil. The reasons pushing people to use such magic are understandable to almost everyone. Only the one who is not familiar with the feeling of unrequited, unrequited love can reason about the issues of morality and ethical use of magical powers in such cases.

How to find out if there is a love spell?

But it often happens that the object of adoration and love has to be shared with someone else. If a man has a wife, children - for many women this will not be an insurmountable obstacle. If your own charms are not enough, or the man adheres to strict moral principles, loves his family and does not want to throw her, you have to turn to the forces that can change it. Such men become victims of love spells.

Love spell is a kind of love magic with which a person, besides his will, is forced to love someone. Such a connection comes suddenly, a person’s behavior often contradicts his essence, which is atypical for him. Often this is connected with actions that it is not common for this person to perform even in a state of falling in love, abruptly changing relationships with others, relatives and friends.

A person suddenly begins to praise someone for whom he was previously indifferent, without reason, in the eyes you can read the state of delusion. Love spell is contrary to the essence of love, many professional magicians consider it harmful and dangerous. According to other experts who talk about the impact only on the energy level, such magic is harmless to the person.

Under the influence of a love spell, her husband easily leaves the family, often without even saying a word. It can causelessly quit work, go to another city or even a country. A person becomes absent-minded, inattentive, there is a pronounced apathy.

Those activities that previously enjoyed, become meaningless and joyless. What is important is the person who imposed the spell, talk about it and dating. Excessive irritability is also a symptom.

Such charms can destroy a family in the blink of an eye. So how to save your marriage and bring your loved one out from under the influence of love magic? According to experts, in many cases it can be done independently, without resorting to outside help. The main thing - love and faith in their own strength. After all, for any action there is opposition, this law has not been canceled even in the world of magic.

Conspiracy on the abolition of love spell with her husband

The power of the love spell is directly connected with the Moon and all its manifestations, and the removal of the spell is with the Sun, so the conspiracy should be imposed in the daytime, preferably at noon. Salt has a powerful magical effect and is a powerful cleansing element, which our ancestors appreciated in ancient times. Through centuries, not only salt beliefs, but also a whole series of rituals and rituals have come to us.

This is not about some special salt, but about all the familiar and familiar kitchen. It can also be used in a plot to remove a love spell. For the ritual you will need:

  • pan
  • gas stove
  • a pinch of salt

1. Turn on the stove and put the pan on a medium heat, so that it warms up. Then pour salt on it and say:

"Salt is whitish, salt is pure, cleanse the servant of God (name)
Remove from him all evil with food eaten, drunk with water
with a bad eye imposed, with the word evil written and read in the black soul.

Salt is whitish, salt is pure, cleanse the servant of God (name)
Loosen the cruel tangles, with envy hardened, woven by someone else's eyes "

Continue to say these words until the salt in the pan warms up. It takes very little time, most often about five minutes. The main sign of the obvious presence of a love spell is a sudden darker salt.

But if this does not happen, it does not mean that the ritual should be stopped. Cleverly imposed enchantments can be very well hidden and show no signs of action in the initial stages.

2. Then pour the heated salt on a saucer, and put a picture of her husband (or any person you want to remove the spell from) under it. Leave it for the whole day, and in the evening, when no one sees or hears you, take a photo in your right hand and repeat the plot written above several times. After that, place the photo in a saucer and sprinkle it on top of the conspiracy, cleansing salt.

3. Repeat this procedure for the next two evenings. On the fourth day, in the morning (best at dawn, when the Sun takes over), throw out the salt. You can wash it in the toilet or take it out, the main thing is to avoid personal contact with it in the future.

I would also like to add that with the help of this ritual you can also remove the spell from yourself, if there is a clear awareness that you have been enchanted. The effectiveness of the conspiracy does not decrease at all, the main thing is the concentration and the desire to get rid of the harmful influence and the desire to save the family or marriage.

There are a great many rituals where salt is used as a magic component, including in love magic, the above example is not the only one, so if it fails, you can and should try other ways. It must be remembered that love is a force that can defeat everything and everyone if it is sincere and strong.

More ways to remove the love spell, see the video: