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Calling fairies during the day at home: safe fulfillment of desires


Magic is an amazing world in which materialization of thoughts and desires is possible. We will tell you how to call the fairy. It will help bring to life what your soul so much wants.

The rituals given here are absolutely safe. The most important thing is to act clearly and not to stray during the call, as well as release the essence after giving your request. Since the challenge takes place in the afternoon, the feeling of fear can be safely cast away, which means nothing will distract you from calling the fairies.

What is needed for the ritual?

Day fairies are one of the most peaceful mystical creatures who are very friendly towards people. Therefore, no paraphernalia characteristic of serious magical rituals is needed. There are no bloody sacrifices, devilish symbolism and complex spells in the summoning.

You will need:

  • three wax candles;
  • a small container of clean water, preferably from a natural source;
  • sweet cooked with your own hands.

What kind of sweetness to cook for the fairies? Choose your favorite - a biscuit, a piece of cake or pie, etc. It is important that you bake it yourself, thinking about your desire.

How to conduct a ritual?

How to call a fairy of desires in the afternoon at home? There is nothing easier. You need an exact combination of the phase of the moon and a certain position of the sun. The ritual is held on the day of the full moon at noon. At the same time, the window (or just a window leaf) in the room should be open, and the room itself should be perfectly removed. Spirits and so hard to contact with the physical world and people, and if you will be in a dirty room and untidy clothes, the fairy simply will not come.

The sequence of the ritual:

  • It is necessary to put a container with clean water on the table.
  • In the form of a triangle with the apex facing away from you, place and light the candles at an equal distance.
  • Next to put the sweetness.
  • Concentrate and say the call words: "Beautiful fairy, I implore you with the power of earth and sky to come to me and fulfill my desire."
  • Sit quietly. If ripples go on the surface of the water, then the essence has heard you. Slowly and clearly pronounce your desire, and then thank the fairy: "I ask you to fulfill my request and accept this gift. Go into the world and make everything so that desire becomes a reality."
  • Remember that you cannot make more than one wish at a time, and you can call a fairy no more than once in three lunar cycles.

Fairy will help in the realization of material desires, but do not need to ask about the execution of something supernatural. That she can not afford. Day fairy can help with small domestic issues.

Another way

How to call the fairy of desires in another way? There is nothing easier.

For this you need:

  • Three tanks with pure water from a natural source.
  • Pieces of sugar;
  • White chalk;
  • A clean sheet on which to write your cherished desire.

As you can see, the set of practical magician in this case is quite simple.

The sequence of the ritual is:

  1. Write your wish on a sheet of paper. You must remember that your thoughts need to be expressed correctly, clearly and concisely.
  2. Fold the sheet and put it in your pocket.
  3. The time of the meeting is on the full moon day at noon.
  4. On the table you need to arrange containers with water in the form of an equilateral triangle, facing the top of you.
  5. Put three pieces of sugar in each container.
  6. Sit down, concentrate and utter the text of the call: "Fairy of desires, by the force of earth, water, fire and wind, the spirit of the Great Mother implores you to come to my call and fulfill what is written."
  7. Sit quietly. If ripples go on the surface of the water, then the essence has heard you. Listen up. You may hear a noise that resembles the rustling of wings or the sound of bells.
  8. After a few minutes, you need to say: "Thank you for coming and fulfilling my desire. Go in peace."

As you can see, you do not need any serious esoteric knowledge and skills to cause a fairy of desires.

What desires can a fairy fulfill?

To understand what kind of desires the fairy can fulfill, you need to understand what kind of entity. This is the lowest form of spirits, which is peacefully disposed towards living people. She is kind and helps solve practical issues. Has it ever occurred to you that events in our lives are realized as a result of a confluence of circumstances? It is such a coincidence that a fairy can bring to life.

You should not ask her about something bad, harming people or wildlife. It is contrary to the very essence of the fairies. She cannot inspire love to someone, but she can bring her betrothed to you. Fairy can indicate the correct way out in some problematic situation.

It is not necessary to ask the fairy about material wealth, for this there are other rituals and other spirits. The fairy herself does not value material and therefore does not understand such a human desire. A fairy can't afford to give you power, power, supernatural abilities. But to help in the zeal and learning, it may well be.


So, instead of a conclusion, we summarize everything:

  • Fairies are good-natured creatures who are positively naturoptic towards humans.
  • A request addressed to an entity should not be impracticable.
  • If you, observing all the rules of the ritual, did not wait for a sign that says about the presence of fairies, try to postpone everything until the next full moon.
  • After the call, be sure to send the entity back by saying goodbye to it.

As you can see, in this ritual there is nothing frightening, it is absolutely safe, but it also works flawlessly.