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How to find the meaning of life and find happiness - why you need to search


How to find the meaning of life? Do you have a definite purpose, your mission on Earth, to fulfill which you came to this world? But can a person, in principle, choose what he should do in life or in the depths of the subconscious, everything is clearly established and it is only necessary to find this right direction? Let's deal with the question in this material.

How to find your way in life and why look for it?

Having rejected any religious and mystical prejudice and evaluating the situation from a different angle, we get a real picture of what is happening.

Based on what is happening now in our state, as well as around the world and, starting from the experience of most successful individuals, we come to an important conclusion: "A person cannot find inner peace and become successful in society until he has found a field of activity that is real passion for him".

Passion is a field of life that motivates new achievements, gives the opportunity not to be afraid of problems, but to solve them. And as a result, a person understands difficulties, becoming happy.

It is difficult to argue with the fact that we are all unique. There cannot be two completely identical individuals on the planet. Alas, far from all people realize their uniqueness and do not understand that they are valuable, both, first of all, for themselves, and for society, for all mankind and, as a result, for the Universe.

Human uniqueness originates not on the physical or emotional level, not on the level of desires or destiny. It hides much deeper - being at the level of the soul, which lives in the Universe for billions of years. During this time, she managed to accumulate a lot of different experiences, namely, it allows her to improve in various spheres of life.

Why so often there are crises?

Our world is organized in such a way that survive and live a happy life can only those people who more give themselves to the world than take from it. Only they successfully show their uniqueness.

Based on this, it is quite logical, why so many economic and ideological crises reign on the Earth today. Their main problem: people are more motivated to take and not give. Which leads to complete chaos.

Why did this happen? All people act as guides of the will of the Most High. Each of us is given exactly the amount of energy that he is ready to master and share with other people.

Energy flows through us all, like a river. If you overwhelm her with stones, she will dry up and the person slowly dies. And when the path for the flow of water is released, the person correctly manifests himself in this world - reaches a state of happiness and ensures himself many years of life. Because it manifests divine power through itself from within to the outside world.

That is why the question: "How to find the meaning of life?" each of us must set ourselves. After all, it is in fact completely equivalent to the question: "How to find happiness?".

In the case when a person doesn’t naturally have a very high awareness, an insufficient energy potential, finding one’s own destination becomes an impossible mission for him. Blindly moving along the path of attempts and mistakes, he probably will not find what he needs.

But on the other hand, perhaps the gracious Almighty will give him a chance to “reveal himself in a“ random way ”by being in the right place at the right time.

Stages of growing up

In fact, not all people are trying to look for themselves. In order for a person to want to seriously begin to search, he must first get a lot of life experience.

Below is a short list of tasks that a person will have to cope with, before he gets to the desired stage. Please note that we are all individual, tasks may also vary. However, it’s realistic to make a list that is approximately the same for all of us:

  1. The very first task is growth. The individual must go through deep and unpleasant emotional states, learning to get rid of them. Eliminate from your subconscious any negative programs, attitudes, patterns of thinking, received back in childhood, in school or in society.
  2. We socially adapt, being already mature people in the process of improving our thinking. We train our character with the help of certain activities, learn to get success, we understand that "I know how to do it well, and this is not very."
  3. Thinking reaches a higher level.. We say goodbye to everyday social stereotypes when we find for ourselves a clear idea - the quintessence of our experience in life. She motivates to move towards a brighter future.
  4. Having been a little fanatic, stuffed with plenty of cones and suddenly realizing that the idea of ​​a bright future seems too narrow, we begin to expand our reality to the reality of those around us. We start to open up to them, we are engaged in the analysis of their life, we observe how they live in order to realize why the "bright future" never comes.
  5. In the process of observing others, we are trying to come to the answers to the questions: "Who am I? Why am I living? How can I find my way in life?" At this stage, a person is already striving for his internal installations to fully meet the activities carried out in society. At the same time, he independently surrounds himself with the necessary environment of people, in which he rotates, doing his work.
  6. And only when a balance is reached between the inner and outer, we are starting to actually realize our true value. Prior to that, she led us for many years, "nibbled" from the inside and we, finally, can relax and in fact, and not in our dreams to engage in the realization of our true purpose. Only at this stage is complete clarity achieved.

A man must pass each stage. It is impossible to jump from one to another, having passed a couple of points. True, the transit time may vary.

There is another kind of hierarchical interpretation that speaks about the same, but only in reverse order. It makes it clear how our mission contributes to the formation of the rest.

  • In the first place is purpose - acting as a task of life that we ourselves gave ourselves, while still in the spiritual world.
  • Further located life values - they illuminate the road of life and represent the turning points on it. Make the destination more specific and understandable to us.
  • In third place are located personal characteristics. They lead a person in the process of making various decisions by him, are realized in the form of events in our life, and proceed from our core values.
  • Based on character traits, is formed scheme to think in a certain way.
  • Thinking provokes the emergence certain emotional states.
  • Emotional experiences turn into body level emotions.
  • Body sensations affect our state of health, state of health, features of appearance and so on.

Recommendations on how to find happiness is your purpose.

I want to invite you to familiarize yourself with a number of tips that can help in finding yourself.

  1. Take a look at ... yourself! How much do you really know about yourself? Find out the features of your character, temperament, value orientations and capabilities.
  2. Be able to screen out unnecessary information. Resist the opinion of others, your own point of view should always be present with you.
  3. Believe in your abilities and professional skills. Find your own value system and do not abandon it.
  4. Think of others as individuals. But accept the fact that we all possess both our strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Let your actions be carried out according to the concepts of conscience.
  6. Understand that the meaning of life is in the middle of the desired ideal to reality. Do not look for the right solution, but stay on the one that is most relevant to you and is the most relevant in your life.
  7. Be skeptical of stereotypes regarding "normal" occupations "like everyone else." Have the opportunity to try some innovation? Be sure to use it!
  8. Chase your interests and values ​​like Alice the White Bunny in a Lewis Carroll Tale. Realize that absolutely any area of ​​life can become highly paid. But the most important thing is to make her happy. Understand and accept the fact that no matter how much you are paid for the unloved work, it will never give you a feeling of real happiness and buzz.
  9. Develop, improve yourself, increase your level of knowledge and improve the skills of diligence.

I hope that the material was useful to you and will push in the right direction of its purpose - that is, the meaning of life.

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