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Psalm 50 Repentant from King David: Text of Prayer in Russian


I always recommend to my parishioners to repent of their sins regularly. So you can cleanse the soul and become closer to the Lord. Today I will tell you how to repent with the text of Psalm 50.

Importance of repentance

Prayer is the best way to save your soul, to protect it from darkness. But unfortunately, many people forget about it. As a result, the Fall is becoming almost normal. After all, every day people are moving away from the faith more and more. If earlier in the church it was not overcrowded at the weekend because of the huge number of parishioners, now this is rare.

Going to church, a person almost always observes such a picture: a praying father and 2-3 people who offer prayer with him. This is a very sad picture that clearly demonstrates how far modern people are from religion. They tightly closed their hearts to the Almighty and absolutely do not want to listen to the instructions of the clergy.

Although it is impossible to deny the fact that sometimes people who want to become closer to the Lord attend the church. However, the level of their religious knowledge is extremely low. It is for this reason that most people who have just recently been reunited have serious difficulties with choosing the right prayer. In addition, they often forget about the need to regularly repent of their sins. The ideal prayer that can be used in this case is Psalm 50.

Who should repent?

Psalm 50 is a prayer of repentance. That is how it is most often called by many Christians. It is believed that this text should be read every day. Although some people insist that it is required only for sinners to read. Here only the church adheres to a completely different position.

Any priest will confidently say that there are no sinless people. And the reason for this is the sin committed by the progenitors of mankind. If you delve into the history set forth in the scriptures, then much becomes clear. First, initially, according to the Creator's idea, people had to live in paradise. In other words, earthly life is a punishment for every person. Secondly, the expulsion from paradise was due to the fact that Adam and Eve committed a terrible sin.

The Bible has a description of the tree of life. This mysterious tree grew in the Garden of Eden. And this was very well known to its inhabitants at that time. Although the entrance to the garden was not forbidden for Adam and Eve, however, they were strictly forbidden to eat the fruits of the tree of life. Such an order gave them the Almighty. At the same time, the Lord immediately warned his creations that disobedience would be followed by a cruel retribution. Here are just the progenitors of all people could not resist the temptation and violated the promise that they gave to their God.

Of course, they did it of their own free will. But the temptation that the devil himself sent them played a significant role in this. In the form of a snake, he appeared in the Garden of Eden and with sweet speeches persuaded these unfortunates to break the ban. Perhaps for this reason, some people believe that the punishment that Adam and Eve incurred is too cruel.

In addition, we should not forget that this punishment has spread to the entire human race. Of course, some still consider the incident unjust. But if you think about it, then everything that happened is quite natural.

The expulsion from paradise is very well described in the Bible. There are some clarifications. The Creator did this for one reason only: the fall into sin impressed all the descendants of these two sinners absolutely. Therefore, it was impossible to leave them in paradise. That is why the Lord had to drive out his first creations from the place that absolutely all Orthodox Christians now strive to get into. After all, none of them want to burn in hellfire, experiencing terrible agony. Moreover, for the same reason, all people, without exception, must offer a prayer of repentance.

How to repent of sins?

Living every day, a Christian must prove that he is ready to spend eternity in paradise. After all, there is no entrance for sinners. That is why it is so important to have time in life not only to repent of sins, but also to try to redeem them. Perhaps it is not a secret to anyone that the atonement of sins implies not only following strict fasting and reading prayers. It is extremely important in the first place:

  • to realize the gravity of perfect sin — any sin that was committed by man is a grave one. Therefore, it is not necessary to naively believe that violation of the commandments in some cases may be something justified. Since this is impossible;
  • to admit their sinfulness - often Christians shift the blame for their transgressions on other people or even on the serpent-tempter. Indeed, in certain situations, it is the devil that pushes people to a crime. But the choice is always the man. This must be remembered;
  • ask for forgiveness - it’s not just about offering prayers of repentance. If other people have suffered from perfect sin, you should offer them your apologies and try to make amends.

Pay attention to one interesting fact. Sometimes it happens that a person starts thinking about why the Lord sends him temptations. In response to this question, the clergy tirelessly remind them that all earthly life is a complete test. Actually, as well as temptations are, in fact, a test. Only those people who will be able to withstand the test of heaven, with dignity, will prove to the Almighty that they deserve his mercy.

Therefore, if a Christian has had a chance to face difficulties and various temptations, he should not in any way grumble at fate. Because of this behavior, he only infuriates the heavens. And then none of his requests will be heard.

Perseverance is what should be a constant companion of the Christian. Moreover, it is prayer that will help the Christian to feel confident in any life situation. Therefore, you should try to pray as often as possible. You can even use it with psalm 50, which was written by King David. This ruler sat on the throne for a long time and managed to become famous as one of the most fair people. In addition, he is widely known as a God-fearing person who worships only the Most High and lives according to His commandments.

Here it is only necessary to make one important clarification. The fact is that David was not always so righteous. In his life there is a shameful episode. It was he who caused the king to change and believe in the true God. After that, he actually wrote a prayer of repentance, which today is used by all Orthodox Christians who wish to repent of their sins.

The history of the writing of the psalm

As it was written above in the article, the author of the prayer is King David. The reason for writing the prayer was the incident that turned him into a sinner. One day a monk was walking through his huge garden and noticed there a naked girl who was bathing and did not even suspect that she was being watched intently.

Bathsheba was so beautiful that she immediately struck the king. Fascinated by her beauty, David gave the order to deliver the girl to the palace. Then it turned out that the maiden whom the governor met is the wife of the commander Uriah. But this circumstance did not stop the monarch.

When Bathsheba became pregnant, David realized that the people would condemn him. To avoid this, he decided to hide his sin. That is why he sent his faithful servant, Uriah, to death. After the commander's death, the king made his widow his wife. With this he brought upon himself the wrath of heaven. He passed a serious test and only then realized that it was necessary to repent of the crime committed.

How to read a prayer?

Having decided to read this psalm, every Christian should first think about how to do this correctly. There are several guidelines for reading a psalm that must be followed:

  • It is important to learn the words of the prayer, and not to read it from the leaf. Since the text is quite voluminous it can take a long time;
  • it is necessary to pray alone. The only exception is collective prayer offered in the walls of the temple;
  • one should pray only in good spirits, negative emotions in this case are forbidden;
  • reading the text of the prayer, it is extremely important to understand it. Therefore, the first time a psalm should just be read for yourself, to familiarize yourself with its text.

Remember that if something is not clear in the text of the prayer, you can always ask for clarification from the spiritual guide. It is better to ask and get an answer to the question than to suffer from ignorance and doubt, reading the text of the prayer.


  1. Psalm 50 is a prayer of repentance.
  2. Every person must use it to repent of sins.
  3. There are no sinless people, because the burden of sin committed by Adam and Eve lies on the human race.
  4. The church did not set strict psalm rules, but there are certain requirements that are recommended to be fulfilled.