Dream interpretation

Summon Money Gnome to Get Earthly Treasures


Dwarfs are known in mythology as hardworking treasure hunters hidden in the bowels of the earth. If you invoke this kind essence, then perhaps she will want to share her wealth with you. Read more about how to trigger a money gnome.

Magic is an amazing world, where our fantasies and desires become flesh, and what previously seemed incredible, become ordinary. The most important thing is to avoid doubts and ridicule of the higher forces. Otherwise, they may respond in the same way, and this will have deplorable consequences. And then the person who wanted to get rich, lose everything.

This ritual belongs to the category of the most simple, another advantage is absolutely safe. Perhaps the worst thing is to leave the house at midnight. But it is not necessary to go somewhere far, you can choose the perfect place very close.

Ritual conditions

To make a call, you need to prepare in advance. For several reasons, it is desirable to conduct it in late spring or summer. Entities cannot be summoned during large church holidays or during fasting. At best, such a ritual will simply be empty and the dwarf will not respond to your call. At worst, instead of a friendly gnome, someone else might come. To call a gnome who brings wealth, you will need:

  • a small box made of wood or cardboard (you can take a matchbox);
  • wool red thread length 33 centimeters;
  • plantain leaf;
  • 33 mosquitoes caught in advance and dried;
  • 3 flowers of red clover.

The availability of all necessary things need to be taken care of in advance. Clover flowers and plantain leaves should not be dry, so it is better to pick them in the evening on the day of the ritual.

The place of choice is very important. It should be next to a living tree and illuminated by the light of the moon. In no case can not use other sources of lighting, so look around and check the road in advance in daylight.

The ritual is held on the day of the full moon, at midnight. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • In the full moon in advance, collect all that is necessary to call the money gnome.
  • Dress in clean clothes, remember that the gnomes are the spirits of the earth, which means they love order and clarity in everything.
  • After the clock strikes midnight, feel free to go to the selected tree.
  • Here, put dried mosquitoes and clover flowers on the plantain leaf, fold the edges of the leaf.
  • Begin to wrap up all the woolen red thread and repeat in a whisper, but clearly and without error, the spell seven times: "Mother earth, giving new life and taking into her womb dead, let me call your gnome servants. Spirit of the earth, constantly seeking wealth, conjure you in the name of the Great Mother, come to my call. "
  • After that, you must put the bound sheet in a box, close it and dig a small hole. At the bottom of the pit, leave your gift to the gnome and bury with words. "Here is your dwarf my lining, and then you will bring me rich treasure in a month. Go in peace and bring me the riches of the world. Key, lock tongue. Amen."
  • When done, go away without looking back. Whatever sounds you hear behind your back, do not turn your head, it will ruin everything.
  • A month later, again at full moon, go to that tree and open the hole. There you will find what the gnome decides to give you. Most often it is seven gold coins. If you did everything correctly, do not forget to thank the spirit, take the coins and leave again without looking back.
  • You can perform such a ritual no more than once every three months.

If everything went well, then the dwarf liked you, and he will certainly please you with other gifts. But in no case do not insult the spirit, if the call failed. Try to repeat the ritual at the next full moon.

What else do you need to know about calling a money gnome?

If you really decide to perform a ritual, and have already understood how to call the money gnome, then you should be aware of the precautionary measures.

  1. You can not make noise and mock the spirit during a call, the consequences can be unpredictable. Gnomes do not like extraneous sounds, light and noise, so it is better if you go to the challenge alone.
  2. Be sure to wear clean new clothes, spirits, especially the spirits of the earth, which include the dwarves, can not tolerate untidiness and carelessness.
  3. Even if the gnome did not respond to your call, do not be discouraged. Try to repeat the call to the next lunar cycle.

If all the conditions are met, then the probability of a positive outcome when calling is very high. Therefore, after casting the spell, do not turn around and do not get distracted. Quietly and clearly pronounce the words, dig a hole and put a gift for the gnome there. Even if you see a shadow out of the corner of your eye or hear a quiet rustle beside you, do not be afraid. Dwarfs are peace loving creatures. and if you show them due respect, they will not hurt you.


So, instead of a conclusion, we summarize everything:

  • Gnomes favor people, but every precaution must be taken when calling.
  • Even if the gnome does not bring you treasure, you can not insult the spirit, try to repeat the ritual in a month.
  • After the call, be sure to thank the gnome and ask for forgiveness for having distracted him. This is a very important part of the ceremony - otherwise the otherworldly entity may become attached to you, depriving them of peace and health.

As you can see, in this ritual there is nothing frightening, it is absolutely safe, but it also works flawlessly.