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Prayer "Trisagion" according to Our Father: the text "Lord, Save and Save"


I have long been studying prayers of repentance, which help people realize the full gravity of sin, as well as morning and evening prayers. I bring them up every day. However, there are some texts that are used relatively infrequently. Perhaps it is for this reason that they remain unknown to many. One of these is the Trisagion Prayer. Unfortunately, very few people guess about the existence of this prayer, I myself recently found it. But it carries a very important meaning. Today I will tell how she appeared and in what cases she helps.

The story of the emergence of prayers

The variety of prayers is truly amazing. People who are still far from faith, do not even suspect how versatile it is. For some reason, heretics believe that the Orthodox use only a few prayers. However, in reality everything is completely different. The number of used prayers in the hundreds. Those who at least once were interested in Orthodoxy as a full-fledged religion know this very well.

Some prayers are man-made. In other words, their text was written by people who are ministers of the church. There are those who were recorded from the words of sages gifted with the grace of God. However, the prayer, which will be discussed in the article, is completely unique. Let's talk in more detail about the history of its occurrence, in order to better understand why prayers are considered so important and so strongly venerated by Christians.

It is believed that the text of the prayer was first recorded in the year 438. However, after studying some sources of information, scientists concluded that the year may be specified incorrectly. Perhaps the prayer appeared a year later. Set the exact date, unfortunately, is not possible. Since we are talking about ancient times, when chronicles were rare. That is why it is not possible to find documentary evidence of the period in which the prayer was written.

Immediately it should be noted that the text of the prayer was recorded from the words of a person. Or rather, a little boy. It happened at the moment when an earthquake began in Constantinople. The victims of this incident were hundreds of people.

Of course, people could not affect the raging nature. The only thing left for them was to start praying to the Lord. The same boy decided to do the same, who was on the street during an earthquake. He began selflessly praying and asking God for mercy. In this case, the child asked not only for himself. In his prayer, he sincerely asked for grace to be given to other people.

The wonders of prayer from a boy

As soon as the child began to read the text of the prayer, something quite incredible happened. Some unknown force lifted him up. At first, the boy was very frightened, because he did not understand what was happening.

However, this power radiated kindness, and soon the boy realized that he had nothing to fear. When he was raised to heaven, he heard voices. These voices were like human voices, but at the same time they were perfect. Therefore, the child guessed that he hears the Angels themselves. Having listened, he heard the text of the prayer that these divine creations read. When the Angels finished reading the prayer, they immediately returned the baby to the ground.

When he came to himself and realized what had happened, the child immediately ran to the nearest church. He told about everything that happened to the abbot. The man of God immediately understood that what had happened was not an accident. Heaven showed his mercy and allowed the man to hear the prayer that should be offered to the Almighty in order to beg forgiveness from him. After all, only he could help people cope with the misfortune that suddenly came into the life of every resident of Constantinople.

The priest asked the boy to retell the text of the prayer he had heard in order to write it down. To the surprise of the priest, the child managed without much difficulty to recall every word that he heard. After that, the prayer was recorded and introduced into liturgical usage. It is known to all Christians as the Trisagion Prayer.

For the first time, prayer was used precisely during a disaster in Constantinople. All the Orthodox, gathered in the church, repeated the words of the prayer and sincerely asked that the Lord have mercy on them. As soon as the prayer came to an end, the earthquake also stopped. Since then, the Orthodox have believed that this angel song, heard by the boy, is the only way to appease the Lord. It is for this reason that the text of the prayer is so revered and widely used in the practice of worship.

Meaning of prayer

A very common mistake among people who have just recently been churched is to read a prayer without accepting its meaning. The priests note that among the parishioners there are often those who read the prayers regularly, but they do not understand their meaning at all. In this case, reading the sacred texts is practically meaningless. After all, a person simply does not understand the purpose for which they are being read. But reading prayers is a mystery. Using the text of a prayer, the Orthodox receive the opportunity to appeal to the Lord. And if he does not understand this appeal, then there is no need to even hope that it will be heard by heaven.

That is why it is so important, first of all, to understand and accept the meaning of prayer. If we talk about the prayer "Trisagion", then it has a very deep and multifaceted meaning. With its help, a person can:

  • thank the Almighty - thankful prayers are not as often as needed. Since, having received what they want, they simply forget that they should thank God, who turned out to be grace and fulfilled the request. Of course, this characterizes a person not too well. In addition, the next time, when turning to the Lord, it may haunt;
  • praise God - man is the perfect creation of the Most High. If you think about it, it becomes clear how great our Savior is. That is why it is necessary not to forget about his praise;
  • asking for help - the problems that a person faces can be so serious that you cannot cope with them without help. And in this case, the only helper of man is the Lord. He is so gracious that he does not refuse to help even those who have committed any sin;
  • beg forgiveness - it is necessary not only for sinners, but also for those who consider themselves to be righteous. But people often forget about it. As a result, they find themselves in a very difficult situation. In order to prevent this, it is necessary every day to repent of sins and be sure to pray.

Of course, it is impossible to deny the fact that people are much more often addressed with requests to the Almighty. Praise and thanks at the same time they put in second place. This is wrong, but one cannot deny the absolute mercy of the Lord.

In this regard, some people doubt whether during the disaster that occurred in Constantinople, the orthodox was the mercy of heaven. Some say that what happened is absolutely unrelated to the prayer offered by Christians.

But one should not forget that everything in this world is happening solely by the will of the Lord. Consequently, this earthquake, which had so greatly shaken all people, was part of His plan. It is difficult to doubt it. Since it was after this test that was sent to people, they finally believed in the power of heaven. It is not a coincidence that the prayer was heard by a child. After all, in this way, the Most High also showed his mercy. He allowed people to turn to heaven with a request.

When is it customary to read a prayer?

Above in the article it was mentioned that the prayer was included in the liturgical use. This means that the text of the prayer is used during the liturgies. It is accepted to read this prayer:

  • as an integral part of the beginning of the ordinary - this concept should be understood as a set of prayers, which are read at the very beginning of worship and prayers;
  • in the liturgy preceding the reading of the prokimna, the Apostle — the word prokina may be unfamiliar to some Christians. It denotes a verse from the psalms;
  • at the end of the great praise is a long tradition, which has been preserved to this day.

In addition, it is customary to read the Trisagion prayer at the end of the funeral rite. Therefore, if a person was present at the funeral of a dead man, then this prayer should be familiar to him.

Text of the prayer: how to read a prayer at home?

There are no special requirements in this case. Therefore, a person who has decided to read a prayer should simply tune in the desired fashion. Of course, it is necessary to be in a room where there are no unauthorized people. Because noise and din will distract the worshiper. The text of the prayer itself is quite simple, so almost no one has any problems with memorizing it.


  1. Prayer "Trisagion" was recorded during the earthquake in Constantinople.
  2. The text of the prayer was heard by the boy, whom the Angels raised above the ground.
  3. A prayer is read in many liturgies, but the church does not forbid Christians to use it as one of the home prayers.