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Born in the Year of the Rabbit: what years of birth, characterization of the mark


People born in the year of the Rabbit appear in this world to create and care. This is their karmic task. If they follow it, they live very harmoniously and happily. Read the article to better understand the character and characteristics of this sign of the eastern horoscope.

What year of birth:

General characteristics of the mark

Eastern astrologers believe that Rabbits in a past life were engaged in dark magic and witchcraft, so their soul comes into the world to correct the sins of the old incarnation. And now their goal - the creation of something bright, as well as disinterested care for other people.

What features are most often manifested in the character of Rabbits:

  1. This is a bright personality with well-developed creative abilities. Typically, such a person has some one talent, which he must develop in himself and carry good into the world with the help of his activities.
  2. A rabbit at first sight causes a desire to trust him, to admire him. People treat him with incredible sympathy, and he reciprocates. Therefore, there is no shortage of either friends or romantic relationships.
  3. He knows how to make the right impression on others, and he uses it with pleasure. Able to easily join any team, both friendly and working. He quickly finds like-minded people when he is carried away by an idea.
  4. His main goal is to live in peace and harmony. And to this he aspires constantly.
  5. It is easy to recognize him in the crowd by grace, sophisticated manners, stylish, discreet appearance. Feels fine in the surrounding space and knows how to create it. Therefore, it always looks perfect, and in its house creates immaculate comfort, warm atmosphere.
  6. Does not like to risk stability and calm for him above all. Avoids conflicts, seeks to always settle the matter with the world and find a compromise - a solution that will suit both parties.
  7. Never selfish, always takes into account the interests, needs and opinions of other people. But with her care, she can overdo it, become suffocating in this manifestation. Often this happens with his closest people.
  8. Potential successful businessman, creative person. He uses a non-standard approach to any business, therefore he is able to achieve success in almost everything. But - only if he wants it. At the same time, he never risks and carefully calculates the strategy of his actions, down to the smallest detail.
  9. This man is immaculate in everything. But his perfectionism does not harm him at all, but, on the contrary, helps him.

Characteristic of the sign according to the elements

Character traits of people born in the year of the Rabbit may differ depending on the element that prevailed at the moment of birth.


  • This is a man with a sharp, quick mind, able to quickly analyze the situation and make the right decision. Therefore, he can be a successful entrepreneur, realized in the creative profession. In any case, it easily gets high status and financial well-being.
  • He is talented in everything and is endowed with colossal ambition, sets high goals for himself and achieves them.
  • People love him, so he has many friends who are faithful and loyal. But at first glance it may seem closed, closed - this impression is deceptive. He just does not like to chat, preferring proactive actions.
  • He clearly knows what he wants to come to and knows how to fulfill his desires. This is a bright personality, unique in its individuality. Has a well-developed imagination, an excellent sense of style and many talents. Feels fine the beauty of the surrounding things.


  • This personality is always popular, with unquestioned authority. Where he is, always prestigious, expensive, rich. Carefully guards its reputation.
  • Possesses intuition well developed by nature, perfectly understands people. The gift of empathy helps to capture the mood and desires of others.
  • The problems of people close and dear to him are often taken to heart, hurt, easily frustrated and made to cry. But also quickly away from negative emotions. Releasing steam, quickly returns to a great mood.
  • To keep his emotional state calm, he needs to learn to control his feelings and manage them more coolly.
  • Any business for which the Water Rabbit is taken, it will not only bring to the end, but will produce a result that will meet all expectations. This is an excellent strategist who thinks through every little thing.
  • Very clearly and clearly expresses his thoughts, idle talk and talkative does not suffer.


  • Often engaged in social activities, like people and reciprocates their sympathy.
  • He is able to adapt to any, even the most difficult circumstances, so he quickly and easily solves his life problems.
  • He likes to work in a team, for him it is important that the team be friendly towards him. And he willingly comes to help colleagues. Strives to collaborate with people, and not to act alone.
  • All life longs for a sense of comfort, safety and does everything for it. Generous and generous, as a rule, has many friends, but does not come close to anyone.

The fire:

  • This is a person with a wonderful intuition, who subtly feels and understands people, for which he is always drawn to.
  • An open and friendly person. For everyone will find the wise advice, the kind word, will help and support.
  • He understands the needs of people and generously shares his resources, and also receives a lot of benefits in return.
  • Impatient, often wants everything at once. He needs to master the art of small steps, learn to move towards his goals in small steps.


  • Clever and insightful, he sees people through and through. Hiding anything from him is useless. The secret will quickly become apparent, and Rabbit will once and for all become disillusioned with a hypocritical friend, ending his relationship with him.
  • Really evaluates everything that happens around him, never lives in an illusion. This is a practice, not a dreamer. Hardworking, everything reaches its performance. Perfect in his actions, it is difficult to find fault with his work. Able to foresee everything.
  • Can become a successful entrepreneur, loves money and knows how to handle it. He has the gift of convincing people and very diplomatically defending his point of view.

Career and money

Does not attach much importance to career. It is important for him to take a high social status, and if he succeeds in doing this without working, he will do so. Stability is also important, so it chooses those professions and areas of activity in which the risk of being out of money is minimal.

May overstate the bar, be very demanding of themselves. And, surprisingly, his financial desires are easily fulfilled, even if they seem at first unattainable.

The management appreciates it, and colleagues simply adore, consider a friend.

Can successfully do business. This is the man who will sell the snow to the Eskimos and knows how to make money out of thin air. In spending it is rational, sometimes even stingy, it constantly saves and saves money for a rainy day.

Throughout the life of the Rabbit, he is in a relatively calm and steady state. He does not have sudden ups and downs, everything is stable, measured, gradually.

Rabbit has its advantages and disadvantages, which manifest themselves in different life situations.

Positive qualities of the mark:

  • Discreet and friendly, modest and not prone to boastfulness, Rabbit likes people and easily finds friends.
  • Refined, has a good taste, is able to create beauty and harmony in any space surrounding it.
  • Excellent speaker, can speak in public. Has the gift of persuasion. Diplomatically, but very clearly defended his opinion. It is easy to find like-minded people, thanks to these qualities.
  • Hospitable nature, always warm, support, tasty feed and give good advice. His house is always clean, comfortable and a lot of love.
  • Even in the worst event, it will find its advantages, an incurable optimist and a seeker of positive in everything.

Negative qualities: