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Calculation of the fate matrix independently: step by step instructions


Each of us thinks about our destiny. Doubt is normal. To understand what fate awaits from us, you can calculate the matrix by the date of your birth. In this article you can get acquainted with the step-by-step instructions for such a calculation and find out what its result means.

This is one of the simplest numerological techniques, which makes it possible to obtain comprehensive information on what the fate matrix hides. And for this you do not need to resort to expensive services of professional numerologists, everything can be done independently.

Calculation of the fate matrix

Matrix of fate by date of birth is an accurate prediction that during your life you must fulfill how to act in critical situations when you have a choice. It actually represents a karmic predestination and helps to choose a profession, and in general, a fateful direction.

The calculation is as follows:

  1. You need to record your date of birth in the format dd.mm.yyyy. For example, you were born on September 11, 1984. Then the date will look like this: 11.09.1984. If the number of birth exceeds 22, that is, you were born 25, then we subtract from date 22. For example, 25-22 = 3. The birth number is entered as 3.
  2. Sum the numbers of the year of birth. In this case, 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 22 (if the number is greater than 22, then subtract 22).
  3. Next, add the resulting numbers. 11 + 9+ 22 = 42. If the number is greater than 22, then again subtract 22. In our example, the birth matrix is ​​20.
  4. It remains only to find the prediction for the corresponding number of births.

As you can see, the calculation of the natal matrix is ​​not difficult.

Matrix of fate: deciphering the numbers received

The interpretation of the method of determining the life purpose by date of birth consists of 22 figures. Consider each of them separately.

Number 1: Mage

You are a strong and strong-willed person, whose main business is self-development. Professional fields of activity include: journalism, esoteric. Often these people become talented translators and diplomats.

Number 2: Papess

Your middle name is mystery. Such people tend to give their whole lives to solve the unknown mysteries of the universe. The high priestess symbolizes the feminine. For such people, professions related to psychology, medicine, and religion are typical.

Number 3: The Empress

Another talking lasso of the Tarot with pronounced femininity and the dominant of creation. Often, people with such natal matrix strive for beauty, they become artists, designers, stylists.

Number 4: The Emperor

Very charismatic and even sometimes despotic personalities. They are accustomed to everything and always keep under their vigilant control. Have success in business, management and military affairs.

Number 5: Hierophant

Wisdom and justice is the second name of such people. They are patient and consistent. Professions in which you can find implementation - teaching, studying history and philosophy.

Number 6: Lovers

It is not by chance that this card is depicted as two lovers. These people are always torn in their choice. The dominant behavior is the emotions and voice of the heart. Such sensitive natures become excellent performers.

Number 7: Chariot

Speed ​​and triumph are the main forces of this arcane. Such people are not able to sit long in one place. They choose travel related professions.

Number 8: Strength

Samson tearing the lion's mouth. This symbolism already suggests that there is truly great potential in people with such a natal matrix. They become leaders in any field of activity, often go in for sports and are very successful in this.

Number 9: Hermit

Loneliness and contemplation are the main leitmotifs of life. And loneliness does not at all bring such people suffering, they tend to enjoy peace. Such people often become scientists, analysts, historians, archivists, librarians.

Number 10: Wheel of Fortune

Already on the lasso of the Tarot it is clear that such people are prone to excitement and gambling. the wheel of fortune elevates them to heaven, then plunges into hell. They are prone to financial adventures, but, maintaining a cold mind, they become very rich people.

Number 11: Justice

It is justice and honesty - the credo of such people. They often choose the profession of judge, lawyer, in a word, everything related to law enforcement and jurisprudence.

Number 12: The Sacrifice

This lasso says that the natal matrix of such people provides for obtaining happiness through the sacrifice. The man with the number 12 in the natal matrix shows himself as a scientist, psychologist, philosopher and art historian.

Number 13: Death

Death is not negative here. It is rather just a transition from the old to the new. A person with the number 13 in the fate matrix will always be committed to updating. For example, he may find himself in innovative inventions.

Number 14: Patience

People with the number 14 in the natal matrix are prone to moderation and patience. They often become teachers and doctors.

Number 15: The Devil

These are people who are sensitive to others and are able to pick up the key to any soul. They often become healers, politicians, showmen.

Number 16: Tower Crash

It is not a ruin, rather a destruction for the creation of something new. People with the number 16 often choose the profession of an architect and an IT specialist.

Number 17: Star

The name of the lasso speaks for itself. People with the number 17 are very artistic, they often realize their artistic talent.

Number 18: Moon

These people are closed and prone to depression. They need to avoid loneliness, not lock themselves in a fantasy world. They become good scholars, poets, esoteric.

Number 19: The Sun

Shiny pets of fate. For whatever people born under this number would take, everything turns out perfectly well for them.

Number 20: Last Judgment

Revival is the main meaning of this arcane tarot. These people are talented in everything related to medicine. They have literally an intuitive gift of healing.

Number 21: World

The purpose of such people - research and travel. They have no karmic debts in their lives, for this arcane symbolizes the end of the circle.

Number 22: Jester, or Fool

Such people get along well with children, remaining direct and able to perceive something new and incomprehensible.

Instead of conclusion

It is not difficult to calculate the fate matrix. It is important not to dwell on the found value of the natal figure. Remember that in this world there is nothing 100% predetermined. Only the person himself decides what to do with the potential that the Universe at his birth gave him.