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The magic of words: how it works in our daily life


Speech is a very powerful tool that we use daily. Not everyone knows, but words can strongly influence our life, changing it in one direction or another. Want to learn how to use this art? I suggest you learn more about what the magic of words is and how we independently create for ourselves a reality filled with pain and suffering, instead of the world of happiness and good.

Two ways of thinking, dramatically changing your life

In total, we can talk about two basic types of thinking, using which you either enjoy life, using all its blessings, or are constantly in a state of sadness and are forced to suffer.

  1. First thinking (the most popular today). It is called the "World of pain and suffering." According to him, a man does not realize his Divine nature, tries to blame the people around him for his problems and failures. Thanks to such his actions, he throws responsibility on the surrounding reality.

As you know, all thoughts are material, therefore, thinking of the bad, we automatically attract this bad into our life. Constantly staying in the reality in which other people always let us down, we all desire evil, brazenly cheating and using - we are in the world of Pain and Suffering.

  1. Second thinking called "the world of love and justice." Here a person is already at a conscious level, aware of all the Divine laws of the world and adheres to them. In such a reality, people recognize themselves as a divine manifestation, and therefore, are fully responsible for everything that happens to them.

This is a reality in which all people rejoice, enjoy their lives and create the world they want to see it.

How to be in the "World of Love and Justice"? This will require an increase in your awareness, as well as a very large selectivity in words and expressions.

If you dream of improving the quality of your life, be sure to eliminate the following types of phrases from your daily life:


Did you wonder, admire and express your emotions with this word form? At the same time, they automatically blocked the possibility of doing this in their lives.
Alternatively, use the magic words: cool, cool, cool, wow. They do not carry an ambiguous meaning.

How can you?

Saying such a phrase, expressing your strong indignation of the surrounding reality, you immediately find yourself in the same situation. To be able to check the meaning of his phrase practically.

It is unreal beautiful

With these words you set the framework for your world in which no such thing can happen under any circumstances.


The most popular word today. Many people, consciously or unknowingly, use it to manipulate those around them. Perhaps you have repeatedly come across the phrase "should owe everything around."

For the most part, the word "must" does not carry any good meaning. The state of "debt", like this word, is characterized by negative energy. It is important for you to realize that you owe nothing to anyone by default. And all your actions should not come from a sense of duty, but from sincere motives to do so.

Reasonable alternative: together the expression "I have to go and buy groceries," use the setting "I want to go and buy groceries."

No choice

"I have no choice, I must first cope with the tasks before going for a walk."

In fact, you can strongly argue with such a proposal. In fact, we always have the right to choose. Just common sense tells us that it is unwise to go for a walk and will not give the desired result than if we first do all the necessary work.

After all, no one stands behind us with a stick and does not force us to make reports or take other necessary actions. But we independently conduct an analysis of the situation, draw up a forecast of the consequences, work on comparing the likely options for the future and, starting from this all, we act in one way or another.

Accordingly, in such a situation it would be more accurate to say: "A more reasonable solution is to cope with the work first, and only then go for a walk."

I can not

Remember how many times you said this phrase. But she did not always correspond to the truth. “I can’t go through more than a step, I can’t communicate with this person anymore, I can’t write a single row ...” How often do we use this negative word in our everyday life, which affects us very badly.

It is correctly stated that the word "I cannot" does not exist, but there is the word "I do not want." Therefore, be engaged in your development, self-improvement and you will be able to do everything that you are persistently convincing yourself of in unreality.

Reasonable alternative: replace the phrase "I can not draw" with the phrase "I still do not draw well, but I learn and will definitely improve my skills."

Is impossible

"I will never become a famous fashion model! I have too low height / big hips, small breasts and so on." Once and for all, exclude expressions of this format from your everyday life. Remember that everything is possible in our world, the main thing is to believe in it!

An example is the famous ascent of Everest on May 21, 2013, which was made by a mountain climber from India, Arunima Sinha. All anything, but only the situation was that the girl does not have one leg (she tragically lost it, falling under the train). But this did not prevent the purposeful Hindu from conquering the largest peak of the world.

Remember that in the life of each of us there can occur "impossible" events according to all the laws of physics, if we have enough moral strength and faith in our success.

So, replace the phrase with: "It is likely that I will be able to conquer the model world, if I put enough energy for this?".


Smart Englishmen have come up with the saying "never say never", that is, "never say never." And they were very right about that. "I will never learn to dance" is a common complaint of many people.

Even if your grace is very similar to a bear one, and every smooth movement is given with great difficulty - this is not a reason to despair. So you are today. But when you begin to act, improve yourself, develop, and practice regularly, you will hone the necessary skills to perfection. Everything takes time and patience.

So, replace the phrase "never" with "While I am not a very good dancer, but I will definitely learn to dance beautifully!".

Will kill

It is difficult to find a person who, even once in his life, even in a comic form, did not threaten to kill anyone. “Once again, you slam the door so hard, and I will kill you!” Or “Once again, your dog will make a mess under my window and I will kill you!” and further in the same spirit.

Being in a state of emotional arousal, many people do not control their own speech. We speak words, but at the same time we do not even think what true meaning they carry in themselves. In fact, they are another way to express their aggression, resentment or disappointment.

You need to try to control your emotions and speech. And every time I want to say: "I will kill you, you are again late for our meeting," force yourself to say: "You understand, I am upset because I have to wait so long for you. Why do you allow regular delays?" .

Believe me, in calm tone, with certainty these words will have a much stronger effect on your protege.

Finally, I want to wish you live happily, always be in a state of awareness and create the world that you wish for yourself! And also - not to believe that there is something impossible in our life!