Dream interpretation

29 lunar day: protect yourself from negative energy


29 lunar day in its energetics active, refers to the elements of the Earth. Of the minerals of the day, there are: coils, black pearls, nacre. Happy shades of the day: red, scarlet and black. Symbols of the twenty-ninth lunar day are: Octopus, Octopus and Hydra. Angelic essence patron: Osvada (commands the other side of the moon).

General characteristics of the 29th lunar day

This day is notorious. This is due to the fact that now too much negative is accumulating in the surrounding space. It becomes so powerful that it can affect a person badly.

Some esoteric schools even assign 29 days of the formidable name “satanic”. As a rule, this is the last day in the lunar month. Only a minor part of the cycles consists of 30 days.

How to behave in such a difficult number? On the recommendation of astrologers, very carefully control your emotions, do not enter into provocations from the side. Remember that today, as never before it is easy to get involved in a conflict, but to settle it will already be problematic.

Therefore, the main advice of the day is not to take anything to heart. And also - try not to criticize the people around you. Most likely, that today you will survive more than one unpleasant situation, respond to them adequately and adequately. Take care of your psycho-emotional state!

Love, relationship, marriage

Refuse the appointment of such a solemn event as a wedding for today. Otherwise, the spouses will constantly fight for the place of the leader in the family, a quick break up of the couple is not excluded.

Also under the ban on the 29 lunar day falls and the conduct of divorce proceedings. In this case, we can talk about a very difficult parting, which will not end with anything good.


As mentioned earlier, negative energy reigns in the world today. In this connection, it is worthwhile to give yourself as little load as possible, avoid hypothermia, and not be in damp rooms. If you are engaged in physical activity - be careful in the process of training, since there is a high probability of injuries and various injuries with bad complications.

The 29th lunar day, the characteristic of the day, indicates the manifestation of many chronic pathologies. Perhaps you even thought that you got rid of them long ago, but it turns out that this is not at all the case. The body sends you a signal that the pathology program still exists in it and you should deal with its removal. Otherwise, the disease will return to you again after some more time.

Business work money

Advice for businessmen on the 29th lunar day: use extreme caution. High probability of business-related clashes. Perhaps you suddenly unexpectedly tax inspectorate. In general, ideally suspend all activities for a specified period. Of course, the inspectors can visit you on another day, but now their visit is almost 100% complete with great losses.

Also refuse to buy / sell goods. Do not sign contracts, do not enter into contracts, prohibit new deals, business connections and everything like that. All of them will not lead to the desired profit, but only to losses.

Meetings, five-minute, staff meetings - that's all that on the twenty-ninth day of the lunar calendar is undesirable. All collective events have destructive energy.

Haircut, coloring, manicure

Getting to the topic of beauty. Are you dreaming that your cropped hair grow back more slowly, and the new hairstyle keeps its shape for a long time? Then decide in 29 days to change the image! It is good now and just to make haircuts, and trim the bangs - in general, all the manipulations to shorten the length of the "feathers".

But the completed perm, on the contrary, will dissolve very quickly. Even special styling products will not help you - all the same, the original form will be lost.

Do not paint your curls today neither chemical, nor alternative natural dyes. Any altered shade will trigger a strong negative result. The paint is washed from the hair in the shortest possible time.

True, some ladies glimpse at this positive point - you can conduct an experiment with a new shade of hair, and if it does not work, it will still be washed out quickly.

Today is a neutral day for manicure and pedicure.


In the nighttime dreams of this night, various “shadow” subconscious processes of your personality are revealed in the form of symbolic images. Figuratively speaking - on the twenty-ninth day we can see the "reverse side of ourselves." You can not neglect the messages from your soul, so open your favorite dream book and start analyzing your night vision.

As a rule, dreams are now trying to point out those problems that you stubbornly don’t want to notice. And they gradually gather in your subconscious, like a big snowball, and keep you in a state of constant tension, stress. That is why they are not recommended to ignore. Work through the images of your sleep and you will be able to cope with the problem, saving yourself from the negative consequences.

Ritual for 29 lunar day

The main practice of the day is to cleanse your home.

When so much negative accumulates in the surrounding atmosphere, it is simply vital to have a place of comfort in which you can take a break from external stimuli.

But over time, the negative also begins to gather in the house: it gets out of the street, resulting from quarrels and diseases. It is important to clean the house in time so that the atmosphere in it is bright and the residents live healthy and happy. Next, an effective cleansing ritual is offered, suitable for the twenty-ninth day of the moon cycle.

Before its execution, you should open or open all the windows and doors, order all entities to leave the house, because you will clean it. The action begins with the entrance to the home and gradually moves through all the rooms of the house.

What to do?

  1. Become a person with a closed front door, draw a burning candle (right hand) 3 circles on the watch dial (3 crosses are also drawn). At the same time, the left hand holds sticks with incense or juniper incense.
  2. Pass with a candle and incense from the entrance to all the rooms also on the clock dial, saying: "I clean my dwelling, I clean my flesh, I clean my ancestors' blood."
  3. The corners of the rooms are cleaned with the energy of fire. Candle should be carried from floor to ceiling until it starts to smoke and crackle.
  4. Purification of doors and windows occurs with the help of 3 circles in the air or 3 crosses at the entrance and exit from the rooms. If suddenly during the ritual the candle goes out - light it from the light of another candle and continue to purge.
  5. When the ritual is completed, you should approach the entrance to the house and clean the door either with 3 circles or 3 crosses. Then leave the home, go beyond it and continue to clean the door from the outside.
  6. At the end of the ceremony, sincere thanks are due to the Higher Forces for their help.
  7. The candle at the end is not extinguished, but it remains to burn to a candle. Her leftovers are wrapped in paper and thrown into the flowing water through the left shoulder with the help of the right hand. You can do this in the toilet.
  8. Then thoroughly sweeps the floor in the apartment. And it is important to start from the farthest left corner and move to the entrance to the house. Soar is collected in a piece of paper and taken out to the nearest trash can.
  9. At the very end, if you wish, you can sprinkle all the corners of the dwelling with holy water. Then open the windows and doors and say the phrase: "I invite good spirits into my house, but I don’t allow evil people to come here."

Please note that the best time to clean the house is early morning. But if you have no such opportunity, do not be in a hurry to get upset. The main thing is that you have time to perform a magical act, before the sun went down.

Also, of course, that during the ritual must be in the apartment all alone. Nothing should distract you, because otherwise the effect of the event will automatically be reduced to zero. Candle can be used and wax, and the usual paraffin. Stop on the yellow, blue and purple hues.

For the gardener and the gardener

What gardening and gardening works are shown on this day?

  • On the 29th day of the moon cycle, tree pruning is successfully performed. Carefully save the tree from the dried branches, improving its appearance and overall condition.
  • It is also good to weed and spray the plants. These procedures give a good result. Freed from weeds, the soil receives more oxygen, and spraying eliminates harmful insects and eliminates various pathologies.
  • Do not plant seedlings now, do not plant seedlings and do not sow the seeds.
  • It is still not necessary to plow the land: this action will be fruitless on today's lunar day.


At the end of the article we can summarize:

  • 29 lunar days have a rather heavy "satanic" energy. It should be very carefully control their emotional sphere, with no one enter into conflicts.
  • Do not appoint today a wedding or divorce process.
  • Try to minimize any load on the body.
  • In the business area, pause.
  • The ideal practice of the 29th lunar day is to cleanse the house of negative energy.

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