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9 effective ways to help you find new friends


Every year you realize that there are less and less real friends around you. You lose touch with old friends, many are forgotten. Perhaps what aroused great interest in you a few years ago now seems empty and unnecessary.

Each of the old friends chose a new path. Were these friends real? Why, after some time, the people about whom you thought they would be in your life for a long time suddenly evaporate? It is human nature to change, swear, disperse. Over time, an old acquaintance appears less and less in your life.

Live in the present, do not look back and do not ask why this is happening. Direct all your positive energy towards finding interesting acquaintances and kindred souls.

There are several ways to help you find a new friend:

  • Visiting places close to you in spirit;
  • Choosing a job that brings you joy, or volunteering;
  • Friend selection among neighbors;
  • The acquisition of new knowledge;
  • Interests, hobbies, affairs to the soul;
  • Pets;
  • Travels;
  • Respect for the people around you;
  • Smile often and make compliments.

Now consider each of the methods in more detail.

Visiting places close to you in spirit

Do what you like. Do not drive yourself into certain frames. Visit places that lift your spirits and where you feel a surge of inner strength. It can be a library, a park, a cafe or any other place. There you will meet like-minded people with whom you will be comfortable and interesting to communicate.

You can familiarize yourself with the schedule of the library, sports club or creative workshop and choose the program that is interesting for you.

If you stay at home all the time and wait for someone to come to you, get to know you and make friends, then this idea is doomed to failure. You need to act, move, attend exciting events.

Choosing a job that brings you joy or volunteering

If your work activity brings you joy, you enjoy it, then it will be much easier to find a friend at work. Take a look around, take a closer look at colleagues. You may notice a colleague who is more friendly and open to you than others.

Start communicating on topics related to your work activity, gradually delving into more personal ones. Try to tell about yourself as much as possible so that the prospective new friend will know you better. You should start a conversation only with people who are attractive and interesting to you. Only in this case, your further communication has bright prospects.

If you have a desire to help people or animals, settle for a volunteer. This activity will not only bring you pleasure and joy from the fact that you are doing a noble cause, but also will help you find people close in spirit. Volunteers are required at the following locations:

  • Hospital;
  • Library;
  • A park;
  • Charity organisations;
  • Orphanages;
  • Points of care for the homeless;
  • School.

Choose the place where you will feel most comfortable and where you will be able to show all your abilities and skills. Disclose your talents by helping those in need.

Friend selection among neighbors

Often, people tend to communicate with those around them. Even if your apartments are located on the same staircase, you have never communicated before. Show interest to your neighbor, start chatting on unobtrusive topics, invite you for a cup of tea. If you start to enjoy talking to a person, then try to make friends with him.

Show yourself, take the first step. Buy cakes or cook a cake yourself and visit a neighbor. In most cases, the person will be pleasantly surprised and will offer you to make him a company. After the first communication you will understand, you want to continue any relationship with this neighbor or you are completely different in spirit.

Acquisition of new knowledge

If you notice that there are no real friends around you, and you are not able to find new friends at all, engage in self-education. Attend trainings, master classes on topics that interest you. At such events you will definitely find your soul mate. With such a person you can continue to communicate in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.

Be open to new knowledge, read books on psychology, learn new things that you didn’t have time for before. If you have long dreamed of getting a second or even third degree, now is the time. The atmosphere of learning, knowledge contribute to the emergence of new acquaintances. In the group of students there will definitely be a person who will become a good friend for you.

Interests, Hobbies, Business

If you are single, do not dwell on how you quickly find a friend. Do what you like. If you do not have a favorite hobby, you need to find it. Do not be afraid of change. It is time to leave your warm and dull swamp and step into a new interesting life, full of unforgettable acquaintances and bright moments.

A good friend is easier to find in sports clubs, hobby groups. If you meet a person in this place, you will already be sure that something binds you and you have common topics for conversation. Find out what events are taking place in your area, choose what you like and go there to find a new friend.


Get a pet, join the pet holders club. Communicate, ask questions about care and maintenance. If you decide to have a dog, then everyday walks with your four-legged friend will help you to meet with the holders of the same pets. And you will definitely have common topics for conversations.

You can get exotic animals that match your temperament. Do not be afraid to ask advice on the maintenance and care of the pet at the person in the pet store. Ask what animal he has. Share experiences, attend trade shows and themed events.


At any opportunity, go on a journey. Even if a small exciting adventure is a trip to a forest or a park. Do not sit still.

The main thing is to choose a place that you like. Some people are ready to lie on vacation at the beach. For others, an expedition to the mountains is the best option for spending time. Or are you ready a month to walk around the city, exploring the sights. And perhaps you are the one who can stand for several hours at one of the paintings in the museum.

All individually. Choose what is close to you and go in search of a friend. In your trip, you will definitely find a like-minded person with whom you want to continue to communicate after your adventure.

Show respect to the people around you

Turn around, start smiling passersby. Do not think about what people might think about you. Show respect for others. Feel free to go to the person you like in the park and say hello. The worst thing that can happen is that the person simply does not want to talk to you. You have nothing to lose.

The well-known phrase “Treat people the way you would like them to treat you” is relevant at all times. If you dream of finding new friends, but you have nothing, change your attitude towards people. You must always start with yourself.

Showing even insignificant signs of attention, over time you will notice that others around you reciprocate. It is important to remember that when you are gloomy and angry, you will not find a new friend. To make friends with a person, you need to communicate with him and show sympathy.

Smile and compliment often

Everyone likes to have nice words and compliments. Show yourself, start first. If you like a person, you want to talk with him, then come up, smile and make a compliment.

It is well known that a benevolent and radiant smile is an indicator of a happy and cheerful person. Start your day with a smile. When waking up, try not to think about problems and difficulties. Troubles in certain periods of time haunt every person. Smile and imagine that there is so much more to come.

A positive attitude and good spirits will surely help you in finding exactly your person. Smile, because someone will be delighted with your smile and will definitely come to meet.


Making new friends is an interesting and exciting process. Do not be afraid to change, do not be afraid to seem silly and ridiculous. If you have a goal - to find a friend - by all means try to achieve it.

Do not be upset if you do not succeed the first time. We learn from our mistakes. Failure is not a reason to stop and give up. Change your attitude towards others for the better, find in yourself new and interesting sides of character. You must succeed. Believe in your strength and success, then the desired result will not take long to wait.