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How to master telekinesis on your own - exercises for learning


Remember, in the final of the movie “The Matrix”, this epic and beautiful scene, when Neo finally realizes himself to be the Chosen One, as Morpheus always considered him. And here, the iconic hero Keanu Reeves stops him with a simple gesture and a small effort of will. From this moment on he has access to the riddles of the matrix and the unlimited possibilities of telekinesis.

You can be elected not only in the cinema, but also in real life. I'm not talking about undermining the matrix programs of the universe, of course. And about telekinesis, which can be mastered. True, this will require perseverance, willpower and high energy costs.


We will understand the terminology.

The word "telekinesis" of Greek origin, which can be translated as "movement at a distance." The modern term telekinesis refers to the extrasensory abilities of a person, by means of which only by the power of thought one can interact with objects.

I note that in the scientific world, the phenomenon of telekinesis has an ambiguous reputation. Many experts consider telekinesis to be a fantastic fiction suitable for cinema. Although some evidence confirming the fact of the existence of such energy, and most importantly, people possessing it, are available, despite the distrust of learned men.

Like any skill, telekinesis can be developed. The level of achievement will depend on the degree of congenital development. One this ability will fall from the ceiling after a few exercises. Most likely, such personalities are already endowed with other non-standard skills.

The second will have to work hard to achieve at least modest results. But do not despair. The systematic training and confidence that everything will work out, guarantee success.

There are many techniques how to learn telekinesis. But all they share the ability to meditate, concentrate, manage their energy and thoughts.

Believe in your abilities

If you have embarked on a thorny let mastering the movement of objects by an effort of will, then be patient. From now on, telekinesis training exercises should be given time each day. Perform them in a comfortable position and loose clothing. Choose the moment of the day when you are least exposed to hectic. Most likely it will be a late evening when the flow of affairs decreases. Keep experiences secret until you are confident in your abilities.

  1. Believe in your abilities and in the possibility of telekinesis itself. Even a grain of doubt will not allow you to get closer to the result. If you do not believe, then nothing will come of it. As in The Matrix: who knows that you are in love / elected / have telekinesis? No one. Only you yourself.
  2. Start with meditations. They will teach you to concentrate on important thoughts, brushing away unnecessary husk. Close your eyes and take a breath, counting to four. Hold your breath for four counts and exhale slowly, counting to eight. When inhaling, imagine a starry sky. The stars are your thoughts. With each exhalation, imagine how they fade and gradually fade away, except for one, the brightest.
  3. Mentally draw yourself an object in the smallest detail. To get started, choose something simple and familiar: an apple or a glass. Imagine the color, texture, smell, taste (if any) of the subject. Over time, you will be able to draw in your mind entire complexes of objects: for example, complex still lifes and room interiors.
  4. Concentrate and do not be distracted by unnecessary thoughts. When you learn to control your mind, go to the next step.

One unit

Having tamed yourself and your thoughts, start working directly with the subject.

  1. Place a simple object in front of you, such as a match or spoon. After meditation, having entered the desired state of peace, focus on the chosen subject.
  2. The bottom line is to understand, believe, and feel that there are no boundaries between you and the subject. You and the subject are one.
  3. Imagine in detail one movement that you want to make with the subject. What should a spoon or a match have to do? Move, roll over or climb up? Focus clearly on only one movement and draw in your mind exactly how the object will behave.
  4. Keeping the same limiting state of concentration, transfer mentally the very same movement represented to the object. Remember, you are now connected with it, there are no boundaries, you can dispose of the object as your own body parts. So dispose!
  5. You can bring your hands to the subject. So it will be easier in mental terms: when we want to do something with the object, we take it in hand. However, for telekinesis, hand movements are not necessary in principle. Although, of course, the mysterious hand passes look very impressive.
  6. Do not lose faith in yourself if the first few attempts fail.

Additional exercises

There are special energy exercises how to master telekinesis. Do them and train your kinetic abilities.

Energy in the hands

Energy flows through our entire body, and we must be able to feel it. Tighten for 15 seconds the muscles of the arm from shoulder to palm, you can even make a fist for clarity. And then completely relax. Do a few repetitions, but not mindlessly, but carefully listening to your feelings in moments of maximum tension and relaxation. This exercise allows you to better feel the energy in your hands and then transfer it mentally to the subject.

Energy in the body

Try to collect the energy of the body in a ball. This should be done at the level of the abdomen, with your palms folded, as if you had a real ball in your hands. When working correctly, you will feel a slight tingling and the inability to connect the brush. Imagine what your energy ball looks like. It can be moved through the body, left to hang in the air, compress, do more. In the end, this clot of energy can affect objects

Candle energy

Practice driving a candle light. Clear your mind and fully focus on the flame. Even the ancients said that you can always watch the fire burn. Look at his swaying and light. When only the flame remains in your thoughts and consciousness, try to influence it with your own energy and your own will to send the wave in the direction you want. Over time, you will learn to control the force of burning: a candle at your desire will then fade, then re-ignite.

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