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Make the girl run after you: basic techniques


Suppose you like a girl, but you do not know how to behave with her. Want to please her? Then pay attention, give gifts, invite for dates, but do not be intrusive, otherwise you will push it away. In the first part of the article, we consider tips on how to please a girl, how to make a good impression on her.

And the second part of this article is for more cunning guys. In it, we give advice on how to properly manipulate a girl. You can put them into practice and make sure that they really work. But in any business the main thing is not to overdo it!

Be yourself, don't make many compliments

To behave as naturally as possible is a whole art! When we want to make an impression, it's easy for us to pretend to be someone else, but girls value individuality. Feel confident, and you will surely charm the lady of the heart. The fact that you want to be someone else can mean self-doubt. Work on your self-esteem and see the results! Women appreciate in men:

  • self-confidence;
  • courage, the ability to stand up for his companion;
  • honesty;
  • attentiveness

Of course, girls can not live without compliments. Every lady acknowledges that she enjoys admiration. However, you should not overdo it with compliments. A girl might think that you are not confident and she is your last chance to start a relationship. Be open with her, sincere, moderate.

It may seem to you that a permanent stay among girls will give more chances for a successful choice. This is not true. Remember that girls are wise. It may seem to you that you have too much free time. Let me know that you are a busy person, enthusiastic about something useful. Appreciate your time!

Be a good friend, win trust

Yes, people of different genders can be good friends. There are many cases in which pure friendship develops into a romantic relationship. If you like a friend, do not rush her into a close relationship. Show respect and wait. Perhaps after a while she herself will show sympathy.

If you want a girl to be interested in you, win her confidence. Women love reliable, responsible men. To gain the trust of a girl, you first need to know her well. Try to find out what her interests, sympathies are.

Behave naturally, do not forget about compliments. Make the girl happy in your company. She must have a desire to see you again and again. This is the best way to build healthy relationships based on trust. Birthday Surprise - a great way to make an impression! Give her a gift with flowers, sing a song, play the guitar. There are many interesting options.

Introduce her to your friends, support her.

If you like a girl, meet her friends. Thanks to them, you can also get to know the object of interest. Girls rarely risk choosing a guy who doesn’t like his mates. Establishing good relationships with them also eliminates the risk of potential competition.

Girls like guys who are always ready to listen and give sensible advice. Let her feel safe. If you show interest in what she says, then you will surely amaze her! Next we look at behaviors with elements of manipulation.

Make the girl call you, and then intrigue her

Most girls think that the guy should call and write first. This opinion is rather stereotypical. Some of the fair sex themselves take the initiative, and rightly so! Guys are often shy. They do not take the first step because of the fear of rejection. If the girl does not call and does not write herself, the guy should go to the trick.

  1. A good option to write a text message like “call me back, urgently need to talk." Such an act will interest your friend. You can write that at the moment you need help.
  2. If the girl calls, talk to her for 10 minutes and interrupt the conversation. The main goal is to generate interest.

Gradually, a friend will begin to get used to the fact that the first one takes the initiative (that is, calls or writes). To arouse interest, periodically you need to distance the girl. However, you should know when to stop! If you constantly ignore, to win her heart will not succeed. Show that you are a busy person rather than an indifferent person. She will have a desire to meet, chat.

Move away a little

Now consider another way to get her attention. First you need to understand that she really liked you. Gradually move away from your friend. If you like it, it will show that it is worthy of attention.

In this case, we consider the collective type of girl. It is impossible to say with confidence that each will behave in this way. All different, with different characters and temperaments. If the lady is too proud, she will be offended by a lack of interest. There is a possibility that she will turn away from you altogether.

Do not spend much time with her, because you can get bored. Do not call, do not write too often, you can not make yourself known for a few days. She will definitely be bored! Do not overdo it in such actions, otherwise your friend will think that you have found a passion.

“Easy ignore” can be used in the initial stages of communication. Otherwise, the girl might think that you are deceiving her, you have love on the side. But if she understands you and realizes that you are playing a game, you will remain in an awkward position!

Let her think about you

You need to make her think about you all the time. The girl is extremely impressionable. She often thinks about the guy she likes, analyzes the dialogues, presents meetings. A special place in the women's thoughts occupy pleasant memories. Show attention, show that you care about it.

Ask banal questions “How are you?”, “How was your day?”. You may wish her good night. If you neglect a little girl in the initial stages of communication, you will surely cause her interest. Depending on the situation, you can use this technique to warm the senses.

If you periodically cancel meetings with a friend, do not respond to SMS every time, she will be intrigued. Watch her behavior. Some girls in such situations attract attention, others simply turn away. Try to understand the features of her character. Watch her behavior carefully. If a girl starts to call and write more often, do not reject her at all!

Playing sports as a way to attract attention, other tips

To attract more attention, it is recommended to play sports. Of course, some girls say that their appearance is in the background, but in fact they don’t think so. The guy involved in sports, never left unattended. Sweetheart should always be stylish and well-groomed so that she does not have rivals.

Sport is undoubtedly useful. It not only makes the body beautiful, but also gives confidence. Another useful tip: respect other girls. You must have a good neutral relationship with them.

It is not recommended to cause jealousy, because the above-mentioned methods are not combined with this method of attracting attention. You risk to overdo it! And finally, the last advice: do not talk with your friend about other girls, especially about the former. Jealousy is a complex, uncontrollable feeling that spoils any communication.


We considered elementary ways to attract attention. In any case, be friendly, open and a little tricky. Do not abuse otherwise he will play a cruel joke with you. Delight the girl with trivial things - unobtrusive compliments.