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Prayer to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker: requests for help in money


If a person has difficulty with money or problems at work, I advise you to pray to Nicholas the Wonderworker. Today I will explain how to properly ask him for help in finance, and what prayers need to be offered.

Help of St. Nicholas

Even a person far from Orthodoxy has repeatedly heard the name of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Nothing surprising, Nicholas the Witcher is one of the most revered saints in the Christian world. The archbishop of Mirliki is known throughout the world, and Catholics and representatives of other faiths also offer his prayers. Saint Nicholas in his life created a lot of miracles on land and sea.

Today, when he is no longer alive, people pray to him and receive miraculous help. The temples and monasteries erected in his honor constantly receive visitors, believers call their children in his honor.

The story of his life

Nicholas the Wonderworker was born on August 1, about 270 years in the Greek colony of the Roman Empire - the city of Patara. The genus of his ancestors was noble, parents were considered pious Christians. He was a late child in their family; parents had no children before him.

Having reached old age, they have already despaired of getting a child, constantly praying to God, asking for a son. The Lord was favorable to them and they had a son, whom they named Nicholas. In gratitude for this miracle, the parents swore that their child will definitely become a priest.

The very fact of his birth has already become a miracle, the same can be said about the period of his infancy. For example, at baptism, the baby himself stood in the font for about three hours. Already in his earliest childhood, Nikolai diligently studied the scriptures, prayed, fasted. He was especially proud of the success of his nephew, his uncle the archbishop. He first made him a reader, and later - a priest and his assistant. In matters of faith, he was perhaps wiser than the most respectable old men, than he constantly surprised everyone around him. From the earliest years, he has distinguished himself with tremendous compassion for ordinary people and a readiness to always come to the rescue.

Miracles of Nicholas

He caused a special surprise of those around him, performing miracles. For example, during his voyage to Palestine, a terrible storm broke out. By the power of his prayer he managed to pacify her. But this was not the end of his miraculous deeds on the ship: he managed to literally resurrect the sailor who crashed on the deck. During the trip, he then repeatedly successfully healed both the team members and ordinary residents of the surrounding villages in the places where they went ashore.

Even becoming an archbishop, Saint Nicholas remained gentle, kind, and merciful to others.

In 285-300 years. The persecutions of the Church of Christ began with the companions of the emperor Diocletian. Nicholas the Husband gave all his time to his parishioners, supporting their faith and glorifying God. For this he was arrested and thrown into prison. But even there his spirit was not broken: his support was demanded by prisoners more than free people.

When Diocletian was replaced by Galerius, the prisoner was released from the dungeon and again took up the duties of the archbishop. He worked especially hard against paganism and heresy. But behind all these cases, in which politics was constantly mixed in, Saint Nicholas did not forget about people. Especially amazed his miracles:

  • while rescuing people at sea;
  • his assistance to prisoners;
  • in reconciliation of the warring;
  • in deliverance from vain death.

Righteous life

When his parents died, he distributed all his wealth to those in need. Upon his return from Palestine, where Nicholas even thought to stay, he appeared in the Zion monastery. There he was received with great joy, and he thought he would spend the rest of his life there. But this was not the case: he was entrusted with the duties of the supreme leader of the Lycian church. He had to carry the Gospel teaching and virtue to the people. According to legend, God himself pushed him to return to worldly life.

He chose the capital of the Lycian land, the Worlds, as his refuge. No one knew him there, and he was glad of it: he did not want worldly glory. He led the life of a beggar — he did not have a permanent home, but he diligently attended church.

When the archbishop of the Lycian state John died in Mira, all the archbishops thought for a long time who his successor would be. This question seemed to have no answer - the most worthy candidate was needed. Once, one of the respected bishops had a wonderful vision: the successor was to be the one who first entered the church in the morning for worship. This man was Nikolai. Everyone accepted him with joy, both the bishops themselves and the townspeople - many people trusted his wisdom.

During the conflict with the heretic Arius, Nikolai hit him on the cheek. For this, the saint was defrocked and imprisoned in a tower. After that, the Fathers of the Cathedral did not rest: it seemed to them all the time that it was Nikolai who was right. They began to attend visions where Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary helped Nicholas. Then the Fathers decided to release the Saint, and even called him a God-pleaser. That dungeon in the tower is still carefully kept by the Muslim Turks, who have sincere respect for Saint Nicholas.

When Constantine the Great came to reign, Phrygia was mired in revolts, civilians suffered terribly from this. Only Nicholas managed to put down the revolts and help the inhabitants.

His fame reached the king, whose Nikolai began to enjoy great respect and favor. Of course, under such circumstances, he could not but envy. They appeared, began to slander Nicholas, seeking to take away his elusive power from him.

It is surprising that even pagans turned to Nicholas for help. The saint did not refuse them either.

Saint Nicholas lived to the most advanced years and quietly departed to another world as a result of a short illness. In the city, his worlds were buried in the cathedral church.

Help Nicholas in finance

Among other things, as already mentioned above, the help of St. Nicholas extends to money. It is believed that he helps people who work tirelessly, but the money just does not go to him and they are interrupted by pennies.

There are even individual prayers that read for help about money. This does not mean that any unclean person will read a prayer and immediately get rich at the expense of another person. Help will come only to honest workers with pure thoughts. Thus, a person, uttering the words of a prayer, asks the Holy Satcher:

  • about luck;
  • about well-being in life;
  • about getting a job with honest earnings;
  • about help in their plans and undertakings;
  • about the elimination of difficult life problems.

Prayers to Saint Nicholas have great strength; if faith is strong and unshakable, help will come.

Prayer Rules

Prayers for raising money will be effective if:

  1. Funds are needed for good deeds or, for example, if the family really does not have enough to feed. You should not ask for money from the Saint in order to enrich.
  2. It is best to turn to Nicholas before the icons - it does not matter, in the church or at home.
  3. If you light a candle, it will be easier to focus on prayer and fellowship with Nicholas.
  4. Any good deed, even if only slightly, will help to attract the help of higher powers. This may be a donation of money to the church or people in distress, even if only symbolically.
  5. Be sure to say the words of thanks to God and Nicholas for all that is already there.

You should not count on immediate help, hoping that she will come, even if you stay at home and do nothing. Prayers for raising money will be effective only when a person is striving for something, looking for ways to get a job and earn money.

It is necessary to pray to the saint every day, maybe it will take months. Even if at some point it seems to be all to no avail - this is not the case, luck likes stubborn ones. If there is work, the prayers to Nicholas will give confidence and strength.

Many people say that you can bless your wallet so that money will appear in it. Such a prayer with a purse in their hands is read in the temple in front of the icon of St. Nicholas. There should be nothing in the wallet, not even the smallest coins and business cards. The purse must be new, the old is given to the poor at the entrance or simply thrown away. If done correctly, the consecrated wallet will become a talisman.

Prayers to St. Nicholas for money are very popular among businessmen. Such a plea must be very accurate, otherwise the money will become an obsession that can destroy the soul. It is read only in the temple, on its knees in front of the icon of the Holy Man. In the pockets should be small coins. They also hold money in their hands and do not unclench hands until the end of the prayers. When it's all over, this money is distributed to the poor at the entrance.


  1. When Nicholas sends his help, in gratitude you need to start helping the needy as far as possible. Thus, the person thanks for the help.
  2. After the death of Nicholas, the Lord decided to leave him a benefactor of the human race. The body of the holy saint is not subject to decay, his relics flow myrrh and work wonders to this day.
  3. Meekness, humility, kindness, lack of arrogance and self-interest, the simplicity of Nicholas made him a great man. People constantly went to him, at any time of the day he was ready to do good.